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Found 10 results

  1. I'm a bit lost here. Can you help me? Since Nov 15th, I got the option for promoted gigs for a certain gig and have been using that ever since then. Had great impressions, clicks, and orders. Also, when searched using the two main keywords of my gig, the gig appeared within 1st two rows of the first page when searched. Since Dec 30th, my gig has appeared on the last search page, when searched with the keywords. However, the funny part is that my gig is still active under the 'promoted gigs' tab, and they still charge me daily. I'm not getting new orders, and impressions/clicks have dropped. I contacted them and raised a support thread. They are not replying me for three days straight. Please, can someone help me understand what's going on? It's fine by me that they need to rotate my gig and place it last, but still charging me the same under 'promoted gigs' is not ethical then, isn't it? Thanks in advance! P.S.: I'm a level 2 seller with a 100% rating on everything - (response rate, order completion, on-time delivery). Also, I only have 5-star reviews, amounting to a total of around 50.
  2. Working for 2+ years with repeat clients, no new client knocks even after gig seo as possible, maybe couldn't do it properly, impressions are poor performing while giving quality work to repeat clients. Suggestions from experts are highly appreciated.
  3. Hello, I hope someone can help me. I've been trying to reach out to fiverr support but I just keep on getting the same message from them. Few days ago, my gig got deranked from the first page to the 6th page after I edited my gig's description. I'm okay with it, not until after more than a week, I keep on getting 0 impressions (take note that I am receiving new orders from new buyers, so there is no way I get 0 impressions) I reported it to the support team. Luckily, after creating a ticket, the impressions got updated. But today and yesterday. I noticed that I don't received new messages anymore. I tried searching my gig and it is nowhere to be found even in "local sellers". I reached out to support team again, then I keep on receiving the same message that my gig is active and searchable, but IT IS NOT. I asked my friends to search my gig too, but they cannot find it anywhere on fiverr as well. Is there anyone here who can help me? I need real agent to answer my question on the ticket, but I think I'm just receiving an automated message and they are marking it as "SOLVED" already. It's so frustrating. Please help. My gig has 19 5 star reviews and one of the "best selling" on my niche. but now I cannot find it anymore.
  4. How to rank my gig on the first page on the Fiverr search result page...?
  5. My gig not showing while searching even i can't see by filtering online seller option. I was looking for problem where is happening. After all today i got the problem maybe. I noticed in my profile setting, online green light is not showing(attached image1). When i reload my setting tab online green light is showing(attached image2). Now my gig is online showing. If i close the setting tab in web browser and reopen, my online green light sign is not showing. That's mean i can't find my gig in searching again. I'm a level 2 seller and i noticed my sell decreaed so high from the month of april. I thought it is maybe Fiverr's algorithm issue that is rotating all sellers gig to maintain balance distribution between all sellers. You know my family survive with my freelancing work only. So, could you please check me out here, I will be honored?
  6. As a new seller why i can't find my gig on fiverr search ? Is it ok ?
  7. Hey guys, so recently I experienced quiet a big drop in my impressions. Usually 200-300 impressions than suddenly it started dropping, I thought at first okay not a lot of people are looking for product descriptions but this kept going. Even after SEOing the gig, it went up a bit but eventually never returned to where it was before and it keeps dropping up and down. one day 150, then 0 then 45 than 60 and so on.... One day im position 1-4 on page 1, the other day hidden on page 3-4, then position 12-16. I used to rank no.1 for product copy, somehow I went to page 2. idk how. Lately I also discovered something really really off. Whenever I am "online" and search in incognito for my gig with "online sellers" I am not able to find my gig in the search results. (See the video), contacted support with the same issue, no reply just yet. The Green dot showing online is there but when I filter for online sellers, I am not being shown even though I am connected to fiverr both on pc and phone. I am actively promoting my gig on social media, forums and fiverr, yet somehow fiverr keeps pushing me back. Can anyone explain me how this is supposed to work like that or what the bloody issue is? This is really frustrating as I was getting some serious gains and kept multiplying my revenues than this happened. 1446643944_ScreenRecording2022-03-29at8_47_10PM.mov
  8. I made a gig in a niche subject and was receiving high ranking, I'm taking about first or second place in the results even upon typing in one word. I was getting a decent number of impressions, given I'm new here and clicks too!! Then one day I changed my gig preview image and the gig disappeared. I searched here for answers and figured that it can happen when changing images and people recommended waiting for 24 hours. However, nothing happened and I still can't see it. I tried making some changes in the title because it worked for someone else.. but it didn't work for me. Please offer me some advice. Should I wait it out.. or delete the gig and create a new listing of the same?
  9. Hi, I want to learn how people are finding my profile and which queries they have done to click on a gig. Is it possible to Know which keywords did people search, matching with my gigs, which demographics and channels funneled their searches ?
  10. I have over a hundred orders. If I want to find a previous order from several months ago, I must manually "load more" over and over until I locate it.
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