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Found 2 results

  1. Adobe Photoshop CC 2022 (Previously Updates from Adobe Creative Cloud). Did you know? With the latest Adobe Photoshop CC 2022 updates from Adobe Creative Cloud, now we can design a web site using Art Board features in Adobe Photoshop CC 2022. Even though, I have no experience in CSS coding, although this give me the opportunity to design an art portfolio with the 90's America Online (AOL) style template, and import the design over to Adobe Indesign CC 2022 and Adobe Dreamweaver CC. So, I only using Adobe Photoshop CC 2022 creating characters concept art & illustrations for game, film and book for clients on Fiverr, Deviant Art and Artstation platforms. I have been paying Adobe Creative Cloud membership with $29.99/months in 2019 after my college ended. Even though I used to paid $19.99/months under student plan with access to all Adobe apps (which is cool!) And I freakin's love it. Unfortunately, the latest Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 and 2022 has a lot of bugs with 3D and Filter Tilt lately. I hope Adobe fix the bug soon when the next Adobe Creative Cloud updates is available. Adobe Illustrator 2022. Adobe Illustrator 2022 is always my favorite software when I used to work as a graphic designer on newspaper at the Sacramento Bee headquarter back in 2001 during my teenage years in high school. I remembered designing an original Xbox logo like crazy with the Adobe Illustrator 9.0. And all my classmates was staring at the screen like they never seen before that Adobe Illustrator could do artwork back then. That was the early 2000s which recommended by my art teacher when I was first introduced to iMac G3. I didn't have any like for computer back then, because I thought computer is just a toy. And won't do me much success in fine art gallery. Although Adobe Illustrator CC 2022, like Adobe Photoshop has comes a long way since the late 80's until to this days technology took over the traditional art world. So I decided to created art with digital painting and illustration with these art programs after bought my first Sony VAIO computer in 2002 after high school graduated. Oh, yes -- I forgot to mentioned, my former boss at The Sacramento Bee wanted me to get an iMac G3 instead of Windows PC, but instead, I ended up buying my first Sony VAIO Windows 2000 with the money I won from an art gallery. I couldn't afford Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator 5.0 and 9.0 version at the time, so my mentor let me borrowed his Adobe CD for creating art. The Adobe price was insanely expensive back in the day when he bought it from Adobe, but never used it anyway. To this days, I never forget and I'm grateful for his being supportive. Adobe Fresco It's feel like an oil paint which is really cool. And of course, this program also available on iPad as well. However, this app also come with all Adobe apps if you're going for a $29.99 plan! Adobe Indesign 2022 (Come with Adobe Creative Cloud) with $29.99/month plan. Like Adobe Illustrator CC 2022! I have used it a few times for creating art magazine cover. And I still learning it! With Adobe Indesign 2022, you can do a lot of stuff such web-design, magazine cover design for PDF etc. Adobe After Effects 2022. Awesome program for creating Twitch game streaming overlays animation with loop. Affinity Photo I never used this program or never heard of it before, but I will check it out soon. Corel Painter 2022 Rebelle 4 Procreate Clip Studio Paint Pro Artweaver 7 ArtRage 6 Yep, I used this program before (with demo version). And it does feel a bit like oil painting, just like Adobe Fresco. But doesn't really give me a feeling like real traditional oil painting I used to worked back in my early days in late 90's. But the software which is really cool, and the tools are not as complicated as Adobe Fresco. Krita TwistedBrush Pro Studio MediBang Paint Pro Black Ink Paintstorm Studio Overall, Deviant Art is now my currently online store I'm relying on the sales of my work. As for Fiverr on the other hand, I'm planning on make a new change on the current gigs to create 2D characters like the Marvel and DC Comics style for now, but mixed with 3D CGI style painting; since creating a realistic painting is a pain in the a**. This art stuff just is killing me and putting me in a lot of pressure since the last two film poster artwork I've done for the clients last two months. And I'm done with this style of art. Let us know which program is your favorite digital tools of used for art, logo and designing on Fiverr. And tell us why did you use it, and what was the best about the program.
  2. I have completed my first order erd diagram related work and and client give me 5 start and outstanding work first review is good and my question is how get more order what strategy should i apply
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