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Found 2 results

  1. Today is the 25th of February and it marks exactly one year since I created my seller account on Fiverr. I thought it would be a good opportunity to reflect on this journey and share my experience with you. ✍️ After setting up my profile and my first gig, it took me about two weeks to receive my first order. To my surprise, the client wasn‘t exactly asking for what I was offering, but after some researching and trying different things, I managed to find a solution and deliver what they needed. This order as well as a few others made me realize that there‘s demand for a service that I could provide but wasn‘t focusing on. I changed my gig entirely, started learning additional software, and polished my profile regularly. 👷‍♂️ As you can see from my analytics, in the first three months (starting on February) I was barely getting any orders or making money. In fact, I was at a loss, since I invested in different software which would enable me to deliver my orders to a higher standard. ⬆️ In June, orders seemed to pick up a bit and in August I earned more than a minimum wage in Lithuania while working on Fiverr part-time. This was a great achievement for me and proof that Fiverr has the potential to be a substantial income stream if utilized correctly. 💼 In the same month, I received my first negative review, followed by a second negative review on the same day. I was distraught. I turned to the forum and found great advice from experienced sellers on how to act in this situation. My overall review score dropped to 4.7 and for the next two months, I felt the consequences of that day. 📉 Needless to say, it was a learning experience. In October, I managed to climb back to a 4.9 review score, in November my gig was chosen for a Fiverr's choice badge and in December I reached level 2 and had the most successful month up to this day. 🚀 In early January I uploaded a video to my gig. I felt confident that I can offer a better quality service than most of my competitors and raised my prices. I let my returning clients know that their next order would be discounted to make the transition a bit smoother. 🧈 Right now I‘m finishing up my main gig (designing a portfolio PDF for the gig gallery) and slowly working on additional gigs. My plan for this year is to further develop my skills, do lots and lots of market research, and have at least 3 fully fleshed-out gigs by the end. ✔️ Throughout this journey, I was an active member of the forum and it has been an invaluable experience for me. From dealing with difficult clients to mental health issues, I knew that there would be people here who are willing to help and give advice. For that, I am very grateful and I hope we can continue the meaningful conversation going despite the problems this forum has been facing. 💖 Overall, Fiverr has been a great experience so far and I get excited thinking of ways I can and will improve. I still have lots to learn, but for some reason, I feel calm about the future. 😎 Do you guys have interesting stories from your own time on the platform? I would be very curious to learn how you got started, grew, and achieved the goals you set out for yourselves. 😉 Here‘s to our future goals and achievements! 🏆
  2. Can fiverr restrict your messages to a particular buyer? this is my second time work with a buyer . they were happy with the work I submitted ,hence gave me a tip. but when I send message there are no replies from the buyer. I am afraid if my message delivered to them. i thanked them for the tip and said hoping to work again soon. is it possible fiverr restricted these messages?
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