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Found 10 results

  1. I have a buyer(A) that I reached to via buyer requests. He described what he wanted and I said I can make it, he replied that the order will be placed by his friend(B). I agreed and an order was placed by B. When I delivered the product to B, A told me to send the files directly to him but I told him that I was waiting for B to accept the delivery of the order first as I was afraid that B would cancel the order. A said that I don't have to worry and he wouldn't cancel and urged me to send the files as he cannot talk to B. Seems sketchy to me.
  2. So I'm not entirely sure what the deal is with the buyer request page being populated with nothing but bait scams for the better part of the entire last month. Why am i not seeing any legitimate requests from actual people and not bots? Is the dev team at fiverr.com even aware of this situation and if they are what have they been doing about it since the many weeks this problem has persisted and when can i expect a return to normalcy? Regards, Arslan.
  3. Hi everybody… i had experience in this month about suspicious chat that asking me to do the order without knowing the brief. It comes from 2 new account, 1 from UK and 1 from HK. They offer same things, they want to share their client with 40% commission for them payed in crypto right after the order is close with *5 rating. When i ask them about what i need to do, they just answer just send 2 random pictures to complete the order. I dont know how it works and what is this for… but my account got 2 new clilent like that. Is that a money laundry? Do anybody have same experience with me?
  4. Hello everyone, So recently a buyer quote me on a gig to talk about his work (UI Design) and we discussed everything in detail and was discussing pricing at the end, The calculated pricing for his work was $50 but he was very tight with his budget so he refused so I asked his budget and offered an exception for him. His budget was around $25 and I agreed to 10 screens and asked him to order on that $25 standard package but for some reason he browse to my other gig related with same work and ordered 10$ package which was also named standard package but was whole different gig. So I mentioned it to him that it's the wrong gig and he said "start the work I will give you tip" and I though maybe he made a mistake and will give me the amount that I agreed ($25). So after finishing work after 22 hours I deliver the work with 13 screens which is extra to fulfill his work requirements for that tight budget. I asked for anything close to $30 is fine as he is on a budget, So after some time he accepted the work and added $5 tip. I was in shock and realized that he won't pay for the work not even up to his budget he mentioned for the work ($25), Instead I received $15 and further he added that he might want revision later and then I explained to him that he ordered from the wrong gig and I mentioned that to him before starting the work but he refused to pay and probably blocked me as it says "username" not accepting any messages and I was unable to visit his profile. So, Things I want to know after this experience: Was canceling the order the better option and if yes won't it affect my profile ranking and gig ranking? Was completing the work based on gig requirements the better option and if yes the buyer will not receive what he is searching for and probably leave a bad review for buyer's mistake of choosing the right gig, Is that fair? Is showing kindness and giving out extra free work for buyers a bad trait on Fiverr? This was a heartbreaking experience for me, I would love to hear your thoughts and tips on this to improve myself so that I can stay away from these incidents. Thank you for taking your precious time and reading my post, Stay Safe.
  5. Hey The client emailed me that he would give me a check to my friend in US then we would start the project.Another thing is that his account on fiver r has been deleted or he has done it. Isn't this a scam?
  6. So i have made 2 orders with a seller the sales as stated in the ticket include 3 months service this guy did the service then took it back after I gave him a review so it lasted 1 week of the 3 months paid for on 2 different orders the seller then agnolaged that he still owed service asked me to send the info again and when I did he blocked me I believe I don’t know how to contact support
  7. New type of scam, i will explain it simply. and this can cause your seller account blocked if you get this 3x in a week or month. after this chat of being afraid of additional payments, the buyer "mistakenly" pressed complete instead of revision, i have made it clear to press revision, i don't know why he press complete. but fine, i will keep working and send it through email and chat. (first picture of message) after that i sent the work through wetransfer.com for big files. it was NFT animations, 3 scenes, 2 characters, full background, for only $55 super cheap and fast, please see gmail screenshot, cyber botan also has downloaded the files. soon, he reported to fiverr he was tricked for completing the order when the file is not complete. of course, the job wasn't done right there, and i have sent it through wetransfer.com, he has the file, but HE REPORTED THE FILE IS NOT COMPLETE Now who is fiverr gonna trust? the buyer ofcourse. in just a few chats with no solution, the fiverr team decided it is my mistake, cancelled the order, and sent the money back to buyer, left me a warning. Summary, 1. i got an order 2. buyer pressed complete mistaking it for revision 3. buyer got his files from gmail or other platform 4. buyer reported i scammed him, misusing complete button, and not sending full files. 5. fiverr will give you warning, take your money back, and ur left alone in this cold world. Last screenshot is Pavel from supports. He replied just almost the same with everyone. He was the third person i talked too, first was named Uro i believe. they doesn't care if the buyer is the one who pressed complete, like, how can i press complete it's on the buyer's side ?? but yeah, soon after that reply, order cancelled, buyer get the money back, and his file delivery from wetransfer.com through email, and i get nothing but a warning, which the third one will get me banned. thank you soooo much thank you, i hope this is clear enough, i hope this does not happen to you guys. fiverr help will also don't care about this situation apparently.. i have contacted them multiple times. God bless you all. fiverr : anofritz3D, if i am gone within few days, acknowledge how dangerous this scam is, and i hope you all are safe.
  8. What to do as a seller if the buyer cheats after placing an order?
  9. I'm a new freelancer, meaning I've been receiving a lot of scammers wanting me to work with them. I've been avoiding all of them (saying I don't accept payment or contact outside fiverr, then blocking them). But today I got a message from a person with no reviews (joined in this month), already sus. She wants me to : "U have to complete 10 surveys it will not take more than 1 hour. U have to enter email id and zip code and then u have to answer some questions". She haven't mentioned anything else or wanted contact outside, etc. What should I do then? Is it okay to provide email and zip code through a survey?
  10. Today's dilemma? Dealing with a buyer who is using a fraudulent 'purchased' account. They've essentially taken all of 30 minutes to look over a 10,000 word book, declaring that it is garbage and that there is nothing I can do to fix it. Incredible! 🤣 Looking at their reviews, they are all replications from either the same person, or containing similar wording. Can you say 'fake account!?' So what they've done is pay for an order, decline delivery under the false pretense that I didn't deliver on the proverbial goods, and they're probably going to sell it. Or worse - they were commissioned by someone else under a separate seller account, and they're trying to sub-contract the work when they can't even afford to. Utter nonsense. Sellers are stuck between a rock and a hard place, I tell you.
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