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Found 11 results

  1. my gig is unprobotable since 2 months, i am a level 2 seller with all the metrics required for promotion avaiable and though any order doesnt exist, no people makes orders, when months ago i wasnt even promoting my gig, orders arrived in huge quantity. the support won't say whats wrong with my gig and i cant work since 2 months, how can i solve this situation?
  2. Hi, I'm Nidu. I have 6+ years of experience in Digital Marketing. Also I will do in Niche analysis, ON page and Off page SEO, Blog commenting, Guest posting, Link building, Youtube promotion etc. Now, How to rank or improve my gigs? Can i rank or improve my gigs? Please any suggestion or any help to rank my gigs please advice me. Please check my service: https://www.fiverr.com/nidurani Thanks
  3. Promotion Gig is a big problem for me this time. Recently Fiver sent me the notification. Then a few days it autometically came back. After three days again same problem. after 2days it again came back. After 1 day it again stoped. Can anyone tell me what is the problem. Note: I Have no Bad review. No order cancel. No TOS. Profile 4.9 Rating
  4. Lets share our thought on the scale of optimization
  5. When I came to the new Fiverr, I did not know about the gig. In a way, I publish my first gig Fiverr, I did not do the promotion. Now when I delete the gig, can I share another new gig?
  6. Hi, I am facing a different kind of problem and I don't know what do I have to do, My promotion gig suddenly shows Unqualified.. Can anyone help me with this problem?
  7. Hello Community, I am unable to find my gig in search result also cant do the gig promotion suddenly. do you have any suggestion for this? how i can get back as previous? Mehedi
  8. I am fortunate to have multiple gigs as "promoted gigs," but I noticed something today that made me consider something. I got an order that was tagged as "Promoted." It was a new client. I did the order. The client loved it! I even received a tip! A few days later, the client came back for a second order. This order also says "Promoted." The client already knew about my gig from the first order. He chose to come back because he liked the first order. Am I getting charged again for a "click" every time a repeat client orders a gig they first found because it was "Promoted"?
  9. I am Raonak Sakib. Digital marketing and SEO expert. I recently publish my gigs. Please check my gig and share your experience and suggetions. i am new so help me for humanity My gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/EEWqdK
  10. Hello Everyone, I got a mail from fiverr. Write upon the heading One coupon one change. I do not understand properly so anyone can tell me detail. I attached 2 screenshot. If you see it, It will be more easy to you for better explain. It will be helpful for seller. Thanks delographic
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