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Found 11 results

  1. New Year Started with a very sad Experience in Fiverr. 1st day of the year was a nightmare for me. Lot's of us experiencing the same problem. I know some of us did the wrong things because we were unware or didn't fully understood the policies. But our community leader is trying to help us to understand the policies & standards. As we've done wrong in the past ,we deserve to get a 2nd chance. Fiverr is our favourite marketplace ,we bangladeshi freelancers supports fiverr from our heart,so I think Fiverr should also support us this time.Beacuse although some of us did wrong but each one of us gave pure dedication to Fiverr. #reconsider_fiverr #restricted_account
  2. About a week ago I received a restriction for apparently violating the Fiverr TOS. Unbeknownst to me, Fiverr claim I have been flagged and restricted for 'manipulating the review system' - now I know this isn't the place to protest my innocence so i'll get on with my questions. 1. I am a relatively new seller and this is the first time anything like this has happened - Is it likely I'll just receive a warning or can my account get banned? 2. Is it likely I will come out of this unscathed? Or is a restriction pretty indicative that the Fiverr team will take action? Has anyone been restricted and then later discovered to have not violated the TOS? 3. If my account receives a warning, how does this affect my ranking and future on Fiverr as a seller? Does anyone have any experience with this? Can I continue to thrive on the platform with a warning? Thanks guys. I am in contact with the support team, but as always they cannot divulge much (if any) info about this.
  3. Hello, please let me give you an explanation about what had happened. The client wanted to see a sample. And the sample that I sent to him was an idea or concept and I never claimed it was mine. I sent him to show that such a concept could be implemented. Please un-restrict my account. So I can continue facilitating my clients. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, Akhtiar
  4. After receiving this mail , I just shocked . Because it was the one and only earning source of mine . My gig was about "I will fix you facebook business manager and ad account issues ASAP". As a result they told me that it's a prohabitted service but I saw many top rated selllers are providing this service as well. So, should I wait for their review ? or should I create a new account and start working on that? Thanks
  5. Hi guys, I am an ecommerce manager which means I need to be in contact with my clients based on work, I suggested a zoom call with one of my clients which I need to explain some problems on the store. I only did it because the client was not active on fiverr. After a day or two I noticed that all my gigs are deranked and are all at the last page on fiverr search. Can anyone give his/her opinion on what caused it and what can be done to solve it? As for the orders, I had all orders on fiverr from the client.
  6. Hi Dear Member My Account Temporary Restrict How To Resolve And How Take A Long Thanks
  7. Hello, My fiverr account is under review , a buyer asked me to send my discord, which i denied, and he also placed order of 100$ and demands 1000$ work, i am a game developer, and when i said you have to increase budget, he said i will contact fiverr else you do my work, i reported his message and on next hour my account is restricted, any chance to get it back? thanks
  8. Hi Fiverr Community Yesterday I got a Notification from Fiverr related to ID Verification, I entered My ID Card Front and Headshot Selfie with Proper Light, but Fiverr is unable to Verify my ID and In result Fiverr temporarily disabled my account I have tried to Communicate Fiverr Support but Still the issue is remained Is Anyone Knows how to resolve this Issue Best Regards Hamza
  9. Hello Community, My seller account with few funds got restricted during verification as Fiverr didn't accept/recognise my means of I.D. I have contacted the support team to futility as they only say I will be informed of any activity that goes on later on It is about 4months now. Is there any possibility it will be reopened and when?(if possible). Thanks
  10. Is there anyone got the account back after the third warning and restriction.. ??
  11. Hi, The fiverr is unbelievable really. The account was restricted before because of the scam buyer now the forum wont even login after several days attempt it just login somehow today and I believe after loging out this will be again the same. I can't believe fiverr is not even letting me login to my own account even after contacting the CS now the tickets kept closing 😂 like I am the one who is on fault instead of getting that scammer they will just do that to us we pay a fee to them from our projects and all yet the review of so called "relevant team" never came. With all that the forum wont let me sign in. If you encounter please share your thoughts. Thanks
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