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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Fiverr community, I have a very important question: Can i sell my own Tik Tok accounts on Fiverr? Is that legit and not against Terms Of Service? If you help me with this question i will be so grateful. Thanks.
  2. Hello Community, I want to ask a little question. if I send this below message to my inbox clients. this is against Fiverr TOS or not and is this part of slang language? "Hello Mate How are you? So, let’s introduce you about most awaited sale that is BLACK FRIDAY Sale! I have announced huge discount to enjoy the black Friday sale for the ICO development, NFT marketplace website, Smart Contract generation, Daaps development, Token Stacking and NFT stacking, Web design and development Wallet integration and many more…. Come and join me. https://www.fiverr.com/pramodchoudh188 For sample, website drop me message in inbox." I am waiting for better answer.
  3. Hello peeps, Would like to get insight about sharing screenshots from your personal account. Is it okay to share a screenshot of your "dashboard, profile, or earnings" (displaying your username) to a social media platform e.g Facebook group, twitter or instagam?
  4. About a week ago I received a restriction for apparently violating the Fiverr TOS. Unbeknownst to me, Fiverr claim I have been flagged and restricted for 'manipulating the review system' - now I know this isn't the place to protest my innocence so i'll get on with my questions. 1. I am a relatively new seller and this is the first time anything like this has happened - Is it likely I'll just receive a warning or can my account get banned? 2. Is it likely I will come out of this unscathed? Or is a restriction pretty indicative that the Fiverr team will take action? Has anyone been restricted and then later discovered to have not violated the TOS? 3. If my account receives a warning, how does this affect my ranking and future on Fiverr as a seller? Does anyone have any experience with this? Can I continue to thrive on the platform with a warning? Thanks guys. I am in contact with the support team, but as always they cannot divulge much (if any) info about this.
  5. Hi, I late responded a client after the order was completed (I was assisting them on something as a favor - and I didn't notice their last message). Yesterday I woke up with a warning from Fiverr. What do you think about this? I've read the TOS I didn't find anything states that I must stay responsive to clients with no order placed. I'm here just to make sure.
  6. First Warning How bad an impact can this have for an account?
  7. Hi there, I wanted to confirm, is writing/summarizing personal statement for a university job is allowed on Fiverr?
  8. Dear friends, I'm new seller at fiver. As my country don't support paypal officially, can i integrate my friend's paypal account with my fiverr account? (fyi, my friend lives in the US and he doesn't work at any online marketplace, he is a job holder.) I live in an asian country. I'm just intended to use his paypal account as mine, he has full permission in that case. Is there any problem or fiverr policy regarding that? I'm new to fiverr and humbly work here in the long term so i don't want to violate any kinds of fiverr policy, Please help me with my query whoever is sure about my ask, Thank you.
  9. Hii , Today i got first TOS warning for contact outside of fiverr. i have 0 impressions in my gig for today. will it be okay after few days or its a big issue.
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