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  1. Hello everyone, At this point, I seriously need an advice as I don't know what else is going on with my account and I'm at the point of giving up because fiverr is not really working for me. Since february 2022 I have been sending buyer request and I have sent over 1000 buyer request but I haven't gotten a single order and this is very very frustrating as I'm solely depending on this account and what that means is that I haven't made any money on fiverr yet. Please I need an honest and encouraging advice on what I can do. I'll apreciate everyones response. Thanks
  2. I can't see Buyer Request on buyer request page. What can i do now? I have 6 gigs on my profile. I already delivered 3 orders on Fiverr and got review last 2 month. I don't know why i can't show more buyer request. Please found the problem and tell me what can i do now. Link: www.fiverr.com/websiteyour
  3. How do i get clients, I have been in this space for a long time now
  4. So for the past day whenever I click on buyer request I see No requests found. And I'm not sure why, I posted my gig about 2 days ago and its in the category of social media marketing which is popular so I have no idea why there wouldn't be any request, if anyone knows please tell me because I need to solve this issue! Thanks. Picture of it what's happening!
  5. Hi fiverr seller! I don't know why some buyers asked me for revisions higher than that I state when I create the offer. Please, How I can limit them doing so. Thanks
  6. Still now i don't get any buyer request on my profile why ? Is this normal ?
  7. Dear fellow sellers, please tell me why I do not see applications from buyers?
  8. Hi. I received some offers and accidentally hit the remove button. Is there a way for me to find and restore that offer?
  9. Hi Experience Colleagues, Daẏā karē āmāra gigaṭā ēkaṭu cēka karē dibēna. Ē'i gigaṭā kēna rāṅka karachē nā. Tāchāṛā kōna bāẏāra rikuẏēsṭa āsēna. Daẏā karē āpanāra mulyabāna matāmata gulō tulē dharabēna ēbaṁ āmi kōna padakṣēpa nitē pāri? Dhan'yabāda https://Www.Fiverr.Com/share/32d9BB Please check my gig. Why this gig is not ranking. Moreover no buyer request came. Please share your valuable feedback and what can I do? Thanks https://www.fiverr.com/share/32d9BB Please check my gig. Why this gig is not ranking. Moreover no buyer request came. Please share your valuable feedback and what can I do? Thanks https://www.fiverr.com/share/32d9BB
  10. I've been in a fiverr for a long time. But my problem is that even if I go to the buyer request page, I don't see any buyer request.
  11. Hi, when i try to check buyer requests in " more -> Buyer requests " it is always empty and only message "No requests found." is found in the table. Is this normal or there is a problem with my gig?, by the way the filter is set to "All Subcategories". thanks,
  12. Dear All, Fiverr notify me for editing my old gig. Which have 4 reviews. After editing, there is no changes in impression and click. 48h hours have passed but same... What should i do? Does this affect on my other gig? Thank you
  13. hello there , im new to here , someone helpme out . why im not having buyer request ? but sometimes it shows me after i refreshed its gone within a second then no buyer request for a while for 2 to 5 hours .... why is that ? how to solve this
  14. Hello Freelancers! I've noticed that i am seeing buyer request very late , when i check the buyer request section, already 40-50 people have already sent the offers. It is not like that i am checking request late, i refresh buyer section every after 2 minutes. It was not like that, it is happening after i got promoted to Level 1 seller. Can anyone help me with this? TIA.
  15. Hello I'm new to Fiverr and my request is taking a bit to get approved, I had already made a request that was approved but then I deleted it because I fel it wasn't clear what I wanted. Is that the reason why it's taking more time?
  16. I have noticed that after promoted to Level 1 seller i am seeing old request from last two days. Also not seeing enough buyers request. I Contacted CS but it wasn't helpful. Any of you got any experience/Idea? TIA
  17. Recently i did'nt get buyer request. How can i ommit this problem and get buyer request ?
  18. last few week i can't see any kind of Br. so what should i do? let me suggest
  19. Pls, how can I post a gig request.
  21. Please solve this problem. please let me know
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