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Found 2 results

  1. Whether you're a solopreneur, startup founder, or small business owner, hiring freelancers on a project-by-project basis is one of the best ways to avoid paying for a full-time employee while still getting the support you need to grow your business. As you search through Fiverr, you may wonder how to find the right freelancer for your business. That's exactly why I've written this post. My goal is to provide a set of specific criteria that you can use throughout your search. Enjoy! 1. Browse the Categories Even if you're accustomed to using a search bar, Fiverr has a robust panel of categories that, in my opinion, is even better than the top search bar. Unless you're searching for an ultra-specific niche, I would recommend starting with your desired category. 2. Set Your Criteria This might be one of the most overlooked steps, but could save a significant amount of time. After clicking on your desired category, I recommend taking a look at the filters. Here, you can filter sellers based on several factors. For example, if you're in the website content category, you will find writers who write in English, Spanish, French, and a host of other languages. There are well over 1,000 gigs in this category alone, and so filtering based on the specific language you need will help you avoid scrolling through countless pages of irrelevant gigs. 3. Determine Your Needs First No two businesses are exactly alike. As you scroll through potential sellers, you will find a myriad of basic, standard, and premium packages. Instead of waiting until you come across a package that seems to have everything you're looking for, my recommendation is to determine what you need first. That's because sellers can offer custom gigs. In turn, you can focus on finding the perfect seller as opposed to the perfect gig. *One note: ensure that the gig you're inquiring about is close to what you're looking for before asking for a custom gig. For example, asking a copywriter for a larger word count than what's offered would be acceptable. Asking them for web development services, however, would likely be out of scope. 4. Start a Conversation (If Necessary) Over time, many sellers adapt their offerings to align with the most common requests they receive. As a result, you may find the exact service you're looking for. While some sellers prefer that you contact them first, others prefer that you order without contacting them. In some cases, the seller may even specify which approach they prefer in the gig description. My advice is to order without contacting the buyer only if the gig description clarified any and all lingering questions you may have had. If not, ask away! 5. Provide an Example Although this step isn't always necessary (or possible), sharing a link, image, or sample from a competitor is one of the best ways to communicate your goals and expectations to a freelancer. For example, you may find that your competitor's landing page has the exact tone you'd like your website to have. By sharing a link to a potential copywriter, you may be able to better articulate your website copy goals. 6. Ask Qualifying Questions What are your expectations for the perfect freelancer? By having a list of qualifying questions to ask prospective freelancers, you can narrow down your search. Here are a few examples: Will I solely be working with the person messaging me right now, or are you part of an agency with other people doing the work? I need the project completed in 7 days or less, can you meet this timeline? Have you worked with other clients in my industry before? Before asking questions, I always recommend reading the frequently asked questions (FAQs) portion of a seller's gig. 7. Start Small If you have an ongoing or large-scale project, starting with a seller's basic package may be a good way to determine if they're the right fit for your business. Be sure to look into subscription packages and ask about bulk discounts if you are considering a long-term arrangement. 8. Scale Up Once you've found the perfect freelancer, you can scale up the amount of work you give them while saving time. That's because after establishing a mutual understanding of your goals, branding requirements, and background, you can reduce the time spent explaining, thereby expediting the process. 9. Ask for Referrals Oftentimes, freelancers are asked if they can recommend sellers who provide services that they do not offer. For example, a copywriter may be asked if they know another freelancer who specializes in web development. After finding a freelancer who you can trust, asking for a referral may save time for the next service you need. I hope this was helpful! Thank you for reading. Warm wishes, Creat1vepattern
  2. Since starting our business on Fiverr we have gone from strength to strength. Fiverr has enabled us to grow from a small team to now over 30+ people. Without this platform we wouldn't be where we are now. Starting on Fiverr is the perfect place for your business. To be put in-font of millions of potential customers eyes with little effort is truly amazing. We have been selling our services on Fiverr for 3 years now, reaping the fruits and so far haven't had any major problems to date. The 20% fee seems high at first but honestly I'm sure anyone would be happy to pay that for the service it provides and the sheer amount of customers you can reach. We continue to enjoy and grow our business on Fiverr and I would recommend the platform to anyone. I want to hear your success stories from promoting your services on Fiverr? Let us know down below! I hope all of you continue to have success on Fiverr! Thanks Sam
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