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Found 10 results

  1. Hi! I am an illustrator. I have a regular customer who always orders illustrations at one of my gigs, and recently I created a new gig which is almost identical to my previous gig, only this one is more premium. My question is, can I direct my regulars to book my new show so I can get a review of my new show? Thanks Fiverr!
  2. I read the terms of service and it says 13 year olds can use fiverr! So do you think teenage sellers are allowed to sell on fiverr? And I heard that there are teenage sellers who have pro gigs or is this a lie?
  3. So I've made a gig and it's been a few months I haven't found a potential buyer, is it because my gig isn't interesting or what? I have shared my gig later and how do I get potential buyers?
  4. Does deleting Gigs have any sort of negative impact to the seller and his statistics?
  5. Hi, I am a level two seller on Fiverr since 2019! Since the implementation of TDS by Fiverr as per Indian Government laws I was led to believe since I am not taxable the deduction under TDS would be 1% but it's always been 5% for me. When I asked the support to clarify what was going on they explained the same to me and further added if I had provided my PAN info the deduction will be 1% otherwise it remains 5%. Now the thing is my PAN info was added since the implementation of this change yet 5% is deducted per GIG, which I then reported back to the customer support and they informed me my PAN info was incorrect, which I then checked and verified with my PAN card, and my tax return docs, surprisingly enough it wasn't incorrect, as soon as I mentioned that to the support with a screenshot and asked for a better clarification they marked my query SOLVED. I am utterly confused as to what actually happened?! Anyone faced similar situations?
  6. Hi! My name is Atin, I am a video editor and animator. So, I’ve been as Fiverr’s seller since March 2021. I have done several projects and received satisfied rating from my clients. But at that moment, I sold my gig about $5-$20, which is quite low and underpaid myself. So, now I increase my selling price which the price now is about 25$-55$. Is this a good idea or not? My fiverr: atinhub https://www.fiverr.com/s2/fc368031c6
  7. Dear fellow sellers, please tell me why I do not see applications from buyers?
  8. Even though I made more than one sale on Fiverr and received my payment, my gig doesn't show the number of sales I've already made, as if I hadn't sold anything yet. What do I do?
  9. I am a new seller on fiverr. I watched some YouTube videos on how to rank on fiverr. I made my profile according to that but I need some expert reviews on my profile. Here is the link: https://www.fiverr.com/bmbwads please tell me things I should change. thank you very much
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