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Found 9 results

  1. I found a message in conversation Fiver did someone want to place order and i cant text him why? because he/she is offline ? how can i anticpate this
  2. Hi! My name is Atin, video animator. I got an order for 212$ to make an explainer video about company work ethic. And the video is about maintenance of petrol station. I am very frustrated with this job because the buyer give me the script about work ethic (not much about technical part of maintenance of petrol station). I give her the progress and she said, she will ask her superior to comment it. Her superior said to add more about maintenance at petrol station. It has so much on technical part where she not gives me details about it and I have to find it myself the process of changing parts at pump dispenser and tyre inflator. So I am thinking to cancel this order. How to do it in step by step? And do my buyer get 100% their money back in how many days?
  3. Hi! My name is Atin, video animator. Where my gig is about creating explainer video. I have a question, should I accept this job as my potential buyer don't want to make payment unless she received the completed job? The agreed price is about 212 $ for 15 minutes explainer video. Then I create the custom offer with agreed price. Unfortunately, she don't want to make payment as her company's policy not given her permission to do so unless I have given her the completed job. I read the Fiverr's term and conditions, where the buyer should agree and make a payment before the job started. Hence, I am really sceptical about this and ask the buyer to pay at least 30% of the price when half is completed and order the next for another 70% on the other half. She still can't make a decision and ask me to wait for her finance department to either agree or disagree with this. In conclusion, I really hope buyers would understand their terms and conditions as stated in Fiverr because this make a hassle for the sellers.
  4. Hi! I am an illustrator. I have a regular customer who always orders illustrations at one of my gigs, and recently I created a new gig which is almost identical to my previous gig, only this one is more premium. My question is, can I direct my regulars to book my new show so I can get a review of my new show? Thanks Fiverr!
  5. I read the terms of service and it says 13 year olds can use fiverr! So do you think teenage sellers are allowed to sell on fiverr? And I heard that there are teenage sellers who have pro gigs or is this a lie?
  6. So I've made a gig and it's been a few months I haven't found a potential buyer, is it because my gig isn't interesting or what? I have shared my gig later and how do I get potential buyers?
  7. Hi, I am a level two seller on Fiverr since 2019! Since the implementation of TDS by Fiverr as per Indian Government laws I was led to believe since I am not taxable the deduction under TDS would be 1% but it's always been 5% for me. When I asked the support to clarify what was going on they explained the same to me and further added if I had provided my PAN info the deduction will be 1% otherwise it remains 5%. Now the thing is my PAN info was added since the implementation of this change yet 5% is deducted per GIG, which I then reported back to the customer support and they informed me my PAN info was incorrect, which I then checked and verified with my PAN card, and my tax return docs, surprisingly enough it wasn't incorrect, as soon as I mentioned that to the support with a screenshot and asked for a better clarification they marked my query SOLVED. I am utterly confused as to what actually happened?! Anyone faced similar situations?
  8. Hi! My name is Atin, I am a video editor and animator. So, I’ve been as Fiverr’s seller since March 2021. I have done several projects and received satisfied rating from my clients. But at that moment, I sold my gig about $5-$20, which is quite low and underpaid myself. So, now I increase my selling price which the price now is about 25$-55$. Is this a good idea or not? My fiverr: atinhub https://www.fiverr.com/s2/fc368031c6
  9. Even though I made more than one sale on Fiverr and received my payment, my gig doesn't show the number of sales I've already made, as if I hadn't sold anything yet. What do I do?
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