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Found 7 results

  1. I Need help regarding Tax filing and what you guys are doing in the case if you are earning more than 20 lakh rupees in a financial year What is the right thing to do ? do we have to register for GSt or we can get the AUDIT done by CA ? Please help
  2. Hello, I am Sanjeev Sharma a student currently pursuing B. Tech in computer science. I am new in the field of freelancing, I have zero knowledge of market and tax deduction criteria's. I am an Indian freelancer and I started it last week. And I am so grateful that I received an order from a client in Canada. The guy has asked to develop a backend and he gonna pay me the 100$. As you can see in above attachment the order details. I delivered my order 2 days ago and the client also give me a tip 15$ so now the total amount is 115$ that I am assuming that I am going to receive for my work but What I have seen its that my client paid me 129$ [115$ + 14$ tax I guess] and And only I received 86.75$ in my account. I am attaching a screenshot. As you can see its saying that tax deducted is only 0.15$ and therefore I am not getting where my rest of the earning has gone. Below attaching my billing setting. If its need to be please help me out. As I am a Indian student also new in freelancing market I have no idea what do next. Becuase I have to this much of tax unfortunately I have stopped freelancing on fiverr platform. I have already added my pancard number Please help me out
  3. I've utilized Fiverr mostly for reading and learning these last few years. I've noticed the most commonly used services are the ones with the most ratings. Below is a list of what I feel the best sellers include on their page: Great Grammar High Tier Vocabulary (College level) Fast Response times Communicative/Willing to hold a longer conversation to insure specific requirements are met. I don't think being a gig worker on Fiverr is the hardest thing ever. I do know for sure that it takes dedication, devotion and communication. Thanks for the read :)!
  4. Has there been an official statement or explanation on the implication of the new law in the US regarding Paypal having to report any transactions over $600? I know only transactions labelled "Goods and Services" are subject to that reporting, and I would have to imagine that how it is designated when being sent from Fiverr to Paypal, but I have not seen any official response/statement/documentation to that effect. Any thoughts?
  5. Hey, So far my Fiverr journey went really good (wohoo!) however, I'm not sure how to declare my income from Fiverr. 😕 My company is based in EU and for my other clients, I just sent monthly invoices. Now, with Fiverr being a marketplace based in Israel, *I think* when it comes to VAT, they are taking care of it and nothing we should do on our side. My questions is how do you declare the income made through Fiverr? Do you create monthly invoices to Fiverr to have them registered in your bookkeeping or do you wait for the statement of earnings they provide once a year? Thank youuuu! 🤗
  6. I have selected TCS under GST (exempted) but still the amount was deducted while I received the order. Why?
  7. Hi there. Is any Freelancers from India filling ITR for the Income Tax? If yes which one we have to file? I am done with my reasearch and it's super confusing. Whether we have to file ITR 3 or ITR 4. And will you tell me what are the documents we need to file? It helps me alot. Not only me, Lots of freelancers from India too. Thanks, Javriz
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