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  1. The Fiverr forum has been key to me finding success as a Fiverr Seller. Disclaimer: These are just my opinions and posts by other sellers as at May 2022 that helped me. Get ready, it's a long post, but answers a lot of questions that I see being asked again, and again, and again. If you can’t be bothered to read this post or others posts on the forum then fine, but don’t complain that you’re not successful, can’t get impressions or can’t get orders. You have to do the hard work!! Credit to the authors and the forum regulars that keep this place in good shape. There are too many to mention, but special shout outs to @frank_d @lloydsolutions @imagination7413 for regularly sharing info and links. I think you should be paid by Fiverr given all the value you add! 😂 Who am I? For those interested my professional background is finance and technology (on the commercial side, not the development side). I mainly offer business/startup consultancy on Fiverr. I joined Fiverr as a Buyer in May 2020 I set up my first gig in October 2020 I took a semi-break from January 2021 to June 2021 (I had a full time job) I went full time freenlancing / Fiverr in July 2021 I made TRS in May 2022 I’m registered as a Fiverr Business Buyer I’m a Fiverr Select Buyer (formerly known as VID) One thing I have learned from meeting hundreds of entrepreneurs is that you don’t need to be the best at what you do to be successful. YOU JUST HAVE TO WORK HARD. If you improve yourself 1% a day or a week, then in a couple of months you will start seeing a massive difference. You need to treat selling on Fiverr as a business. This means market research and offering value that Buyers need. Reading this post and the posts I have linked here is research. It will take you hours to go through everything, but if you can’t be bothered to spend hours on being successful, then maybe you don’t deserve the success. 🤷‍♂️ It doesn't cover EVERYTHING about Fiverr, but it covers a lot. I’ve tried to keep it clean and clear as I know people don’t like reading, hence the bullet points. Firstly, if you do not know the Terms of Service, do not look at the Help Center or do not read the tips the forum gives you you are setting yourself up to FAIL. Read them. There are soooo many tips in the Help center. https://www.Fiverr.com/terms_of_service https://www.Fiverr.com/support/Seller These are the topics / questions I will cover: What are common Fiverr myths and bad advice that should be ignored? What is forum etiquette and how should I behave here to get the most out of it? How do I optimize my gigs, increase my impressions and orders? How do I talk to customers and be professional to make sales? How can I be successful with Buyer Requests? How do I spot a scam? What is the difference between Public and Private Ratings? What is Seller Plus and how do I join? What are the Seller levels and when will I get TRS? What are Buyer levels and what do they mean? What are promoted gigs and why can’t I use them? How do I deal with a cancellation after I completed the gig successfully? How do I say no to difficult customers? My gig was deleted by Fiverr, others weren’t, this is unfair!! Should I do free work? Read the ToS!!! Read the Forum!!! Read the Help Center!!! Hope you're ready, here we go…. 1. What are common Fiverr myths and bad advice that should be ignored? The following statements are NOT true: Staying online 24/7 helps your rank/visibility Being active on the forum helps your rank/visibility Posting on social media helps your rank/visibility Revisions requests hurt your rank/visibility Editing your gig hurts your rank/visibility Again: These statements are NOT true. Do not believe them. These myths were confirmed by Fiverr as not being true. More info here: 2. What is forum etiquette and how should I behave here to get the most out of it? Search the forum: 99.99% of questions have already been asked. Don’t just ask simple questions like ‘how do I get orders?’ Your question has already been asked. Search the forum!! You can only post your gig link in ‘My Fiverr gigs’ & ‘Improve my gig’ categories. Don’t call people bro/sister/lady/dear unless you are already familiar with / know that person. This is a professional space. Just use their username. Do not name and shame other users. If you want to share a screenshot then remove their username. It’s probably best to avoid religion, politics and s3x. Treat it like the workplace. Be kind and treat others how you want to be treated. You're not always going to agree with others here and that's OK. Being offensive is not. 3. How do I optimize my gigs, increase my impressions and orders? Read the forum, research the competition and understand your target customer. Look at successful Sellers in your category selling what you (want to) sell. Think like a Buyer - what does a Buyer want! Read these posts (and the help center!), they say it better than I ever could: 4. How do I talk to customers and be professional to make sales? This is all about asking questions, being respectful and not pushy. The best way to sell is actually not to sell. I know that’s confusing. Ask questions, understand your Buyer needs and you won’t need to push a sale, they will want to buy. Follow the tips / steps in the link below. Don’t use ‘bro’, ‘brother’, ‘sister’ or ‘dear’. Your target market is typically western, and this looks unprofessional. Don't use 'Sir' or 'Madam' unless you're certain of their gender. Even then, I'd suggest using their username or the name they sign their message with. Don’t use ALL CAPITALS. This looks like you're shouting. Don’t use multiple ‘????’ or ‘!!!!!’. This looks like you’re being demanding. The '????' is rude. Just use '?' or '!'. The first link below is how to be better at selling. The second link below is Grammarly, they have a free version / chrome plugin that will help improve your English if you need some help. Communication is key to being successful. https://salesinsightslab.com/how-to-master-art-of-selling-anything/ https://www.grammarly.com/ 5. How can I be successful with Buyer Requests? Buyer Requests are usually Buyers with very low budgets. Most established Sellers ignore this section. It is possible to get orders (I got a couple myself when I started) but the success rate is very, very low. Make your reply targeted (not generic) to their problem / request. Use high quality, well written English. Grammarly can help, see above. Do NOT find the Buyer and message them directly. This is spam and is unprofessional. You don’t need Buyer requests to be successful on Fiverr. If you are selling something Buyers want then Buyers will come to you. More info here: 6. How do I spot a scam? Asking to communicate away from Fiverr. There is no need for this. Asking you to pay for work. Never pay for work! If it seems suspicious it probably is. Trust your instinct / spider sense! More info here: 7. What is the difference between Public and Private Ratings? After accepting an order the Buyer is asked to rate and review the Seller. The Seller is also able to rate and review the Buyer. The Buyer has 10 days to do this. Buyers are asked for a private review that only Fiverr will see. Buyers are asked for a public review that everyone will see. Sellers can respond to the public review. Even if a Seller doesn't leave a review of the Buyerm the Buyer review will still appear on the seller profile. Private ratings (which feed your private Buyer satisfaction score) are much more important because Fiverr knows that Buyers leave 5* ratings when they aren’t truly happy. They impact your positioning on fiverr and visibility to sellers, access to promoted gigs, TRS eligibility and more. You cannot ask a Buyer to change their review. This will get you a warning. You cannot ask a Buyer to review you positively. This will get you a warning. You can ask a Buyer to leave a review, but again, you CANNOT ask for a positive review. There is no need to remind the Buyer to review though, Fiverr reminds them a lot. Spoiler: A bad private review is likely why your impressions/ranking can drop even when you are getting 5* public reviews. More info here: https://www.Fiverr.com/support/articles/360010544097-Feedback-and-ratings 8. What is Seller Plus and how do I join? Seller Plus is invitation only. You can be added/invited to the waiting list. Seller Plus does not give you more impressions / orders. It does give you a Customer Success Manager, enhanced analytics, Buyer insights, coupons, early payouts, access to events that can help build your Fiverr knowledge and a few other things. BUT literally all of this knowledge is already available if you’re willing to look for it. So, search the forum!!!! More info here: https://www.Fiverr.com/support/articles/360017140717-Seller-Plusoverview?segment=Seller 9. What are the Seller levels and when will I get TRS? Seller levels are explained at the link below. TRS is NOT guaranteed. Level 2 Sellers that have met the requirements are handpicked by Fiverr’s editorial team. You can lose your TRS Seller level if your performance / Buyer satisfaction score drops. Even if your reviews are perfect, maybe your private reviews aren’t, maybe your profile/gigs aren’t looking premium enough, maybe there are already enough TRS in your category. Some Sellers wait years to get promoted, and some never get it. You can be hugely successful without being TRS. I know of a seller that did over $300K last year and they are Level 2. More info here: https://www.Fiverr.com/levels 10. What are Buyer levels and what do they mean? Fiverr Business is a service that Fiverr offers to help business Buyers. It is currently free but will become a paid service in the future. Fiverr handpicks Sellers to appear on the Fiverr Business marketplace. Fiverr Select are Buyers that have made a certain amount of purchase / spent a certain amount. Treat all these Buyers the same way - with respect and courtesy. More info here: https://www.Fiverr.com/support/articles/360011920618-Fiverr-Select-Buyer-loyalty-program https://www.Fiverr.com/support/articles/360010396097-Fiverr-Business-overview?segment=business 11. What are promoted gigs and why can’t I use them? Promoted gigs are a way to appear higher in search results. Is it worth it? Depends what price you sell at and how much the CPC is. This is your business and I think you should test new things. There are certain public requirements that you need to hit to get the option to promote. There are certain private requirements that you need to hit to get the option to promote. Remember the private reviews? This can be why you can no longer promote a gig even if you’re only getting 5* public reviews. More info here: https://www.Fiverr.com/support/articles/4405489899153-How-Promoted-Gigs-works-Ad-ranking-explained?segment=Seller 12. How do I deal with a cancellation after I completed the gig successfully? So, you got a 5* review and the Buyer was happy. Then suddenly the gig is canceled and you have had the money that you earned taken from you. Fortunately there is a protection scheme in place. Read the link below and contact CS to (hopefully) resolve this. More info here: https://www.Fiverr.com/support/articles/360010978618-Chargebacks-and-Seller-protection 13. How do I say 'no' to difficult customers or customers with inappropriate budgets? Most Buyers are great. Occasionally you can get one with unrealistic expectations, budget or someone that is just plain rude. It is always best to be respectful and polite, otherwise you may get reported and earn a warning. If they are offensive or inappropriate then block and report them. More info here: 14. My gig was deleted by Fiverr, others weren’t, this is unfair!! No, it (probably) wasn't unfair. Fiverr can’t keep up with all of the gigs that violate the Terms of Service. Some Sellers have had thousands of positive reviews, and then the gig gets deleted. You just got caught. That’s all. It’s not unfair. That’s life. Get over it. Others just haven't been caught yet. Next time, read the ToS, check your gig is allowed and contract CS if you are not sure. If you really think this is unfair / a mistake then contact CS. 15. Should I do free work? No. No, No, No. You will make yourself a target for Buyers that want to take advantage of you. If someone says they want to 'test you' send them a link to your Fiverr portfolio. Remember the phrase 'free has no value'. 16. Read the ToS!!! Read the Forum!!! Read the Help Center!!! Seriously, if you don’t then you are just being lazy. (The truth hurts). 99.9% of lazy people aren’t successful in life. (The truth hurts). They are also likely to be the ones that complain that life is unfair. (The truth hurts). https://www.Fiverr.com/terms_of_service https://www.Fiverr.com/support/Seller If you read all of this then you deserve a medal. 🏅 If you now think about it, take action and implement what all the great posts linked here suggest then then you deserve a medal AND to be successful! 🚀 As mentioned above this post doesn't cover everything, but does cover a lot of common issues / questions. Now it's on you to make the changes you need to be successful. GO DO IT!!!
  2. Hello, I am Supervik. My problem is I don't understand why my gigs are not ranking well in the search results. It will always show on the 5th page or beyond. Also I have done everything I could to experiments things but nothing seems to work. I have tried by editing Gig titles, search tags and description but nothing work for me. My profile - https://www.fiverr.com/supervik086 You can checkout some of the gigs from the above link and also see the attached screenshots. I need your help to analyze the problem I am facing and I know my category is oversaturated but I saw some new sellers getting there gig ranked on the 1st page. That makes me think I am working hard on my gigs from months but they just came and getting sales like crazy. Please dear fiverr seller I hope you understand and help me to become a better seller. Thanks.
  3. The Most Important Thing Which Most of the Sellers Ignores A common mistake done by new sellers is publishing a gig without proper description. Today I will talk about some of the mistakes and will try tell about what should you do. You see, if you want to sell something then you have to describe your product specialty to the customer. You have to make your customer understand that why your product is special in the market. Then he will convinced to buy your product. Exact same theory is applicable for your Fiverr gig. Buyer have to find something special in your gig description then he will convinced. Now, I am telling about some common mistakes the seller does with the gig: Doing copy/paste of someone else's gig description. Not introduce the service properly. This means lack of proper detail about your service. Don't offering special offer which is unique if you compare it with other gigs on your category. Doing grammatical mistakes. Many others are done by the new sellers. But these are some common mistakes. If you want to prepare a professional gig then you must avoid these mistakes. Here are some important things you must include on your gig description if you want to make it professional: Research other sellers gigs and get an idea on your mind. Plan about what you will include on your description and what will you avoid. Then write a rough sketch on a paper and revise it again and again. If you found any mistake make the correction. And while it's final then write the final one on your gig description. Include some special offers which aren't on other's gig description. For example: give 10 days after sales service, give special offer based on your service e.t.c. Try to write your service areas properly. I mean for example: I work as a web uiux designer. I have included my designing tool names, My delivery files details, My portfolio site link e.t.c. Do the same related your service. To avoid grammatical mistakes use Grammarly or similar extentions help. Use several columns to write your descriptions so that it don't look noisy. Hope my writings will help you a little bit. If you follow these words while writing your gig description hope your description will look professional. If you have any question please feel free to ask me on comment section. I will be happy to answer you! Next time I will try to talk about the pricing of the gig for the new sellers. Thanks a lot for your time! Tanim Ahamed UIUX Designer
  4. Dear expert sellers. I am on Fiverr since covid-19, however, I am unable to get orders continuously. I have made changes to my gigs several times but all in vain. Below, I am giving my gigs' links. https://www.fiverr.com/users/haseen84/manage_gigs/assist-in-statistical-data-analysis-visualization-in-excel-stata-spss/edit?step=0 https://www.fiverr.com/users/haseen84/manage_gigs/do-quantitative-data-analysis-interpretation-stata/edit?step=0 Please, if you can spare some time and give me some valuable suggestions/recommendation for the improvement of the gigs. Any help will be highly appreciated. Best!
  5. Many new sellers ask for my #1 tip. Even though, there is no one tip thats going to determine your success on Fiverr BUT if I had to pick one, it'll be offering 24 hour delivery. You'll climb the ladder much faster and you can also charge a premium. Bare in mind, 24 hour delivery is a strong commitment. Don't offer it if you can't keep up.
  6. when a buyer hire us at a first time we contact them friendly. At the started point We knows about the buyer, and then we ask them about them project and kind details. For Achieve a good order we build our gig smartly. we complete our order buyer satisfyingly and
  7. Hi everyone, I am new here and I wanted to know what are some useful things to know before you start off selling your services as an artist on fiverr. I make custom children's book illustrations and botanicals and would like some input from fellow artists here.
  8. Hello everyone, Today I'm sharing my level one achievement. My account age is only 2.5 months. But I complete the level one requirement. Every day I share my gig on social media platforms and post some topics on the Fiverr forum. Every day try to share your gig on different social media platforms a minimum of 50 times. Because If you share then your gig impression increase every day. If your impression increases. Then your gig ranks daily and increases click and you get more and more orders. My success gig marketing, and 24 hrs online and quick response client messages. Thanks Shermin
  9. Hello there, I am Noni Gopal Das. I'm new at fiverr. I just creat a new gig, but not get any order yet. How can I get my 1st order, please give me some suggestion. How can I become a successful seller on fiverr? I need help, please give me suggestion below. Thank you.
  10. Hello Guys Welcome Here! I wanna know that how I can Link Accounts to withdrawl my Earning to my Paypal or savings (Bank) Account? What are the Steps? Hope I will get the answer soon. Thanks.
  11. Hi i hope every one is fine and in good health.SInce my comeback from last 1 month on fiverr back i am not getting orders.Even i am responding on time and sending requests properly but cant get any thing.So i hope you can suggest me with some tips. Thanks alot annakocsis
  12. I am new to fiverr I hope very soon I can do something. Good fiverr freelancer dream come true place
  13. Dear all, What should I do if someone wants to design duplicate government ID or vaccine card, driving licence etc.? May i design duplicate one? What is the guidelines... Thank you.
  14. I have created my fiverr account a few months ago but didn’t get any chances to work on fiverr. Need to start it from zero. I Have skill on wordpress based websites, themes and plugins. Need suggestion from senior freelancer. Thank you.
  15. Hello everyone, First time posting a question in the Forum. I am new to Fiverr and I am setting my first Gig. I analyzed some Gigs from Fiverr's Top Rated Selles. I just wanted to get a feeling of how these sellers are presenting their work in the sample portfolio. I have noticed two different sample work formats I am interested in. Some of these are presented as an image and some have a scroll down feature, also they say view the presentation at the top. I wonder how to upload this presentation when sending a delivery to a customer, so I can guarantee that if the customer chose to upload the sample work to the live portfolio it will appear as this presentation mode. If this is not the right way to solve a question I apologize, I am new to the Forum as well. If someone can point out where to leave questions I will appreciate it. Good day for y'all, Matt Carmona.
  16. How to Compete Order on Fiber. Order Processing On Fiverr 1. When the client orders you, you will receive a notification via fiber. 2. When ordering you will see a watch within how much time you need to finish the job. 3. When you receive the order, you will understand everything and give a thank you message. 4. Start to work. If you do not want to work, go to Visit the Resolution Center to Declined the order. 5. If the work is more or more complicated than you can tell the client to take more extras. Okay 6. Click the Deliver Your Order button to send the file when finished. 7. The client will review your work and let you know if there is any connection. 8. Now your order is done. Thank you so much for read this topic.
  17. I recently joined Fiverr maybe three weeks ago, what are some ways to get your services found by more people?
  18. Today I am complete 1100 order in my one Year Fiverr journey..
  19. How to get response on each buyer request? Keep following things in mind Understanding the request and try to write it in your response Put your strategy how would you do it for the buyer Make sure to mention some of questions even if you understood everything, don’t just say that you got it and you can do it Mention some of similar examples or at least a few links from your past work. Don’t use portfolio links from someone else Make sure to use a polite language and try to greet at the start and end. Mention your name at the end of request Don’t just send a generic message to everyone If You are Newbie, then Create a portfolio on flickr/behance. Make a powerful portfolio and for starting, you can share your portfolio because you have not done any previous work. After you get some orders, start sharing your previous work links Just Sending the template is not good. Give time to buyer request and it will attract many Buyers
  20. Hi I'm new Seller On Fiverr. But I don't no which l look at is doing Increase the Sell? Please Help all seller Help me for your advise. Thank you all Seller:) sakhawtgraphic
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