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  1. I've been a seller before around a year ago, becoming pretty successful with over 90+ reviews. However, I decided to stop what I was doing before and a year later I have a new gig. I had the idea of asking family and friends if they'd be interested in ordering, but if they give me a review would that roll in buyers? I think I have a good portfolio and I think my work is good from a standpoint, but what are your thoughts? gig: https://www.fiverr.com/jacksilver/design-a-professional-and-modern-website-ui
  2. How can I improve so that, I will get orders on Fiverr. Can someone tell me what to improve!
  3. So I've been working with a seller for about this whole year building a great relationship with them. A bit ago I asked for a revision on the gig and he was taking forever to resubmit. I woke up This morning to a canceled gig with no explanation and when I went to our messages I saw this. (This seller can no longer be contacted only visible to you.) So in short did he block me or did they get suspended/banded?
  4. Please, Answers this question because I will create a video gig.
  5. Hello everyone! I'm quite new here in Fiverr. I just received 3 orders at the same time from the same person and the dead end still the same as one. So I'd like to know if I can delivery one at a time and the order still there or if I need to delivery all 3 at the same time in the order. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi,, I am seller on fiverr... This is my id mdsanaullahsm... But in last few days i seen that my gig impression are going down... I try to active 10+ hours in a day.... But how can i check i am online or not.... I need experts help.. Thank All By Md Sanaullah Mondol
  7. I've been doing this for a couple days now and absolutely no one can see my gigs. I have no impressions, orders, or anything of that sort what do I do?
  8. I recently heard about Fiverr Forum that if you increase your rank on fiverr forum it helps you get order. I am not sure about that. I think someone have answer. Md Sanaullah Mondol mdsanaullahsm
  9. Dear all, What should I do if someone wants to design duplicate government ID or vaccine card, driving licence etc.? May i design duplicate one? What is the guidelines... Thank you.
  10. Hi, I'm an Nsfw and Sfw artist and I need to speak to customer service, is there a problem if I speak to them because of my content?
  11. Hello, I'm facing a problem when I'm trying to send buyer requests! The problem is: On my buyer request page I don't get any updated buyer requests. I get the buyer's request 1/2 days later. That means, like a buyer who creates a request today. I don't get that request today. Everyone gets the request today but I'm not! I get the request after 1/2 days. I didn't face this problem when I was a new seller & level 1 seller. But after I got the level 2 seller status, then I'm facing this problem every day! I thought this is may any technique issue and it will fix one day. But it's almost passed more than 1 month! But still, I'm facing this problem. I can't send buyer requests. You know there is no benefit to sending offers for old requests. that is already hired! But I don't get any regular instant updated requests. I get all requests 1/2 days later! that means I get the old request, not the new request! I get all new requests after 1/2 days later. Please fix this problem as soon as possible. I'm so disappointed about it! Please help me! (I've attached a screenshot of today, please see that as well) Kind regards, amran5r
  12. When I talk to a buyer, it suddenly shows the buyer offline. What could be the problem here- Internet or bandwidth problem. Browsers problem. Any solution you know.
  13. I have 6 active gig and i am level 2 seller i don't find buyer request but find few number of buyer request that is not my gig related. Please help me
  14. Traffic to Fiverr.com by country 21.97% 1.25% United States. 10.09% 0.53% Pakistan. 6.33% 3.19% India. 5.81% 0.83% United Kingdom. 5.59% 1.17% Bangladesh.
  15. Hello! I have a question about a concept that seems vague to me. I read here that, in order to increase your chances to land an order, you must have an "engaging" title or description. Now, what do "engaging" or "catchy" more exactly mean?
  16. Hi there, I'm Akib, a level 2 seller on Fiverr. if I add Personal Website on Fiverr. What would be happen? Any benefit for me? Thanks
  17. can i get permission to make new fiverr account after my old account disabled
  18. What is Fiverr Metadata? Need a complete explanation.
  19. Hello Friends! Anyone from you can share your fiverr experience that what is the best time to send a buyer request? And What is the best time for online at fiverr. (for pakistan time)
  20. Hello. I've had my shares of buyers that are a pain or I don't want to work with. I've had some that insulted me for no reasons, but I simply don't care and just move on. But today, this situation was different. I had a buyer that messaged me about a week ago being intrested in my services. Normally I get these message daily and I don't expect a lot from it, its either I get a order or not. Buyer said she was interested but she said she needed some time to decide if she would buy from me, I get these all the time so I say "no problem no worries take ur time and feel free to message me whenever you like. have a good day!" So today (when posting this), the buyer messaged me back saying "I made a decision" since I had many people message me at once (about 5-6 people) i responded with "Cool" just that, nothing else, just "cool" like a "okay" as a notice. I didn't really know what to say because I couldn't really think what else to say. I mean okay that is cool you made ur decision? 5 minutes later, I open up the inbox with her. I have a whole paragraph on how unprofessional and how bad of a seller I am and then she proceeds to flex on me on how she has more orders than me while she has 1 review and I have over 60. (not to offend her). The reason why this was a way more different than a typical buyer that will give you pain is because she got offended and then proceeds to insult me over the most little thing. And unfournately, this is when the bad side of me came out. I unfournately said "I dont know what I did to offend you, I'm sorry if I did, but I dont understand." She then keeps on insulting me, so this is when my anger that I normally hide when dealing with customers comes out. I then tell her on how she is a horrible person and buyer and that I wouldn't work with her in the first place. I also told her "after that i'd never work with you never message me again". i naturally felt bad and upset I became this rude, because this wasn't normal of me. This was just frustration of a customer that just insulted me and it was in the moment. After that, buyer went on a rant on how she will report me and stuff, and how she will *make sure* to get my account banned and for me to never see the daylight of fiverr again. Who's in the wrong here? Am i possibly facing a warning/ban if the buyer fulfilled her threat? Am I in the wrong or did i do something wrong? Please let me know down below as I am accepting any feedback. Thanks!
  21. Congrats to the sellers who have been upgraded to the next levels. I had a small question to the sellers who have got level earlier months. I heard on the community that after getting the upgrade level most of the seller's gig lost the rank. And also, the matter of concern is that for the next 5 to 6 months their gigs couldn't be able to get back to the rank again. Is this true?
  22. I am new to Fiverr. just completed one month in Fiverr. For last few days my gigs impression is going down. On some gigs its 0 impression. i am 24 hours online and sending almost 10 buyer request everyday but it doesn't seem like enough. What am i suppose to do to increase my gigs impression?
  23. So I was wondering about this but I haven't seen it anywhere so I wanted some precise information on this. Within the fields of work, there are certain people who excel in certain areas, and do not in others. If I wanted to trade one of my writing gigs to someone else, let's say for art, or something else within the scope of Fiverr, can we do that on this site or is those kinds of transactions not allowed? Why I think this would be really good is this builds brands, no one person can do everything for their brand. So if a freelance writer offered someone a trade of their writing to fill out detailed information for a gig and in return get a logo, it could actually build up the site. No to mention, I know very few other Freelancers well enough that I would one-hundred percent put my name out there to guarantee the work that comes from them (when you share their gigs), and if someone does that and the other freelancer does poorly, it can hurt your name. Is this possible or no?
  24. I just delivered by first order in the Fiverr. Created a logo and the buyer liked it. He reviewed and rated it as well. But the delivered logo hasn't been added to my gig's portfolio. I have Live Portfolio option turned on. In the delivered package, I added 1 image and a zip file. I had asked the buyer if he has any Live portfolio option. He said no he didn't get any such option. I am sorry if the topic is very repetitive. I tried to search it in the forums, google search etc but couldn't find anywhere. Even in youtube videos, I tried to look for videos such as "Completing orders in fiverr as BUYER", just to see what options buyers get, and I didn't see any option regarding live portfolio.
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