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Found 16 results

  1. Hi fiverr community! The buyer was not satisfied with my work and now asking for a refund. I have no balance in my fiverr account as I have withdrawn the money. The order was of $280. I said I can refund only $100. She says she will file a complaint to fiverr support about refund. As I have no money in my fiverr, what possibly will customer support do? I mean I have no balance so how will they refund it back to the buyer?
  2. Hi fiverr community! The buyer was not satisfied with my work and now asking for a refund. I have no balance in my fiverr account as I have withdrawn the money. The order was of $280. I said I can refund only $100. She says she will file a complaint to fiverr support about refund. As I have no money in my fiverr, what possibly will customer support do? I mean I have no balance so how will they refund it back to the buyer?
  3. Hi Everyone. By mistake, I have withdrawn money from Fiverr to PayPal. I have no PayPal account, instead of PayPal I just wanted to withdraw my money to my Payoneer account. kindly someone helps me and guide me on how to refund my money to my Fiverr balance and how long it will take to refund my money to my Fiverr balance. Remember PayPal is not available in my country.
  4. I had a client who asked me for a budget for a project of 4 silhuetes of humans with muscles on them. He asked for the delivery to be made on a SVG file and i assumed that would okay since he offered 100$ for it. The problem was that he made an initial order, saying that if he enjoyed the result of the first silhuete(which he paid 30$ for), he would continue the process. I worked on the first silhuete and the ammount of revisions he wanted to keep making and the fact that he didn't want the deliver in a single SVG file, but 1 SVG FILE FOR EACH SINGLE MUSCLE. I finished the order since we agreed on that, but i messaged him saying that now i would have to charge 100$ for the each one of the next three silhuetes because the ammount of time spent was way higher than i initually predicted because he didn't explain how precise he wanted things to be. Now he said that he wants a refund because he doesn't want to pay me the appropriate wage and he can't use the first silhuete without the other 3 being just like it, but i already did the work and delivered what he asked me, he even gave me a 5 star review on the order. Is fiverr going to take his side and give his refund anyways or is there hope for me? and if he refunds his order after already accepting it, will it destroy my gig ranking? I am really scared and i feel like i am being scammed, and the worst part is that i think fiverr will not only take the side of the scammer, but penalize me for it alongside that. I don't want to lose my gig ranking because of a client who is just ripping me off and i hope there is a light in the end of the tunnel here. Thanks for your attention.
  5. Hello everyone, I have a question regarding payment refund strategies. When my account was disabled, my pending clearance section contained a substantial amount. All of my earnings came from completed orders. I do not believe my account will be reactivated, and I received an email stating that I will receive a refund within 90 days. I would like to know whether pending clearance funds will also be refunded or only cleared funds. please assist
  6. A buyer refunded an order that was completed once, and since then the orders pending don't go into my fiverr wallet but go into the "cancelled" orders tab, even if the order is completed and the buyer paid. is there something I can do about it or did I just work for free and there's no way I can get the money? Here are 3 orders, the one that got cancelled and two others that are completed but considered cancelled after the first one.
  7. Hey! I explain this all in short. Recently, I work for a client and the first order is succesfully completed and he give me the best review he also send me his recorded video that how much he like the final result. Now he give me second order and client didn't explain properly what he wanted. I give him many different versions but he didn't like so I cancel the order and the second order funds is refund to buyer. But after day pass fiverr also give my first order money to the buyer which is already completed and I have 5 star rating. I don't know why this happen. Can anybody tell me about this?
  8. Sometimes client ask for to give him partial refund. But there is no way to do it. I think Fiverr should add this feature. What do you think?
  9. Hello, I had given an order of Affiliate link promotion last week, and he completed the promised clicks, so I got excited and accepted the work. But then in my link tracker, I found out that all the clicks came from same device, which means those are bot clicks. Can I now cancel the order and get the refund?
  10. hello, I was working with a client for her website and after some revisions, she went offline so i did complete the work depending on the feedback and marked the order delieverd. now it's been a month now and she is asking for refund but i worked hard for it for almost 7 days so i don't want her to take my work for free after a month. I am ready still ready to make changes but she just want the refund. What can i do in this situation? Is there any way she can claim the refund. i have already withdrawn the money to my bank but i am afraid. Please help
  11. Hi to everyone, I received a refund from a canceled order and it is already visible on my Fiverr balance, I want to spend this money on my PayPal account, but the dashboard does not show me the balance to be able to withdraw it is a matter of time or other steps need to be taken ? Thanks in advance for your answers
  12. Hello guys I really need your help here I order job from some seller here about build my Facebook and Instagram business page 5 days ago. I was suppose to be 3 day delivery, on this 3 days she work 30min that all just 30 min and ask to extend the time for 3 more days. Yesterday i talk with her and explain we need to progress and i will be really busy so told her i hope she will work. She do nothing. I talked to her today and ask what happened she say she was really sick and couldn't find time to do that, so today i say ok let's work today Facebook and Instagram logo and banner She said ok and until now more then half day she did none. What can i do in this situation?
  13. Do I have a leg to stand on to ask for a refund when a seller has used illegal resources and nulled templates for my website? These Nulled websites contain malware and provides a threat to my clients website. He did not disclose this information to me before accepting the job. I cannot provide illegal work to my client therefore I need a refund in order to redevelop this website. I have sent a message to support but is this the best way to go about doing it? The seller has now blocked me.
  14. Hello. I am having a problem with a certain client. I run a rap group that sells opens, which are open spots on our songs and the people who purchases the gig can get themselves a credit in one of our songs. I had a client buy this option from me, and we went through everything where I made him a beat, recorded my vocals, and then received his vocals and mixed and mastered everything together. The song was complete, and I sent him the final copy of the file. He stated his satisfaction. He mentioned that it 'sounded sick' and that we 'killed it'. I uploaded the song and everything to YouTube and was just waiting for the Spotify upload to process before I did the final delivery. I noticed the YouTube like ratio was very high compared to what we would usually get, so I simply asked him if those likes were real or not. All he had to do was say no, but all of a sudden he starts acting very aggressive and tries cancelling the order because I was 'accusing' him of botting and being disrespectful. He started insulting me and implied that I was a racist, saying "Would you ask a white artist you were working with that?" I tried to explain that we had already done 99% of the work and now it was just the matter of waiting a few days for the upload to process. He then calls me 'broke as hell' for not cancelling the order and giving him a refund. He threatened to sue me if I didn't give him the money back and take down the song. He claimed that we were SCAMMING him even though he CLEARLY said that he was satisfied with the song and how it came out. The only reason he began to lash out and ask for a refund was because of one question where we just asked about the source of the likes. I already sent a ticket to support about this but I heard they aren't that good at responding so I thought I would ask for help here.
  15. Greetings, I got a buyer, (A buyer from UAE also a seller on Fiverr ), Said he wants 2 edited videos and both source files, I delivered them, and He rated them 5 stars. After 1 day he is now asking me to give his revenue back because He is unable to learn the basics of Aftereffects, so he cannot edit the source file. He is also offering me more projects in the future if I give his revenue back to him. What should I do now?...
  16. I just need some advice on something and desire to clarify some functions of this website since I am new. If I decide to cancel an order that I bought I will get a refund correct? Just as well I am not sure, but I have had some difficulties with communicating with a seller due to language complications. I'm not sure if I should just pull out because of this, we did at least work out what I was asking for and I believe we understand each other now. Yet it still just concerns me considering we have a hard time understanding each other. Any advice would be appreciated, Thank you.
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