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Found 8 results

  1. Greetings to all! I hope that you all are doing well. I'm Aliul, an Accounting professional & Expert in QuickBooks Online, Xero and wave. I have more than 4 years of experience, knowledge & expertise in Financial accounting, Financial Reporting, Taxation, Audit & Assurance. Already, I uploaded 3 gigs for bookkeeping services. But didn't get my 1st order. Following services I provide: Setup new company & managing Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Online. Recording and Categories transaction. Linking of bank account and credit card account to QuickBooks Online. Bank and Credit Card statement reconciliation. Creating invoices & Bill. Manual journal entries in QuickBooks Online. Maintaining Account Receivables & Account Payable. Budgeting and forecasting. Payroll. Conversion to QuickBooks from other software. Financial Report Analysis. Financial Report (Weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly & year-end). Other client's required services Free Accounting consulting. Please help to get my 1st order in fiverr, I'll be grateful to you. My gig url given below: https://www.fiverr.com/share/b7k8lW Team Grit Properties Balance Sheet as on 31 March 2022.pdf Team Grit Properties_Profit and Loss From January to March 2022.pdf Team Grit Properties_Location wise Profit and Loss From January to March 2022.pdf
  2. I started my fiverr journey with data entry service. I have earned my level one badge with just one data entry gig. Recently I have learnt front end web development. I have uploaded 2 gigs on psd to html & html-css edit. After uploading these 2 gigs - in my buyer request section I see all the programming related buyer request coming like:- python, java, php etc. Those are not related to my skills. Before uploading these 2 gigs, I could see many buyer request related to data entry. But now I rarely see any data entry or front end related buyer requests. Is there any way I can have only front end and data entry related buyer request in my profile ?
  3. I saw many people selling Web Application service at $5 in Programming and Tech category. It is really difficult to learn JavaScript how could someone selling it at $5 . An experienced person can't sell web application in just $5. It makes problem when buyer see that someone is selling it at lower rate then he/she could hire them but if the seller can't able to complete the task the buyer will disappointed and leave Fiverr that Fiverr has fulfill with unqualified seller. On the other hand there are experienced seller who has high skills but new in Fiverr they know the actual price of the service but as the price is high so many buyer don't hire them. Recently Fiverr set minimum price at WordPress category but I think they should set minimum price for all category so the experienced seller get the actual value for their work. IT is all about my thought you can share your opinion at this point.
  4. Can Anyone tell me Top 3 Effective Way to Sell My Service In Fiverr? If Any One know Pleased Submit Your Opinion
  5. Hello Fiverr community! This is definitely the first time I'm reaching out, I've been reading mostly. Now to my problem. My gig has been under performing lately, I considered returning to replying buyer requests. Now they don't appear. Is there a problem? If there is. How can I fix this issue.
  6. Hi guys , my name is Said i'm from Morocco and i started working on fiverr 4 months ago . I worked with many company I shared my first Gig about Social media post design . Here is the link : https://www.fiverr.com/share/PbKmNG Place an order now" ( Only 5$ ) thank you :)
  7. Hi, I've been downgraded from lv2 to lv1 because I can't reply to a customer in whose chat to reply appears the message : "unavailable to receive orders until Nov 20, 2021 I am currently unavailable, but please come see me soon! I look forward to working with you." I also posted a question here that no one responded to, and I can't find a way to complain or a way to contact support. How do I resolve this?
  8. Are sellers in Fiverr safe? Incase of any assistance do the sellers get adequate support here? I have booked a complain here 4.5 months ago, but still didn't get any support from Fiverr. I think it's a matter of concern for sellers to work in a secured way world wide.
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