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Found 25 results

  1. Hi. I'm a multimedia artist and a seller on fiverr. I joined back in 2016, sold gigs on and off but, now, since last year, I've been more active and selling my services for full-time. My question is, as I have been experiencing this problem for quite a while, most buyers come and inquire about things and they try to negotiate (like buying a diamond in price of silver) and then they don't place an order or accept the offer rather insist on not accepting the offer until the work is done. In short they argue and then ask for work in advance without accepting the offer. Even though I request them to check my portfolio and feedback on profile if they have any trust issues. The number of such buyers is increasing day by day in my experience. If i keep reporting them or ignoring em all then how am i going to land potential buyers? Please suggest me, what is the solution to such non-serious or fraudulent (excuse this harsh word) buyers who waste your time and energy. Thank you
  2. What are the things I need to do to make sure my gig is found on Fiverr and Fiverr business. Should I create a Fiverr business account or what. I need your help on this please
  3. I am a New Seller and I have created 5 Gigs but not getting buyer requests
  4. I want to know. Whats the best way to send an offer t a buyer request?
  5. Folks, I hope you're doing so well. It's been over 2,3 years that I'm working on my profile and earned over $50K+. I've completed all the requirements for becoming a TOP RATED SELLER, but still not getting. I tried to reach out Fiverr, they said that it is a handpicked program, so things will be evaluated manually. I'm very good at communication 99% of clients are happier with me I have a lot of repeating clients, it means anyone gets help from me, comes back to me for sure I've been ranking on 1st page for most of the keywords Now, I'd like to have some guidelines from Top Rated sellers, maybe they can guide me something? Rabia R.
  6. Hello , hope you all are doing good ! I've a doubt suppose I make a delivery on Date 01/01/2022 , the buyer has not either accepted or rejected it , so according to Fivers norms it will be auto-accepted on 04/01/2022 if buyer takes no action (3 days from date of delivery) but , if I make a delivery again on 02/01/2022 then that 3 days will be counted again from 02/01/2022 (ending at 05/01/2022)or it will be same 04/01/2022 .
  7. How can I get this batch can anyone tell me what to do to get this batch.
  8. Hello Guys! I am Mahmudur Rahman from Bangladesh. I have come to Fiverr as a new seller. Please give your valuable suggestions. Blessings everyone!
  9. I've been a seller before around a year ago, becoming pretty successful with over 90+ reviews. However, I decided to stop what I was doing before and a year later I have a new gig. I had the idea of asking family and friends if they'd be interested in ordering, but if they give me a review would that roll in buyers? I think I have a good portfolio and I think my work is good from a standpoint, but what are your thoughts? gig: https://www.fiverr.com/jacksilver/design-a-professional-and-modern-website-ui
  10. I'm so happy today I have reached my first $200
  11. What is seller plus program and why fiverr still not invite me for that, please give me answers?
  12. Can anyone please help me about this on that how can I increase my gig impressions, click, rank and get early order also. It will help as a beginners. Hope you will share your valuable experience with me and also other seller. Thanks in advance.
  13. I am new to fiverr. Every senior out there please help me grow my account and my experience as well.And if you can please forward my account to buyers so that they can reach me out. And what about reviews?Can you guys review it?
  14. I've been on Fiverr for quiet a lot of different advice and they all seem to either vary or just be genuinely too vague to be helpful. Does anyone have any specifically concise tips for a beginner seller without a niche? Thanks in advance!
  15. Just started my gig a few days ago and was wondering how does it look? Any feedback is very appreciated.
  16. I just wanted to know the difference between an impression and having clicks (clicks I know is people clicking are you gig). Appreciate any help.
  17. Hello! When a buyer/client comes in the inbox after sending a buyer request, how to convince the buyer to buy your service. Also, How can I assure him that my service is perfect for him? And which words should use to welcome the client?
  18. Traffic to Fiverr.com by country 21.97% 1.25% United States. 10.09% 0.53% Pakistan. 6.33% 3.19% India. 5.81% 0.83% United Kingdom. 5.59% 1.17% Bangladesh.
  19. Just random discussion out if curiosity How long after you signed up on the platform did it take you to get ordered?
  20. I completed 9 orders in last 2 month, but 35 days pass, I can't get any order. What can I do now?
  21. I recently joined Fiverr maybe three weeks ago, what are some ways to get your services found by more people?
  22. Hello all! I'm Mozammal Haque from Bangladesh. I opened the account long before Fiverr in the usual time, but due to lack of local work and inattention it was not given much value but now I want to be a skilled seller. I have been working as a skilled designer for a long time in Bangladeshi government and non government companies but I want to do the same in fiverr. Can anyone help me with this? I am interested in working with him remotely
  23. I am experienced in graphics design. Which side of the graphic design work with more get work?
  24. Buyers request pager does not coming. There is what was in the morning. what should I do now ?
  25. If anyone question me that, Which thing is most important for fiverr seller at marketplace career?
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