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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. Now days cyber security is a big challenge, each day we face problems related to technology, sometimes our profile gets hacked or banned , sometimes our devices has virus. We know our fiverr profile is a sensitive profile, but bad guys are out everywhere. sometimes two factor verification in many social media platforms aren't working, though we have trust on fiverr, it concerns me about fiverr bank account and income details security. if my mobile phone OTP doesn't work , how to recover from this damage? Thanks in advance everyone.
  2. Two days ago I got an email from Fiverr CS that "We have reasons to believe your device, as well as your Fiverr account, may have been compromised due to malware.As a security measure, withdrawing will not be possible on your account at the moment. This email is sent to you with a goal to assist you to secure the account and support you continue doing business as usual." After that they asked me to scan my system for malware and send us Screenshots of Antivirus scans so they can further review my account. I did that, got reply that matter has been sent to relevant team to further review. It's been more than 48 hours and still I'm not getting any update, my withdrawals are blocked. I sent them message to update me for which I got a reply that we will update you as soon as it is resolved. What should I do? How long it will take? did someone else experience this in past? I'm really worried about it as my withdrawals are blocked and it's affecting my performance on ongoing projects. Please help.
  3. Today I woke up and as a good freelancer I entered to check orders and see how my promoted gigs were progressing. I found that in one of the messages a ''Woman'' from the United States wrote me, very kindly greeting me and leaving me her contact number via whatsapp, I replied via fiverr's message box and whatsapp to facilitate the potential client a comfortable communication. When we started talking he sent me a PDF document which was an instruction to translate, but the curious thing is that he wanted me to translate something from English to my native language, he did not care what my native language was, at that point I started to smell bad, under the instructions there were three projects, which varied in delivery date, words and money (which here is the curious thing to highlight in this case) in the money appears a really high amount for a translation of a few words but next to it, appears a ''cash on delivery insurance''. When I asked about this insurance, he told me that for their security (he was talking about several people) the freelancer should send him that money so that they could be sure that the work would be done and that the stipulated time would be met. I refused and told her that to avoid these inconveniences fiverr always serves as an intermediary guaranteeing the service, money and time, she told me that she did not want fiverr as an intermediary making the excuse that they are very ''expensive'' the commissions of the platform, I again invited her to do the work through fiverr, that although there were commissions protected us both, she as a buyer and me as a seller, she incistia that no, that to work with her I should choose a PDF project and pay her ''cash on delivery insurance'' and she should send me the work, in the end I told her that I did not want to work with her, because fiverr partners does NOT make any sense that you pay a buyer to start working, this is very illogical and although I have no proof, most likely these are possible scams, I ask you to avoid unpleasantness, do not work outside fiverr because you can have your work safe and the buyer's product. I hope it serves as a reference and do not be scammed. Thanks for reading.
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