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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone, This is syed waqar! I am new on fiverr, staring my journey and following my passion. I want to write my success story after 5 year. I will work hard and write it in golden words one day. Honorable Virtual Mentors? What should I do to be successful? What kind of steps should I follow to be Champion? What should I do in the beginning to the rest? Thank you!
  2. Bismillah.. Hi guys, hope you guys doing great at this HARD PANDEMIC SITUATION. just want to share to you all guys.. but you know guys, i was GRATEFUL for this pandemic situation, it was guide me trough every journey on FIVER.i started fiver from the end of 2019 december, i was frustrated because of pandemic situation, because my salary drop until 40%, yes there was many people got fired, and i was very sad to know about that, many my friends got fired and lost their job. I started to find something that i can do with this situation, think out of the box, what can i do with internet ?, can i get money from internet ? and so on... almost 7 days 12 hours i was stared up to my PC analyze everything on google, then i caught up to FIVER, i did deep learning on fiver How to work on this platform, after 2 weeks i analyzed everything, i read FAQ, watching fiver guideline, and everything. wrote down to my book whats important things i have to do. started from my first gigs, i did 500$ service (if i count now) for only 25$!!! yes!! i did that bro,, i wait my first order for about 2 MONTH, i did pray to god, it was RAMADHAN (because i am Moslem) and cannot praying to the mosque because of LOCK DOWN situation, so i had much time to learn everything.. . i worked for my first client as a professional as i can, i am at category of INTERIOR AND ARCHITECTURE, especially for LIGHTING DESIGN, so i treat my first client like he was order for 500%, finished at 7 days working,, ( yes 7 days for only 25$), but i was very happy!! for me God (ALLAH Jalla JAlaluh) answer my pray you know.. only 2 month i wait and did some optimization. after that, projects comes flying around! Alhamdulillah.. and you know.. even i had job from my India clients that always order to me (befores fiver have subscription methode) they are hiring me until now with good (very good for me because its in $) salary. and now i have another subscription also from UK, until now i get more than 9000$ (net income) that was a lot for me,,!!! since this is only for side job !... i am never imagine, i can work around the world!! my client comes from, India, USA, UK, WATAR, SWEDEN, Argentina, CHINA, SPAIN, ITALY..!!! it was AMAZING!!! you are at home, but you can work INTERNATIONALLY!! i was thinking how can i work with people around the world, FIVER DID THAT!! THANKS TO FIVER!!! so guys!! keep praying! keep faith!! and keep learning!! do everything you can, learn more at your scope,, be serious to make a gigs,, carefully check your gigs description! and make them stand uot with perfect portfolio, not just stand uot, chat with them like a friends.. being humble, on this CREATIVE industry there are many oportunity, i believe there are many success story on fiver, im not succes, but i follow their faith, their effort, to make things happen! good luck guys!
  3. Hello, I have achieved Level one batch. This is my first time achieved Level one batch and I am really happy working with Fiverr. Thank you so much Fiverr team. 🙂
  4. Hello friends,🙋‍♂️ Let's talk about our Fiverr Success Story.🤗 Who first informed you about freelancing? Since when have you been engaged in this profession? How many days and nights have you spent with Fiverr or other platforms?🤑
  5. When I was a New Seller 1.5 years ago, I always wanted to be more organized. I do remember having an excel sheet and writing buyers, packages they were purchasing, and most importantly, Gig Extras they were interested the most. I did have some formulas within an excel (semi-automatic), which helped me to easily calculate percentage of how many buyers purchase which tiers and extras. That way, I balanced my prices to earn as much as I can with less risk of losing earnings. However, I scraped this idea after half a year of working on Fiverr because of how busy I become and I didn't have enough time to keep the excel document up to date, so I no longer do that. I decided to delete it after some time. Just a brief story how I handled things back then that helped me succeed and reach higher levels quite fast. Not going to lie, I would love something like this to be automated and integrated within Fiverr's Analytics page, I think that'd be a win-win for both Fiverr and sellers to potentially optimize their prices without doing too much work. I would love to hear some stories from other sellers that did anything else in the past but now they don't. This doesn't have to be strategies, but any fun stories, other things as well!
  6. Hey everyone, I am Vikas Swami, a freelance graphic designer or commercial artist, whatever you call, and I love to design the brand identity for all types of businesses. When a person is on their initial stage of career-building, they face a hard nut to crack, which is "What is my actual talent?" or "What I love to do in my life?" but that was just a game for me. At an early age in my childhood, I love to do experiments with all kinds of work that I saw in my day-to-day life, and then I found which one is more enjoyable and which one is less. Wait... I'll cover that talent-finding story some other day. Let me directed you towards my Fiverr success journey: Back in my college days, when I was 19 years old, I enjoyed doing experiments with all types of graphic elements, from typography to shapes, from colors to sections, and so on. I focused on the journey, not the destination, and I was so into it that I lost track of time. At that time, I've used so many freelancing platforms to understand the graphic designing needs in the market but never tried Fiverr in the initial days. I've continued my experiment without even thinking about $$$, and I start getting projects from all around the world. Those days some businesses were lacking in their branding, and their designing vision was not to the standard that I set at that time. I was a beginner and unable to educate my clients regarding this, and I thought this was not freedom for an artist. In August 2015, I switched to Fiverr, and I created my first gig with the hope that I will get great clients here. When I started, I struggled a lot, but I was so curious about their algorithm that I started experimenting with my gigs, and I don't know how their algorithm got what I WANT. Just after three months of this, I was not only getting great clients but managed to take my gig from last to some starting page results. Day by day, year by year, I was improving a lot and getting all types of level badges like level 1, level 2, and the most awaited 'TRS' in February 2019. Overnight success is a myth, and it takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish your goal. You can be lucky here, but you have to have consistency in your work for long-term survival on any platform. Success, in other words, just a journey for me, not the destination. By loving the process, you can also be successful, just like me. So, if you are a new seller and very passionate about your profession, then start your journey today without any overthinking. If you are an old seller and still struggling a lot, then I'd say loving the process, but in the right direction. I know only loving the process will not pay your bills, but if you do it in the right direction, then very near in the future, you'll get what you want. Now, what is the right direction? Well, it can be different from person to person, and just a few hows and whys can give you more clarity about YOUR right direction. Thanks for reading this whole story about my journey. Stay Healthy, Stay Creative 🙂 Vikas
  7. Hello buddies! This is Gigi the newbie! I'm hoping to improve with other newbies (yep, y'all) so I'm offering free gig/ profile descriptions. Simply offer me free services of your expertise, which may potentially improve my account/ profile, in return will do. For instance, you may offer website writing/ graphics design for my gig/ logo design for my profile... whatever, anything reasonable will do! Let's improve by establishing well-organized Fiverr seller accounts together! Looking forward to your response!
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