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Found 7 results

  1. Hi! I've been here since last June and now I have completed just 4 orders and got 88$. My last buyer forgot to leave a review, but I send him a message. Also I was going to do work for buyer from Malaysia but he isn't answering. I've been coding in Python more than 3 years, I have 20 projects in my website including 5 Flask projects excluding my site, 4 Django projects (Now I'm working on 5th one), text strategy game and 10 desktop apps. All my cash (approximately 875$ including Fiverr cash) was earned with helping students with Python and MySQL or making desktop apps or web scraping or working with excel files. I know I'm doing something wrong, but I can't understand what. Besides, I know there are other Python developers here. Do you make web apps/sites with Django or Flask? How do you deploy them? Do you earn money by just helping with web development? Do you use DS skills? Here, of course)
  2. Hello Everyone , Would you please give me any advice ,how can I get orders as an entry level developer with new profile ? I recently completed my graduation but It took 6 years and now I am badly need a job or something to do to earn . Thanks in Advance.
  3. Hi! Usually I make money with Python apps or consulting. Sometimes I earn a little cash with MySQL or Excel. But recently I thought: "I am very experinced Windows user and gamer, now I develop my IT-skills. Is it enough to study testing to make more money?" How do you think? Can developer with very much free time become also a tester?
  4. Hello! My first order is completed! My account was created in June. Two buyers were managed to cheat me, third one went missing before giving me a work, and I failed to do another job. But two weeks ago an American buyer addressed me. I have had problems with studying yet, but it didn't prevent me from succesful making an app for him for 10$. Then he asked me for some additional functions for 5$. Just one of them wasn't done, but he still paid 15$. As you understand, I got 12$. Two weeks later it will be able to be withdrawn with PayPal. Now I'm not going to convert $ to Russian roubles. Last Sunday I spoke to my brother by phone. I said I were going to save dollars to buy presents (notebooks and pens), if I went to Moscow next summer to have relationship. He said It's late to present notebooks as I did at school and I need to buy flowers. So, I'm going to save dollars to buy flowers) Now I know what flowers I will buy. Carnation. According to my plan buying carnation(s) will lead to show my history knowledges. Carnation revolution happened in Portugal in 1974, 6 years later after António de Oliveira Salazar's death. But now my first priority is solving my big problems with studying at university. P.S. VBA is not difficult as it seems. You just have to think a little. If you can't understand it yet you should ask your teacher. He\she got salary for this.
  5. Hello! I have two questions for you. 1. What do you think about text strategy games? 2. What do you think about city-building survival game about the world suffering from war between humans and vampires? Idea was inspired by videogame Frostpunk and TV series Buffy the vampire slayer. I know I could study pygame enough to realize this idea with some graphics, but making TEXT STRATEGY GAME appeared to be fun) Maybe I will use pygame to make a sequel or remake. You can download exe file from wetransfer. Link in gig "I will make a simple windows app or script in python".
  6. This is the GIG's URL. How can I improve it, beside being online most of the time and sending offers for buy requests?
  7. Hello! I am Bogdan, 37, from Romania. University Lecturer in love with programming, which wants to give it a shot at freelancing. My main expertise is Data Science, ANN and Machine Learning.
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