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Found 12 results

  1. Hello good day, I am having a problem, when I put my cell phone number to verify my account and start selling on your platform, I get the error: "there's something wrong with this number fiverr" is there any way to fix it? I have entered it in many ways and it is always blocked for 24hs. I have deleted cookies, used different browsers, etc. and I still can't verify it, is there a possibility to contact me by chat with the support and have them send me the manual code? Thank you very much. Best regards, atte. Santiago!
  2. Hello fellow community members! So I delivered a finished work a while ago and believe me, I have never felt this relieved since I saw a B in my O Levels. This is not the first time I'm completing a project (obviously) but the story behind it makes it a lot different and yes, I'm going to tell that story. On the 16th of July I got a message from a buyer. They are not new on Fiverr but this is the first time they're purchasing a Ghostwriting gig so I guess they just didn't know what to expect. We get to talking and discussing ideas and I realize they don't have a solid plan in mind so I'm like "Do you need time to go think about it or would you like to order an outline gig?". They refuse and return a few hours later with a whole mess of ideas and I had to put my phone away for a while and stretch my limbs. I just skimmed through it and sent back a quick summary so I could be sure me and the buyer were on the same page. They loved it and immediately ordered and I had to spend the first night outlining the entire thing. The thing is, I cannot work without an outline and seeing those odd details here and there creeps me out a bit and along the line, the writer's block is inevitable. Okay, back to the story! The next day, I got a dreadful message from Fiverr saying I had 14 days to verify my identity. At first, I was like 'okay', I had lost my National Identity Card a week ago and already applied for another and it would take a few days for it to be delivered, no problem right? Wrong! About two days letter, I got an email from my LGA asking me to come to the office because my ID number had not be validated (validation as in, good on paper but null on the database). So by now, I'm a bit nervous. The days are counting down and for some bizarre reason, I have a good amount of orders on queue that I have to finish and most of them are ongoing projects. Thankfully, the buyer was understanding enough and asked me to extend the time when I explained my situation to them. I go back and forth from my State office to Road Safety (I applied for a drivers license too so I had to make regular visits to monitor the process since I did not go to a conventional driving school) while trying to deliver quality work as usual. I finally get the new ID card and my license is still no where to be found and I only had about three days when I verified my identity. I had not even turned away from my computer when I got a 'verification declined' message and I'm like wait, what? As expected, I try again. Same result. I had to call the office to ask if there was something wrong with the card and the manager assured me all was right so yeah, I tried for the third time. It took a while before I get feedback but when I did, it was a bit read 'Account has been temporally deactivated...'. My soul is crushed by now and I just crawled into my bed and sent a message to CS. Surprisingly, I got a response an hour later and the kind lady says they have given another attempt and I could try to verify it again. I set my ring light right in front of my window to try to brighten the already setting sun, posed for my selfie and took the most steady picture I've ever taken of my ID card. I did not get a reply until the next day and when I did, I almost cried (I really could not imagine losing the account. I had managed to get a bit of credibility with some extra benefits like the Fiverr choice badge and early payout so it was pretty cool!). Well, I immediately got back to work and sent an update to the buyer while I continued writing orders. She took a while to answer and I had about five days left so I asked for another extension. The next day, I tested for Covid (I'm doing pretty well right now tho!) I don't get to work for another few days and the buyer is still as patient as always so I ask for another extension. Mind you, the project was just 15000 words and I may be a slow typist but I am not THAT slow! I finally delivered today with a few hours to spare because I spent a whole day editing the mess I had written during my chaotic month and I was typing this when I got a message from her. She loves it! Have you had a tough order that made you crack open a cold one when you delivered it? I'm all ears... well, eyes!
  3. I've been back and forth e-mailing with CS for a whole week at this point and they don't seem to be listening to me and it's driving me mad! On top of that, someone else handled the ticket, ignored everything I'd been saying and just sent me generic instructions for the verification process. They also e-mail me and the day after they reply at 10pm, they say that they're going to close the ticket if I don't reply soon enough! Their system is not sending me the verification e-mail I need to be able to verify my Paypal/bank account to withdraw my funds. This is an issue I've seen posted here before where Fiverr admitted it was an issue with their system. However, it seems they're not accepting responsibility this time around and won't listen to me after repeatedly asking me the same questions and giving them the same answers. Yes I've checked my junk/spam folder for both e-mails that I have. Yes I've checked it's the same and correct e-mail address on my Fiverr and on my Paypal account. Yes I know how to begin the verification method which I've now attempted several times. Yes I've deleted cache and cookies. Yes I've tried incognito mode. I even sent them a video of me going through the process for the 10th time and showed them my inbox and the junk folders proving it's not coming through and they still were like 'I couldn't see that you checked the junk/spam folder'. I'm starting to lose my patience with them! How many times do I have to tell them the same info over and over that there's an issue on their end before they listen to me?! They're just not listening/helping or asking their engineers to investigate the problem, so it looks like I'm not going to be able to get anything I've earned! What else can I do?
  4. Hi i am using fiverr since 2014 , i deactivated my very first id after getting not a good review from a buyer, after that i restarted fiverr in 2020 , i got an account verification notification from fiverr with a 15 days deadline i tried so many time to verify myself but the link to verify my identity redirected me to the same verify your identity page, i tried it from different devices , tried to contact with customer support but didn't got any solid way to fix this issue.. help in need.. thanks and regards Sher.
  5. When I try to withdraw it prompts me t check my email to follow the instructions but I never got an email from Fiverr to do this. How can I fix this?
  6. Hello, it's been 3 days since I send my ID for verification for fiverr. Still haven't receive any reply or notified. And if I try to verify or send and ID again because Im afraid they didn't receive it. It's just blank white screen like this. Please tell me if this is normal, thank you 🙂
  7. Hi, I want to share one experience about Fiverr. Recently, I cover 13 orders with 5-Start and got level-one. But I'm few confused about that, why I didn't get the verification notice from fiverr? You are facing similar issues at the moment?
  8. Hello ! I am seller on fiverr but recently my account is temporarily disabled of because I dont have Id card for verification because my age is not capable for identity card,can anyone please tell me what do I do.
  9. My account was temporarily disabled after trying multiple times to verify it. I have sent a message to Fiver customer support for help. If at all my account is restored, will my gigs derank? Please, I'm really worried.
  10. I got this notification to verify my account , But when i click "Send me a link via a text message" I don't receive any text messages , I've been trying for hours now , if this doesn't work in these 14 days i might lose my account or what?
  11. When Fiverr asks for identity verification & How to do it? I saw lots of users they can't verify their identity and I have a concern about it. When I will be asked for it then how I will pass out. Looking forward for the perfect answer from experts. Regards
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