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  1. Hi I just got an order on my 1st gig does that order improve the statics in the new second gig or it only matters in the 1st gig not the second
  2. I am a expert and experienced writer. I am expert in article writing & blog posting
  3. Dear Forum! I want to cancel the order, What i to do or how to do?? -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. I am actually new to the fiverr forum. I want to know that, Does Fiverr forum activity provide any extra benefits for a seller account?
  5. Hello. I have started out as a seller in E-com web store niche 25 days ago, receiving ~150-200 impressions and 3-7 clicks per day. Just wanted to ask if you were looking for these services and happened to come across my profile/gig, would you consider my services?
  6. Are advertising in social media counted towards the impression count on the gig performance, or only on-site impressions? I was wondering if posting the fiverr link on social media, discord etc. and someone seeing this link is counted towards impressions. From my understanding it shouldnt be, because its only on site. Is my assumption correct?
  7. Hi there forum friends! Let me cut to the chase. Last year I created a quiz for my family with famous (and not-so-famous) movie lines that needed to be guessed. I'm doing famous English lyrics this year, which I'll translate into my native language (Dutch). However, although my mental musical library is vast, I'd also like the quiz to be mixed with all sorts of genres, times, and artists. Of course, I'll use good ol' Google but I figured everybody on here might enjoy a question that differs from the usual Fiverr woes as well. So here's the task at hand. The mission if you will. Please comment a specific lyric! Can be a few lines too, I'm not that strict of a quiz master 🤓 I'll happily take any suggestion, as long as the lyrics are in English and somewhat famous! Although I understand 'somewhat' is quite vague, so just drop anything you feel would be fun to include 🎵 And yes, if my family doesn't know the lyrics the hint will be me humming the tune so if that doesn't say dedication idk what does.
  8. Can some help to find out what happened with my account? I didn't even violence any rules.
  9. Hey, Fiverr Forum People Hope all are doing well and passing sweet time! I've recently noticed in some group posts that Fiverr has disabled their account suddenly without any notice! Is it possible? Or it might be they do not check why Fiverr has done that! Or how may I know Fiverr is going to do such action? I hope experts will pay kind attention to this Question. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello there, I am a Graphic Designer and I give my all services on just Fiverr but for the past few days I am thinking to make multiple income sources so I decided to give the same services on Upwork but before doing that I had a question what if I get a copyright claim by giving the same service from one platform to another. So experts guide me should I do that or not.
  11. Hello Everybody, I hope Everybody is fine and healthy. I want to create a new gig. I am facing problem while doing keyword research. How to do keyword research for the gig will be in a good position? Please give me some proper guidelines.
  12. Hey guys, sorry if this is a silly question but I'm new to using the platform. When I click "gigs" and I hover over and click on my current gig, it says that I currently have 2 orders in queue (next to my average delivery time). However, looking at the statistics above that (where it lists impressions, clicks, orders and cancellations) there is only 1 order, which I'm currently working on. Am I missing something? What exactly does "orders in queue" mean? I just want to make sure I'm not neglecting any potential clients. There is no limit to my orders in queue currently and I checked my messages. There is no other indication that there have been more orders.
  13. Hey there everyone! I just want to make sure I charge my customer properly before I create the custom gig for them. So, I do voice over for my gig and this client wants me to do their beat tag and it will be at the beginning of all of their songs. Do I charge Full Broadcasting Rights for this? Thank you in advanced!
  14. A few days before my response rate was at 88% and I was a bit sad about it but today when I looked again it is 86% and the funny part is that no one even messaged me!! Kind of confused about this anyone know what's going on? Thanks
  15. How do I get the fiverr choice badge? 🤔
  16. Hello, I've read the community standards many times and I know that anything se*ually related is prohibited - voice acting, artworks etc. BUT you can literally type ns*w and you will find hundreds of people who do that and they even have this word in their gig's title. Even when I report them, nothing happens. Are there any exceptions for "special" people or what?
  17. Looking at my profile I realised that I hadn't updated my skills section since I started selling on fiverr and I only had 2 skills (the standard 'customer service' and 'business consulting'. Obviously I appreciate the visual benefits to buyers of having more/relevant skills listed, but I was wondering if anyone had any opinions or thoughts on whether this impacted your profile visibility in search, or anything else? (I appreciate there probably isn't a concrete answer to this!)
  18. Can we promote our fiverr account and share our gigs here or not?
  19. Even though I made more than one sale on Fiverr and received my payment, my gig doesn't show the number of sales I've already made, as if I hadn't sold anything yet. What do I do?
  20. Hello! I was just wondering why my gig video isn't showing up as the thumbnail for my gig? I have selected the gig video as preview but the video isn't showing up as my gig thumbnail. Any help is very much appreciated, Thanks!
  21. My video Ii taking time to process, I read on here that a gig needs to be active before the Fiverr support team review the gig video. Is this true?
  22. I've been a seller before around a year ago, becoming pretty successful with over 90+ reviews. However, I decided to stop what I was doing before and a year later I have a new gig. I had the idea of asking family and friends if they'd be interested in ordering, but if they give me a review would that roll in buyers? I think I have a good portfolio and I think my work is good from a standpoint, but what are your thoughts? gig: https://www.fiverr.com/jacksilver/design-a-professional-and-modern-website-ui
  23. So I've been working with a seller for about this whole year building a great relationship with them. A bit ago I asked for a revision on the gig and he was taking forever to resubmit. I woke up This morning to a canceled gig with no explanation and when I went to our messages I saw this. (This seller can no longer be contacted only visible to you.) So in short did he block me or did they get suspended/banded?
  24. Hello everyone! I'm quite new here in Fiverr. I just received 3 orders at the same time from the same person and the dead end still the same as one. So I'd like to know if I can delivery one at a time and the order still there or if I need to delivery all 3 at the same time in the order. Thanks in advance!
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