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Found 10 results

  1. My gig ranking is really good and I stay online almost whole day but why my gig down? This the gig Please visit and check
  2. Hi, I am worried because my gig is de-ranked, I have been facing this problem since last month. I am not taking orders. Previous time I completed 100 dollars order. Now I did not receive even a single order due to my gig de-ranking. My gig is not appearing in the search, Kindly give me a possible solution for this.
  3. I'm not getting order for 10 months after a cancellation! How can I improve/rank my gig again? Need suggestions from expert! Thank You! Here is the link of my gig! https://www.fiverr.com/arifhossain2019/do-custom-typography-t-shirt-design-for-your-pod-business
  4. Title pretty much sums it up! Any ideas why my impressions and clicks have now been in complete free fall for approximately a week? I joined Fiverr in May and everything was building very nicely but for the past week impressions and clicks are just going down everyday. I have no idea why. I'm 100% on all, 5 stars on all and respond within 1 hour. I've not changed or edited my 4 gigs. Any ideas why this is happening, would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hello everyone! Im a new seller on fiverr. I have only one gig on fiverr, my gig was ranking on first page on multiple keywords, i was getting tons of orders ....10 days ago I changed pricing. Then my gig got disappear from search, to this day I can't find my gig in search.......Gigs with 0 reviews are ranking on first few pages while my gig is not even on 10th page.
  6. Hi, I am a level 2 seller. I am facing a big issue and I don't understand what to do about the problem. => My gig was ranked on the 1st page. Suddenly it disappears. After 1 month it again came on the 1st page now after 10-15 days it vanished again. I don't understand the fact, Also my promoted gig showed unqualified when the gig disappear and again turn on when the gig ranked. Any suggestion or tips? Thanks in Advance................
  7. My most selling GIG was going fine and I was getting orders. The ranking of that GIG was in upward direction each day. But a buyer didn't rate my service after delivery and my GIG ranking was going down everyday. Now it doesn't even appear in the first page. I tried changing meta-data and GIG gallery, but that didn't help. Is this a co-incidence or it happens? My question is If a buyer doesn't leave a review after a successful delivery, does it negatively affect the GIG ranking? If this is just a co-incidence, I need some serious advice to recover my GIG rank. Thanks
  8. Hi Fiver Community . I hope some one can give a great advice and steps I can do. I am a level one seller who have had a decent run on Fiverr. I am not a daily and full time seller but I had enough orders a month to keep me occupied and earn some extra cash . About 5 to 6 months ago, I had some people spamming me with annoying messages , so as needed I reported them spam. For some reason I was hit with an response time deduction and that resulted me in loosing my seller ranking and as usual that cost my initial stage of not getting any orders for awhile. Fast forward one month got my Level 1 ranking again, Still no orders. 60 days passed and on next evaluation I loose my Positive Rating and at present it states N/A So overall it has been 5 to 6 months with no order. I have promoted gig option for my best selling gig but neither that had helped me. I am almost in the verge of closing my Fiverr account but I still have hope that I can bounce back. It took me 7 months to get my first order and it has been a wonderful experience and the work I have done has always been positive with returning buyers. I actually had one of my returning buyers placing an order last month but as he got occupied with work he was unable to rate the work which resulted in auto complete. I hope some one from Fiverr community can give me some solid action plan I can do to bounce back. Thank You.
  9. Does editing a gig's description have any effect on a gig's ranking?
  10. Impression getting drastic Fall and Gig is not even visible on any page from 600 to 1 impression per day. Its like Crash of my Fiverr stock market
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