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Found 12 results

  1. My first order was a mess, He asked me i could code something for him, and i told him i could do only one part of it. We agreed on 20, but he later lowered it to 10. I also got to know he had to deliver it to someone else, he was getting 100 for it. But for my first order i didnt Care. Then he placed the order, previous was discussed before the order placement. So i had already finished it(Keep in mind i worked a week on this, cuz he changed it every day.), so i deliver it instantly. But the dat after he sent a revision request, which said he wanted some features. After i asked what, he avoided the question, and i asked if it was good or not, and he said yes. So i deliver thé same file again, and said he shouldnt just ask for a revision for no reason. But the dat after it happened again. So i once again sent him a message, and thé same happened. I was pretty pissed at that Point, but i remained friendly. The dat after he gave a cancel request, and i just accepted because i didnt want to go on with that mess, but i didnt know what negative influence it had on my account. Turns out he cancelled because the person he had to deliver to also cancelled, he said. But he has my code so i just feel scammed. Is my fault, and has anyone Else had similar experiences? Would love to hear your stories or advice.
  2. I am a web designer. Today I sent a buyer request. I was contacted by three buyers. All three had the same message. They were asking me to contact them on gmail. When I contacted Gmail, their message was the one I attached. This has happened to me before and that was the message they sent. I don't understand what it is. If there is a scam, how to report it?
  3. Hey there, I will try to keep this civil even though that issue has been making my blood boil and I am usually as calm as it gets. I have been using Fiverr over a year, I have 43 completed gigs and my rating has been 5 stars all the way, I always go above and beyond to make sure my clients are happy with the services I provide ( 3D art ). I always follow the rules, remind people that I cannot take payments out of Fiverr, use materials I own the commercial rights to etc. Recently I had this client that came in and wanted me to work "his way". That meant that he had no clear idea of what the piece was, but that through lots of back and forth we would get to create the piece. I will skip the hell that this has put me through, I just bought that bullet and learned that I should have communicated better on that. After 50 hours of work we finally got to the final version. I deliver the files that were agreed to. Now instead of closing the gig, he asked me for the 3D source files of the project. Until that point we had never agreed to me sharing these files if I were to finalize the gig. I tend to not share them as they contain all of my workflow, and if I do I charge 25% of the gig. But because I refused to deliver them right there and now with the final piece, he reported my account, and to my ( burnt out ) minds surprise, Fiverr immediately gave him reason. 50 hours of work, unpaid, my account freezes and I cannot message people. It has been 5 days and no one in the support is getting back to me. I have very clear proofs that the situation happened as I am explaining it, everything is written in our messages. How do I proceed to fix this mess ? Again this has been over a year of work playing by the rules and getting treated that way has been really rough. If anyone has been in a similar situation feel free to share. Thanks.
  4. A buyer refunded an order that was completed once, and since then the orders pending don't go into my fiverr wallet but go into the "cancelled" orders tab, even if the order is completed and the buyer paid. is there something I can do about it or did I just work for free and there's no way I can get the money? Here are 3 orders, the one that got cancelled and two others that are completed but considered cancelled after the first one.
  5. I want to report about this user where he scam people with his service The deal was creating a game with custom asset design and custom game development in fiverr but he mention he need to a few amount of deposit to buy some plugins because fiver delay the release by 14 days and his rating not too bad. Also he agree the remaining payment will be done on fiver. So i believe him and start sending initial money to him outside. Once he receive the 1st money outside, his starting to show his true ugly evil character such as purposely delaying the project, changing the original work plan and blackmailing me not to continue the project unless i fund more money to him outside not in fiverr. To avoid seeing as a scam, he convince me to create custom offer in fiver as guarantee. Since i need this urgent, i accept the offer in fiver and send him another large amount of money outside to get it done. But as expected, he trick me again by delaying the project so long and at the end giving me a cheap template he bought from market and claim he create from scratch. the template cost only 60usd and i already paid it him outside 500usd. i even try to negotiate with him to return some amount of my money because i want the design from scratch not template used by someother. Even the game asset source template were not given to me and he got his 500usd easily. Although i did get my little money from the custom offer from fiver, but the lost was too much and he gets away so easily and manipulate me by playing victim in the project. The most disappointment part is till now Fiverr still don't ban this devil's service and still seeing he got other orders from other buyers. Can anyone out there help me Punish this scammer before he trick other people too. Can anyone help? i have all the evidence on telegram chat and receipt that payment have been done. I heard Fiverr are best in protecting their buyer but this issue they seems to take me for granted
  6. Hey The client emailed me that he would give me a check to my friend in US then we would start the project.Another thing is that his account on fiver r has been deleted or he has done it. Isn't this a scam?
  7. So i have made 2 orders with a seller the sales as stated in the ticket include 3 months service this guy did the service then took it back after I gave him a review so it lasted 1 week of the 3 months paid for on 2 different orders the seller then agnolaged that he still owed service asked me to send the info again and when I did he blocked me I believe I don’t know how to contact support
  8. So Jan 15, a buyer approaches me to make 5 game levels and asked me to give regular updates. So I worked on it while giving him regular updates on each level and asked him if he liked it to which he said yes. Now today , day of delivery , I delivered it to him and now he is suddenly saying "my team changed the idea, we dont want it , we want something else". Oh and to be precise, he wants new 11 different levels for the same price . So not only he doesn't want to pay me for the work he made me do for so long, he now wants me to work even more levels than before. I have refused by saying politely to accept the delivery for which you made me work . Honestly , I am feeling so sad , And the fact that he is in full power, all he has to do is just cancel the order and that's it. What do I do now?
  9. Hello - i ordered an nft project from xxxxxx is in october. i asked him to make 100 nfts with a 1 month deadline. he sent me 20 nfts that looked amazing and told me the order would take longer than expected. he told me i would need to mark the order as completed and that he would complete my order if i gave him another month. so i waited another month and he further kept bouncing back excuses why he couldnt get to my order and that he needed time.. its now January and everything i did for this nft project has pretty much crumbled because he was taking too long and kept giving me excuses as to why he couldnt get to my order. i asked him to refund my purchase for the net that he did and what was remaining to be fair but instead he BLOCKED ME! it says he is no longer accepting messages at this time... what should i do!? because this i spent alot of money that he scammed out of! i also have pictures of our conversation...
  10. A returning buyer placed an order for two articles. After the order was delivered, it was automatically marked as complete. A couple of days before the money was supposed to be cleared, the buyer contacted me saying they were dissapointed with the work. I offered to rewrite any parts of the articles they didn't like but they denied that and cancelled the order. Right now, I can see that even though they canceled the order, they posted one of the articles on their blog. Is there anything I can do about it? I offer option for 500 words articles and 1000 words articles, and they chose the option for an 1000 world article but they specified within that order that they would need 2 500 words articles on different topics . They still haven't published the second article as of now, but I'm sure they will be doing so.
  11. New type of scam, i will explain it simply. and this can cause your seller account blocked if you get this 3x in a week or month. after this chat of being afraid of additional payments, the buyer "mistakenly" pressed complete instead of revision, i have made it clear to press revision, i don't know why he press complete. but fine, i will keep working and send it through email and chat. (first picture of message) after that i sent the work through wetransfer.com for big files. it was NFT animations, 3 scenes, 2 characters, full background, for only $55 super cheap and fast, please see gmail screenshot, cyber botan also has downloaded the files. soon, he reported to fiverr he was tricked for completing the order when the file is not complete. of course, the job wasn't done right there, and i have sent it through wetransfer.com, he has the file, but HE REPORTED THE FILE IS NOT COMPLETE Now who is fiverr gonna trust? the buyer ofcourse. in just a few chats with no solution, the fiverr team decided it is my mistake, cancelled the order, and sent the money back to buyer, left me a warning. Summary, 1. i got an order 2. buyer pressed complete mistaking it for revision 3. buyer got his files from gmail or other platform 4. buyer reported i scammed him, misusing complete button, and not sending full files. 5. fiverr will give you warning, take your money back, and ur left alone in this cold world. Last screenshot is Pavel from supports. He replied just almost the same with everyone. He was the third person i talked too, first was named Uro i believe. they doesn't care if the buyer is the one who pressed complete, like, how can i press complete it's on the buyer's side ?? but yeah, soon after that reply, order cancelled, buyer get the money back, and his file delivery from wetransfer.com through email, and i get nothing but a warning, which the third one will get me banned. thank you soooo much thank you, i hope this is clear enough, i hope this does not happen to you guys. fiverr help will also don't care about this situation apparently.. i have contacted them multiple times. God bless you all. fiverr : anofritz3D, if i am gone within few days, acknowledge how dangerous this scam is, and i hope you all are safe.
  12. What to do as a seller if the buyer cheats after placing an order?
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