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Found 6 results

  1. I need to know the perfect gig image size. Can someone please recommend me the size please?
  2. Hello creatives, I was working in print category. 5 months ago I stoped may all work progress, now may gig rank ( view, impression) is very low. In the now I want to work web ui ux category this profile. Is this will be good to me & my account? Thanks in advance. 💝
  3. Hello, my name is Silver and I am a digital product designer with experience in designing mobile apps and websites.
  4. Hi guys Iam Fandra and come from Jakarta, Indonesia. Iam new seller especially in UI UX Design (Apps and Web) .You can use our services for various UI UX designs on mobile apps or websites. Entrust your project to us, we will do our best only for you If you need our service, iam very welcome 🙂 Your satisfaction is our responsibility 🙂:) https://www.fiverr.com/share/9zKG9K
  5. hello my dear experienced sellers , i am an UI/UX designer. its been 15 days on fiverr and i just completed my first order. i submit delivery way before timeframe , i think client liked my design but still didn't post any review. i created a card gaming lobby design for him with so many micro elements ( it must have been worth around $250-$300 ) and deliver him so cheap at just $30. but still i'm not getting any imressions and clicks. So if anyone please look at my gig and tell me my mistakes or something to add-up , it would be really helpful. also i write my own description and every content is my own. i copied nothing. thanks in advance. 😊 Please click here to checkout my gig.
  6. hello everyone , my name is Harpreet. i am a UI/UX designer and i just started working here on fiverr. so yeah im new seller. 😊 so today , i sent message to someone from buyer request. "looking for uiux designer for app" was the title . and he had the budget of $1000. i was like why he's on my buyer requests? he should be on someone lvl 1 or lvl 2 seller's screen. he replied to my request. yeah i found it strange myself too. but then i thought maybe he selected me because i'm indian and since he's also indian ,so it make some sense. he asked my portfolio , some conversation about the project and custom offer. THEN he ask me for 1 screen free demo design and if he like it , he will place order which will be worth around $1500. i was thinking like , slow down a little bit brother, now why would i do free work for you , even when i'm sure you are not gonna gave that big project (if there was any, i guess 😉) to a new seller. i reject it in a really good professional way. he replied after an hour and said "thanks for wasting my time, i will find another designer" and i said "i'm sure you will find another talented designer , but unfortunately i can't do hard work just for free demo, sorry". thats it ,i never replied . i checked his profile , it was just 1 month old profile. he then message me and said "if i like your design , i will place $4000 order and we can discuss further about timeframe". he sent 2-3 messages after that but i never replied. now i know thats a fake buyer (or i believe so). but to get my 2nd work offer as a fake buyer was entirely shocking for me. let me know what you think about that. thanks 😊
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