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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Everyone, From 16th June, I have come across Promoted Gigs ( Unqualified) Issue. On 16th June 2 Gigs are not qualified for Promotion and as a result all GIGS got deranked till 10th July( after 25 days) when I got the Feature back again. On 10th July I have started to Promote my Gigs again and now again after 20 days ( On 30th July). GIGS became Unqualified for Promotion and all GIGS went to last Pages and some are not even in search. Did anyone Know solution for this or it will keep on happening
  2. hi all, I am a level two seller and have promoted gigs option for my gigs. One gig promoted gig feature was working fine initially but than it has been decreasing its results from last 2-3 monthS and the other gig feature is not workig at all. kindly suggest me what improvements should i maDe to get rid of this issue. will be waiting to hear from you. Thanks
  3. Tips for promoting gigs using Promoted Gigs feature on Fiverr First of all congratulations to all wonderful people who got this feature today as it's Fiverr's policy to give this feature to all Level Two sellers on their gigs with 30+ reviews. I am using this feature from last 3 month and results are pretty satisfying. Here are some suggestions for you people to understand the process of bidding. Claim the $10 credit given to you by fiverr and use it wisely rather than just throwing it away while considering it as Free. The CPC (cost per click) mostly varies and depends upon the category in which you are working in. It usually stay between (0.25 ~0.7) but mostly it keeps fluctuating around 0.35 cents After turning on this feature, it's your choice how you play with it. You can set a daily spend limit of $2 ,$5 and $10 respectively but also can set a custom limit. High daily spend limit is recommended. As you know in promoted gigs feature, you will be charged only whenever someone will click on your gig. Always bid 20 to 30 cents higher than your CPC to reach above your competitors (I tried this method and it worked) If you are planning to just spend $10 credit by fiverr then bid lower one day and higher the next day to manage the budget but if you want to spend some more budget on it then always keep your bid higher than CPC. It will be rewarding Hopefully. Pro Tip: Always sustain your clients instead of hunting down a new one every now and then. Cheers!
  4. i got this service but after 3days it stop i don't know why and all of my gig goes to last page. this is very frustrating 😞
  5. I have been facing the promoted gigs issue from the last month. As we know this is a automatic algorithm for promoted gigs but why the whole account d-ranked???? and why all the gigs stopped at once for promotion???? and ultimate results are d-ranked and put the gigs on the last page. My three gigs are in promoted gigs and there should be one gig to be went down when it doesn't meet the criteria but this is just my observation i think. Algorithm d-ranked my all gigs when promoted gigs stops. how to overcome this issue?? Please share your thoughts. Thanks
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