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Found 21 results

  1. why showing my fiverr account Inbox response time ----- 8hrs How to increaase it? suggest me.
  2. Which time daily updated our gig impression Clicks . Can you say which time updated according to time and country?
  3. Best Time For Bangladesh Freelancer?⏲
  4. Guys Plz Considered Carefully Plz :(( When i Got New Order On Fiverr in laptop For example order of of 2 days suddenly it become 1 day in laptop . In Mobile The Time is Ok i also correct the time of browser but i dont know it is a glitch or some thing.. And Also Tell me 2nd thing that what is delivering on time rule means Customer Support Says Your first message is a start . I did not understand this Plz Explain me this little.
  5. For new providers on Fiverr, it can take a few weeks (and sometimes months) to get ranked. So the sooner the better! I’ll try to give you some advice on how to get ranked quicker. Sell something unique. Only 15% of Fiverr providers are ranked in the top, that means that 85% are not. So what are you doing differently from the 85% that are not in the top? The best way to get ranked in Fiverr is to offer something unique. The more unique your gig the faster you will get ranked. Show others how it’s done. What’s the best way to get ranked? Show others how to have a successful business in Fiverr. This will really help you in getting ranked quickly. The more successful you are the faster you will be ranked. More reviews equals more ranking. Positive reviews are the number one factor in ranking. I’ve seen freelancers take only 6 days to rank after getting 6 reviews. So if you are not getting reviews then your are not ranked.
  6. How long do I have to complete a requested revision on a delivered order? and would that affect my gig? (The buyer asked for massive changes that would take days to complete)
  7. I'm seeking help from experience one on the mentioned matter; I find different time on buyer side when I visit from PC and from my mobile phone fiverr's app. Which time is correct? Time that is shown from my PC or from my mobile app. Thanks
  8. Can anyone tell at what time the buyer request comes according to the country?
  9. I recently ask the client to extend the time for completing the order. When he accepted the request, I noticed fall in on time completion rate from 90% to 80%. Do anyone know the reason?
  10. Hi friends i hope every one is fine. I have a very simple question is there any specific time at which buyer send request or fiverr algorithm sends request at specific time. Thanks for taking part in debate. Regards Anna
  11. Hello, good day!! I got a order few munities ago. Order duration 1 day or 24 hours but my order page show around 10 hours. What can I do, anyone can suggest me? Thanks
  12. Dear all, Greetings, I have requested to extend the delivery time after discussion with my client. What happen if he couldn't accept it. ? What happen if customer keeps offline? What happen if the request auto withdraw for exceeding time? Does this order cancel? Does this effect on delivery rate? Thank you Regards, Manabendra
  13. hey guys why I am still not in level 1 I completed all the required today is October 15 and it says 0:00gmt not it is around 11 is there something wrong or it is delayed please let me know and thanks
  14. Hi, I delivered the order on time, but it says 1h 56m late. What is that supposed to mean? PS: the buyer didn't accept it yet.
  15. Hello Everybody! What time of the month is helpful to publish a Gig? Thanks
  16. I didn't receive enough information from the buyer he say request me to extend time is it effect on my ranking?
  17. My Fiverr App has been having these three issues for the past 3 days. 1. Wrong time on the app. Its 2:50 am now, but my app is showing 6:50 pm. 2. My buyers that just message me now, whenever I check their last seen. It shows over 1 hour ago. And myself, whenever I check my online status on the app even when I'm online. It shows me that I was online some hours ago. Thereby making me not to get orders and buyers won't message me, thinking that I'm offline. 3. My online green mark won't show even when I'm online- this also has caused me not to have any order for the past 4 days. Buyers won't message me thinking I'm not online. I have no sale for almost a week now. All these issues are really too much for me, as s level 2 seller who is an active fiverr seller. I have not be able to sleep, as this is giving me lots of concern. I've cleared phone cache, done every necessary thing, but nothing. Please help me. What might be the cause
  18. Hello Fiverr, I am a new seller on fiverr and very curious to know that, how much time does it take usually to get the first buyer message or first order. Please enlighten me. Thanks for reading. Emon Arefin
  19. Hi, i want to create a gig about drawing animated characters. I'd like to keep the sketching part of the order outside the order itself. I saw many similar gigs and often the seller invites the buyer to contact him/her before ordering, sometimes to send the buyer a pre-order sketch. I'd like to work on the order when the basic sketch has yet been defined, but i don't understand if this pre-order work is accepted by Fiverr and if it could lead to issues with the buyer when working on the order. In your opinion should i consider the sketching operation as part of the order, or can i create the (basic) sketch before the order starts ? If possible i'd like to limit the amount of message exchanges with the buyer, to optimize the time spent working on the order. Thank you
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