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  1. Hi Community! I received 2 notifications today related to my 2 'Custom Websites' category gigs: "Action Required! Increase your visibility by completing your Gig information." When I clicked the notification, it took me to the edit gig page on the 'pricing' section, where It was written this: I was offering basic price of $60 on one of my gig and $70 on the other gig before. But it saying to keep minimum of $80 or it will receive less exposure so I set $80 starter price for both of my gigs. Secondly, It was saying to check a checkbox 'Functional Website' and change the Metadata like Website type, website features etc. These selections wasn't before there on custom website category gig edit page. So if filled those required fields and submit my updates to the gig. Third thing I noticed, my gig is not now on the search page. I know when submitting an update to a gig, it goes to some reviewing process, so it will back to the search page again after some time. Another thing I noticed that the 'Add Subscription' function is removed from both of my gigs. Well I already don't provide subscriptions on any of my gigs, but this option is removed. Do someone has received the same thing? Any suggestions? I filled everything required and suggested. The only thing I don't want is the gig to de rank.
  2. what should i do, 🥸when i face the fake buyer and how can i find out fake buyer🤔
  3. I created my Fiverr account almost 3 years ago my First order was from Facebook to Fiverr and after some time I got a buyer and I worked with him almost 2 years and have 10 orders with him In that two years I don't get any other buyer I got reviews on my gigs but I didn't get any orders form other buyers Now my repeat buyers don't have work and I can clearly see that my gigs which have reviews are not performing I have tried by changing title description and tags but not getting results now I am thinking of creating new gigs and may be new account ? What are your suggestions on this 1: Should I make a new account ? 2: Should I delete my gigs and create new ones ? 3 : Should I change the title and discription of gigs ? Thanks In advance 😊
  4. About a month later I got the level. Not getting any job after getting level. What can be done for me now? And if you give me suggestions
  5. Hello, Lately I received some "Action required" notifications from fiverr saying that I should make some adjustments to increase my Gigs visibility. Besides the fact that some subcategories changed in my field of work (photo editing) where I needed to pick the right one fiverr also want me to disable the "Commercial Use" checkmark on the pricing page for basic packages or for standalone packages where there are no other packages available to choose from. The moment I deselect the "Commercial Use" checkbox by clicking on it, it greys out and is not clickable again. I contacted CS who was very responsive and explained the Commercial Use situation like this to me: The problem that I am seeing here: I think most buyers are not aware of the fact that when an order on Fiverr is marked as Completed, commercial rights for the delivered work is transferred to the buyer automatically. So from a buyers perspective I think the Packages that say "commercial use" will be preffered over Gig packages from other sellers that do not have that included. So from a sellers perspective its important to be able to include this in the Package even if its just the basic package. Cause if only the basic package has that part missing the buyer will think that he will gain only commercial rights when ordering the standard or premium package but as they differ in service and price he will propably refuse to order. As a suggestion I think all packages should be able to make a checkmark on the "commercial use" field or it should be completly removed as when an order is completed the buyer gets the commercial rights anyway. What are your thought on this as fiverr sellers and buyers? Is this only something effecting sellers in the photo and videoediting field only? As a fiverr seller do you have created a work around that worked out good for you? Thanks for all ideas. Have a great week!
  6. Hi Everyone, It's been 6 years of journey in Fiverr. But I have a suggestion that may be helpful for sellers. I noticed that sometimes buyers buy gigs without contacting or understanding the project details. They don't see the gig details properly so the amount of work with payment differ a lot. At that time the only way for sellers is to cancel the job. But if you cancel the rating of Order completion will be decreased a lot that affects seller level. My suggestion is to please include a facility for the seller to accept/reject the task whenever a buyer purchases without contact. So both seller and buyer can understand about the task can be complete or not. I hope this will be very helpful for sellers to maintain level. Thank you
  7. Some clients ask more than one question at a time. It is hard to reply to each question. I propose that Fiverr Chat include a reply option. EX:
  8. A new Fiverr seller facing problem with gig marketing. Because he/she didn't know where and which platform is recommended by Fiverr. Although seller think about that gig marketing is must for my gig ranking? Maximum seller want's to know how can I share my gig in social media without spamming? And which platform is perfect for my gig? Regards, StarSEORank Certified Digital Marketer
  9. I Notice not only one but many sellers have this problem that many people place an order without discussing about their work and then he or she want to cancel his order just because of seller don't work according to buyer or seller don't provide that work which buyer want..and just because of this seller has to cancel his order and it will affect of seller profile and ranking..soo please it's a request to Fiverr team to Make a Feature for Seller also. That Seller's have a Option To Accept or Reject Order and if seller reject order so it won't be count as order and if seller appect order then only it will be count as order. Thank You Soo Much
  10. I don't know if this has already been implemented or not. I have an idea how to help to solve the problem of negative (1-2 star) reviews from conflict buyers. I think it would be better if buyers with better review history would have more influence on seller's rating and performance. For example, buyer #1 rated 10 orders (from different sellers) as 5-star and rated 1 seller as 3-star. The buyer #2 rated 10 orders as 3-star (average) and recently made another negative (1-star) review of a new seller. And Fiverr system could give a bigger coefficient to #1 buyer ratings, if he will place a negative review, than to a buyer #2 who seems to be too strict with all his sellers regardless of the quality of their service.
  11. Most of stablished sellers have lot of returning customers. some customers are message regularly. almost everyday. Also they are send messages about different projects in a same time, or send multiple messages about different things. I found It's helpful if Fiverr have a option to reply each message separately. Its very easy to communicate. I've attached a image made by me to explain the idea more.
  12. Most of stablished sellers have lot of returning customers. some customers are message regularly. almost everyday. Also they are send messages about different projects in a same time, or send multiple messages about different things. I found It's helpful if Fiverr have a option to reply each message separately. Its very easy to communicate. I've attached a image made by me to explain the idea more.
  13. After a long time, I became update my business cards Gig. Hello Everyone! Hope all are well. I'm mamumin, Graphics Designer from Bangladesh. After long time I come back my fiverr account & updating my Gigs. So you can suggest me the better result. Thanks
  14. Today, I gained triple one or 111 review in my Fiverr profile. 111 is a number but a seller know the effort behind it. Suggestion for new sellers: 1. Ask your client/buyer again and again until you are fully clear about their requirements otherwise your can't make the proper output 2. Response to client's message asap so that they can know you are super active, maximum client's always prefer active sellers 3. Maintain project deadline always, if you need more time then ask your client so that you can increase the parameter from resolution center 4. Make your client 100% happy with your service so that they will purchase your service again and again. Repeat client's will boost your repeat business score which is very important. 5. Be patience, marketplace is not a place where you can be a big seller over nights. Three keywords I follow: Professional, quality service , patience I strongly believe one sentence: " You can't satisfy all people " . Every people have different characteristics so cancellation or bad rating may occur but take it positively, all fingers are not same! Hope for a great journey with Fiverr. Thank you all!
  15. Under your GIG pages, there's a section called "REQUIREMENTS." Most people use this time to ask questions so their clients can give accurate and needed information to start the project. However, when I need to EDIT this page, it's a hassle because it does not let me REARRANGE these requirements as I please. At times, I may want to move one of the questions UP or DOWN, but in order to do that currently, I would need to delete the questions and start over from the beginning. I propose that this page be a bit more DYNAMIC, so that we can rearrange the ORDER of requirements more easily. This could open up more applications I'm sure-- what do you all think?
  16. Published my gig on 23 - 24 december , 1st day i git 31 impressions and 4 clicks 2nd day I got 9 impressions 0 clicks , And 3rd day I got 24 impressions and 0 clicks ,Today i made some changes in tags and it jumped my gig from last page to 4th page of local sellers category then too I am sending my gig link plz check it and see what improvements can be made if you wanna suggest some tags also share what type of tags I should use , Please help ! https://www.fiverr.com/share/DodE8y This is the link
  17. ART= Average Response Time TIMER = The timer that controlls Average Response Time I agree that removing ART would be unfair, specially for better level sellers that respond to so many orders; I can see that being efficient at managing a lot of messages and requests can be considered a skill so I'm good with keeping it. However I feel like Fiverr shuold provide us an option to stop the TIMER for conversations headed to an end: a lot of times conversations just ends because nobody has nothing to say anymore, but if the last message is from the buyer? Easy, you'll need to spam the buyer inbox with futile text so you wont be label as a bad seller with a bad ART. The option I'm talking about will not close the chat itself, both the buyer and the seller will always be able to text to the other, simply the ART timer will stop counting while noone has nothing else to say.
  18. How to identify real buyer & fake buyer suggest me some tips?
  19. I am a new seller on fiverr. Here is my first gig, https://www.fiverr.com/share/V7qzol please suggest me for the best🥰🙏🥰
  20. Hi.Fiverr team,,Today's a fake buyer inbox me and he tell me to do his channel promotion.But he is told me without order work this project when i was told his, without order is not possible do your work,he tell me if you can't do my work I will report you.he also thread me.Now what to do i will.Please help me. Under I can provide this buyer thread message Please fiverr team
  21. Hi, I'm Alfaz, new to the Fiverr community. Recently I published a gig. For getting high impressions & orders, I need your valuable advice on my gig. Plz give me some suggestions, here is my gig : https://www.fiverr.com/share/RlXZ8l
  22. Make sure you have good knowledge of the category you're going into. Take your time to do your keyword research, to find the top searched keyword in your niche and write them out. Create a google doc sheet and start writing up your gig details, this will help you be more organized and not go back and forth on Fiverr. Use words like; Catchy, Unique, Exceptional etc, when creating your gig title. Don't forget to click the "Upgrade SEO" button beside your gig title after saving, use a long tail keyword from the list you made earlier in step 2. When writing your gig description, try as much as you can to use second person pronouns such as; you, yours, yourself. Makes the reader feel like you're talking directly to them. Put your researched keywords naturally into your gig description. Add a CTA (call to action) at the end of your description, example; Are you ready to discuss your project now? get in touch. Design a gig image that stands out; use vibrant colors like; yellow or bright green in the background with black bold text color to make your text readable. This helps get a visitors attention when scrolling through gigs. Gig Video is very important, Increases your gig visibility by 40%. Make a video of you explaining your services, or just a collage for your previous work, and make sure to add a CTA at the end of the video also.
  23. So I got this buyer from buyer requests around the end of August. She is a lvl 2 seller, so pretty impressed. She, after discussing about the order sent another person to pay for the order, already kind of sketchy. He(?) did also seemed a little more sketchy because of his stock pfp, but I was restarting my business after long time and his offer was perfect. This order went pretty smoothly, and I got paid. After a little more than a week later, he ordered for a demo version of the game with most levels removed. Not much change needed so I did it for very cheap. After I delivered because it wasn't very noticeable from outside(even though I changed the name of the game as well as the Icon) so he rejected without correctly checking. I then modified the main menu to make it more visible that it's different and delivered. Now after almost 2 days after the delivery, he has not responded yet, and after checking his inbox I noticed I can't contact him. I can't see his profile either not even from another person's phone. It feels like he got blocked from fiverr. Should I do anything? because it seems I'll get paid anyway in a day or so, I don't really care if I get paid for this job. But I don't want any negative effect. I'm thinking about contacting the buyer from requests, though I'm kind of scared about getting flagged, because how much distant she actually is from the order. I don't know how to approach.
  24. Hi... I don't know about forum rolls and regulations... If i make any mistake please forgive me... I just want to know how can i improve my gig... Do you have any suggestion for me?🙂
  25. Hi there, hopefully you all are having a wonderful day. In August 25 , 2021 I have received a order from a client, for 2 logo + additional 2 business card services. I have made these businesses card and logos as he has instructed but he is not providing me enough feedback to complete the project. It's been 6 days I have trying to get a response from him but no progress . Although he accepted my time extension request twice in the meantime yet didn't provide any feedback ! I know I am a new seller on fiverr also lots to learn , I really not good at handling such situations . Requesting help from you guys. Please give me best suggestions according this situation. Order deadline is about to close tomorrow. Regards Asif
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