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Found 23 results

  1. Hey there! I'm a lead generation and e-mail marketing expert. I worked on fiverr more than one year. I lost my fiverr gig promote option on previous month. How can I back it? Here is my gig link: https://www.fiverr.com/share/ZY96Aj
  2. i am not geeing clicks and impression i set it as auto but no more impressions and clicks and getting orders any suggestions please . thanks
  3. It's gonna be a month since I joined Fiverr, and I haven't received a single order from an authentic buyer. Either I'm getting spam messages or buyers are not showing interest in buying from my gigs. I've been sending buyer request daily, but no solid responses. What should I do now? I need guidance!!!
  4. i found out that apparently fiverr had promoted gig but i'm not seeing an option for it, i found a link: https://www.fiverr.com/pages/promoted-gigs but it keeps redirecting me to this page: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360017729338-Promoted-Gigs?segment=seller#h_01EYN214K9QHF7A28JA8FR9EPC any idea where to find it? thanks, yours truly Ms.Amsden (I've never posted on a forum before in my life, I don't know how all this works. I feel like an old person discovering the internet for the first time)
  5. I am new to Fiverr! Do you have any tips for creating gigs? What ways are there to promote gigs? To get reviews, what areas are the least saturated and easier niches to begin in? What is a reasonable starting price?
  6. I'm a new seller on Fiverr and successfully completed 2 orders with 5-star ratings but got 1 review and very nice reviews. But Since then I am not getting any orders. Please suggest to all experienced people how I can promote my Fiverr gig very easily. Welcome To my Fiverr Profile: https://www.fiverr.com/cse_mehedi Thanks.
  7. How can i promote or get work on fiverr without any ratings?
  8. Hey everyone, So I was using this feature called Promoted Gigs for a week, and for some reason it doesn't seem to work really well, even though I tried different strategies. I have watched a webinar on how to use this feature and read a bunch of @frank_d posts on how to use it (so I think I got it pretty well) For some reason the only outcome of this feature is 2 impressions per day, no clicks, and no money spent (the category of the gig is very popular) What I have tried so far: Editing the gig Trying out different bids and daily budget (currently on max bid of 3$ and recommended daily budget) Turning the promotion on and off The gig category is popular, my gig is on the first page, and I don't seem to be on any kind of black list or something like that. Don't wanna annoy the support if that's just a trifle, so maybe anyone has dealt with this kind of stuff? Maybe you have heard about it? Any advice would be great to hear.
  9. Hello friends, I want to join as a seller,i have experience in telegram group scraping and adding service is it possible to I can sell my service here please give me your experience and tips I will be very thankful to you Your guidlleline will help many seller
  10. Hi As a graphic designer, I need a project to keep me busy. But the status quo I haven't received an order for 5 months. How should I get through this? Hope the world's top sellers guide me in the direction. Sincere thanks
  11. I gave the gig a long time after opening the account. Will my account performance be better now? Or would it be better to open a new account?
  12. All gigs are totally down. I am now totally depressed about this. I have been having this problem since last month. Help! How should I rank my gigs? Thanks
  13. What will be the best way for promoting by gigs on Fiverr and get more attraction buyers ?
  14. Please can someone to make more clear how can as sellers to promote our gigs? Thank you forum members 🙂
  15. Hi I everyone How are you I want to promote my another gig, But not show anything just came one gig how can i possible or do if anyone expert tell me know about this thank you
  16. Hi, dear Fiverr users! I am here to get some support from you, I guess I need some important tips or something like that. Here is my problem, I am going to tell you what's happening right now. I joined Fiverr at the beginning of August. I don't exactly remember the day when I joined, but, it was something like that. I created my gigs a few days later and tried to promote my gigs on social media. Although I have never used social media accounts before (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), I tried some of them for Fiverr. However, as far as I see, it didn't work very well. I got some impressions thanks to social media, but it wasn't working at all. Recently, I’ve started to worry because of my performance on Fiverr. I was expecting to get my first order before the end of August, but, I got nothing until now. Is there anything wrong with my gigs? I am asking this because I need to get orders to maintain some important conditions in my life. How can you help me? If anyone would like to give a hand to me, I will be glad for them. Please take a look at this title and just give some tips or anything you want me to learn or implement. You can contact me anywhere, just drop a comment below this title, I will be there to give you an answer. I would like to share my profile link on this topic, but, I don't know whether it is legal in Fiverr Forum. If it is not, please let me know and I will share my link with you. Thanks for reading! Best Regards!
  17. Hello Freelancers! During a search on fiverr’s page just noticed that one gig was marked as “fiverr’s choice”. [see the attachment pic]. Is this a part of promotion? How does it works? Thank you!
  18. I am a profesional Portrait designer I Made something different on my portofolio, to get notice from buyer, I hope. But Now I think I make mistake created portofolio cause no one order My design Portrait, Here My Portofolio www.fiverr.com/s2/28558b1e96 PLEASE CHECK IT, And Tell Me What does mistake from my Portofolio ??
  19. Hello Everyone, I got a mail from fiverr. Write upon the heading One coupon one change. I do not understand properly so anyone can tell me detail. I attached 2 screenshot. If you see it, It will be more easy to you for better explain. It will be helpful for seller. Thanks delographic
  20. Can anyone tell me the details behind promote gigs? What are the main factor ?
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