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Found 8 results

  1. Im just open my new account, and want to start my journey as a skilled seller, and i want to provide my services to people, but fiverr surprise me, they told me that i can't be a member on their platform and i can't sell my services their! The account is new people, i add my phone number, my email, add all the information, but they told me that. I want to sell my services on this platform, please help!
  2. Today I received a mail stating my account is flagged for using non-original content. As best of my knowledge, I have used all screenshots taken on my laptop and even a video is also created by me. But still my account is flagged for using non-original content. I can see on fiverr it has been written that, it will take an upward of 90 days. I'm also ready to wait. But do you think it will be worth waiting? I mean, is there any possibility that I get my account back? If anyone encountered with the same situation, can I know how much time you took and what were the decision made on your account. If no one has answers to this question, then I will make sure to continue this as a thread and I will add all possible updates given by fiverr, so that if someone encounters the same situation then he/she may know how it will go. As of now, I have accepted that I will lose my account for sure. As there is one stock image which I have downloaded from the internet and fiverr is not much onto seller side. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I offer piloting service on Fiver and unfortunately my gig got removed just now. I contacted customer service and they told me it's because my service category is in coaching sessions and I'm not suppose to play my client's account. Clearly, I never done coaching service and It was my mistake that I put it there. My gig is now denied and my account got restricted. I'm wondering if anyone has encountered the same problem before? It was all a misunderstanding so will they bring back my gig?
  4. My Fiverr Account Temporary Restricted For ID Verification Attempts. So, I already tell Fiverr Support. So how many days Wait for next chance? My account can recover again?
  5. Hello Community, My seller account with few funds got restricted during verification as Fiverr didn't accept/recognise my means of I.D. I have contacted the support team to futility as they only say I will be informed of any activity that goes on later on It is about 4months now. Is there any possibility it will be reopened and when?(if possible). Thanks
  6. I'm an application developer on fiverr and my account was recently restricted because their antivirus detected suspicious code in an exe file i sent to a customer even though it didn't contain any malicious code. I've sent exe files before on fiverr and it worked fine. What are the chances that i'll get my account back and how long will it take?
  7. 11th July my account hacked by hacker then hacker withdraw my pending money, and i inform to fiverr support, they support me lot and i get back my account. Be careful every one to open new client demo file. Happy freelancing.
  8. So as of last one month or so, i wasn't getting orders at all after my first order since three-four back just clicks and impression. i came on this platform for suggestions, explained, asked what i was doing wrong, shared my gig link and all. i got responses from some that viewed my gig telling me on how i could improve to start getting orders. I applied all those suggestions. Then almost immediately i started getting messages and the next day i had one order and the following also. lets just say ever since i have been busy delivering orders an within that month i made over $200. i want to thank those that helped me with their suggestions. As the money was increasing i got a notification from fiverr to verify my ID. I wish i could have researched how it was been done properly. i tried severally to verify but they couldn't. Now the only problem i am having is that fiverr restricted my account as i was not able to verify my ID in as much they gave me several chances to try again i kept failing. Now my account is currently restricted and under review. Please does anyone have an idea of how long it will take.? Plus will i ever get my account back? its over two weeks now since i couldn't verify my ID.
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