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Found 13 results

  1. Last night I fall asleep. And when I got up from bed I noticed a client from USA knocked me two hours ago. I felt depressed. But I never missed to reply him with politeness! I observe that it was around 9 pm in USA. I messaged him with what he wanted for his business. But I got no reply. Then all day long I messaged him in three steps asking first, the availability of the job. If yes then what I could do for him. And lastly I greeted him while noticed it has been morning there. And surprisingly I got a reply with more politeness from him. And this is the second order I got on my dream place Fiverr and in progress. First one is monthly basis. So what are the lessons for you? Let's try to follow the lessons! Happy earning! Enjoy!
  2. Hi yesterday i received add subscription option for my fiverr gigs. I want to ask that everybody gets add subscription option or its available to selective sellers. If its for selective sellers what do you think on which basis fiverr provides this option ? Repeat orders , Good performance ? Please drop your value able suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey The client emailed me that he would give me a check to my friend in US then we would start the project.Another thing is that his account on fiver r has been deleted or he has done it. Isn't this a scam?
  4. I Notice not only one but many sellers have this problem that many people place an order without discussing about their work and then he or she want to cancel his order just because of seller don't work according to buyer or seller don't provide that work which buyer want..and just because of this seller has to cancel his order and it will affect of seller profile and ranking..soo please it's a request to Fiverr team to Make a Feature for Seller also. That Seller's have a Option To Accept or Reject Order and if seller reject order so it won't be count as order and if seller appect order then only it will be count as order. Thank You Soo Much
  5. 4 Tips to Improve Gig impression and Click 1. Stay Online Maximum Time. 2. Share Your gig in social media minimum 5 times a day ( without spamming) 3. Send Buyer Request to get Click. 4. To be active on fiverr Forum to help new seller. Because Forum is Very Helpful to Improve your Gig. I hope in a few days your gig will be Rank. Happy Fiverring🥰
  6. I had 2 orders canceled. So last 4 months I had no new order. My previous client order but I have not new client order. Please suggest me.
  7. What are the correct methods and tips to share gig on social media? How to share a gig the order has more chance? Submit valuable statements in the forum to get your experience. Thank you.
  8. Very very Important tips for buyer request. Let's visit the link below:
  9. I recently joined Fiverr maybe three weeks ago, what are some ways to get your services found by more people?
  10. Hi there, fellow sellers of fiverr, hope you are doing well & great. I was casually browsing through different categories & gigs & what I found was most new sellers or maybe some old ones too, but mostly new are selling their gigs in non - category . Let's say - someone with Illustration gig selling them in flyer design or writing categories or someone with brand names, slogans or logos selling them in art & crafts category. But doing so will drastically change the gig package options, so how are these sellers really doing so & most of them have got orders queued. Is over - saturation forces them to do so ?
  11. I have 4 Gigs in Fiverr but I don't get Order...And I see my gigs impression and click down day by day... How can I solve this Problem please advice me...
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