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Found 19 results

  1. What is your worst experience as a seller with Buyers? Have you encountered Buyers that have troubled you so much?
  2. Hi Everyone, It's been 6 years of journey in Fiverr. But I have a suggestion that may be helpful for sellers. I noticed that sometimes buyers buy gigs without contacting or understanding the project details. They don't see the gig details properly so the amount of work with payment differ a lot. At that time the only way for sellers is to cancel the job. But if you cancel the rating of Order completion will be decreased a lot that affects seller level. My suggestion is to please include a facility for the seller to accept/reject the task whenever a buyer purchases without contact. So both seller and buyer can understand about the task can be complete or not. I hope this will be very helpful for sellers to maintain level. Thank you
  3. Hi anyone else also facing the problem? Buyer requests not showing.
  4. Hello Everyone. Hope you all doing great 💝 Today a buyer (she is also a level one seller) message me to help her in her REACT project. Within few minutes, I was happily send her a beautiful message with a big YES 🤩. But I got a pop-Up notification "🛑unable to send your message" my message was not send. Then I noticed that she is unavailable. For that reason I couldn't reply to her. BUT the main problem is here. Now I can understand her unavailability, but my ⏲️ clock doesn't want to.🥲 Its just increasing the response time. Now tell me what I can do? Is there any way to stop the clock ? She will be available after 1 month, should I send him the response after one month? 🥴 Or if there is any other solutions feel free to suggest me. Thank you. Nazmul.
  5. Hello! When a buyer/client comes in the inbox after sending a buyer request, how to convince the buyer to buy your service. Also, How can I assure him that my service is perfect for him? And which words should use to welcome the client?
  6. Hello everyone! I've come across this particular buyer request recently. To my utter surprise, more than 20+ offers have been sent for this fu***ng long tiring task. Sellers are digging their graves with their own hands. Period.
  7. Hey everyone ! So i ordered custom Gig after long discussions of 2-3weeks finally i placed the order ,in the conversation i asked him about “EXTENSION” SELLER :what does that means , After that he delivered the custom GIG and it was “python script “ And Not A “Extension”And to setup Script it took more 2Weeks bcz sometimes I don’t have time and sometimes seller doesn’t have time After setting up Python Script i asked him “This is Not Extension “ It is Script” Seller : pay some extra “$” and i will make Script into Extension !! I paid again some $$ and it took him 4-5 days more after that to setup that extension more 1WEEK went and SELLER Is like This is Not possible to Make give Me Another Project i will manage your Money In that Project , I asked him What about Money that i paid for script, Bcz the script is Not Even working , Seller has Told me that he will fixed But it’s been 2 days he is Not Even replying To My Message (This whole Things Is about 2Months ) please suggest what should i do ,1) should i asked for Refund ? 2) leave 1 star ratting ? Please suggest
  8. How do I manage my orders coming in so they 'queue' properly - i.e. the countdown for the order doesn't start until the previous order is delivered? At busy periods, I can only really do one order at a time. So I limit my queue to 0 and have to reject a lot of customers in private messages. Sometimes they are willing to wait, and then I have to awkwardly tell each of them when approximately I will have delivered the previous order, but if they don't get in there first as soon as my Gig becomes open again, then I have to increase the queue to 1, and ask them to order again, and with conversations happening across time zones the cycle continues, and I'm stuck with multiple orders simultaneously. Even with 'direct link active' an order manages to sneak through sometimes, and then I don't want to cancel them, because that hurts my completion rate, and feels a bit rude. Or, I totally pause the Gig and then the current customer can't request extras etc., and I feel my listing must be hurt with the constant pausing and unpausing, but maybe I don't mind too much about that. I also don't want to extend my standard 3 day delivery time, (and 1 day Extra fast) because it wouldn't be an accurate advert for when I have 0 orders in the queue. How do other sellers manage this problem? Is there a feature or a workaround?
  9. I have a buyer's order. Half the work is done. But I can't finish the other half because the page number of the buyer's word document file is random. He said he would send me the word file and then I would do the rest. But even after knocking the buyer many times, I can't get any reply. Meanwhile, the delivery time ends today. What should I do now?
  10. I asked buyer that this project will take at least one week to be completed but He gave me 2 days at that I accepted, Now project was being late. I cancelled it... Will it effect my business?
  11. One of a seller give me a buyer request, I can't reply him in time due to network problem, In this circumstance how I recover my response rate, thank you.
  12. Hello Fiverr users, I hope all of you are doing great. I want to share a story with you and have some question for you guys. Please try to help me. I am a professional graphic designer as a result my expertise are photo editing , vector tracing, print design etc. So, I have gigs on these sector. I can edit simple video too. But I do not have any gig regarding Video editing . One of my regular client ask me to edit her video . Question: 1. Can I sell video editing service by my photo editing gig? 2. Does fiverr allow this? 3. Is it harmful for my fiverr career? Thanks Pratik
  13. Hello everyone! Ishtiaque Anowar here, new guy in the form family 😅 Give me some tips about Fiverr and how to earn money fast and how to survive in it 😬 thanks in advance if you give tips 😅. So, I can do better in doing in Fiverr 😄 Hoping a warm welcome is this Forum Family😬 Here's my gig if you want to check out : https://www.fiverr.com/share/3KgA7A
  14. I want to know about the FAQ on Fiverr...hope I will get the right info about that?
  15. One of my buyers asks me to sign NDA and it required my Personal information (full name and Signature, etc.) Sending such details in NDA would lead my account to get suspended? If not, how could I deal with such a situation? Thank you very much.
  16. Hi I know most Requests get 50-100+ offers on them when posted. I understand this creates harder competeion and makes it less likely for people to reply to you. I'm trying to reach 10 commissions to get my first review in the hopes it'll make it easier to get work. I started working on my fiver account Jan 2020. Will it even make it easier to get work once I have a review? Is the fiverr market too saturated with sellers? If I'm struggling to get orders how are new sellers doing? Why is the fiverr market place full of people trying to scam you? Out of the 7 orders I've done I've had one person try and tell me they'll only be paying half of the agreed price once the work was complete. (I had to try an contact fivver to ammend this and sort this out) I've also had people message me and ask to plagrise others work and had people ask me to do things for free. Out of my 7 orders Only 4 of my 7 orders came from anwsering requests. The rest was a repeated buyer and a friend. Should I open more gigs in the hopes I might fit in a more needed work area? I'm really unsure on how to continue with fiverr. I anwser to requests every day I can and try and personalise each request yet it seems that I'm wasting time when I get no responseses or work from doing this weeks on end. I've even tried to under cutting my pricing. I don't know how to move forward or make it worth while to continue on fiverr does anyone have any suggestions.
  17. Hi there, My name is Rafał and i have been user on fiver about a one year. During this time i was posting many gigs. I mainly specialized in graphic design and website development but also i have been doing some electronic music. After one year i got zero sells. I try to change price make another gigs but nothing happen. During this year i received messages from a bots and fake account. btw hire is my portfolio: https://wroblewski.no/ Why this site is not working?
  18. Hi dear sellers, My Problem ⚠️ I open a ticket 3 month ago because I was facing a problem to see fewer buyer request and outdated too after achieving level one. I achieved level one in just 2 months and found all my clients through buyer request. Before getting level one buyer request working normal for me. CS Behaviour CS team responded to me, there is a technical problem with your account and our tech team will respond and resolve your problem. 3 months are passed but Fiverr Tech Team not resolved my problem yet or even respond and my ticket is still open. I just lose my business and I'm thinking to "SAY NO TO Fiverr" We are working on Fiverr and providing 20% fees for Fiverr maintenance and our account too. My questions are: 1) Is there anyone, who faces the same issue or same CS behaviour? 2) Is the Fiverr CS team careless to support sellers? 3) Who handles complaints after CS failure?
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