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  1. Take a look at two images. Fortunately or unfortunately, My gig also ranks on the first page of different keywords. But I get all messages from promoted gigs and new orders from that. So what is the result of my gig rank? No message for at least one or more?? While the gig has rank, all income this month came from promoted gigs. How did the impression raises like that, which was 713 days 7k, and that January, it's 3k and rising. I am afraid if the gig loses promotion, what will happen to me? 😄
  2. Hey there! I'm a lead generation and e-mail marketing expert. I worked on fiverr more than one year. I lost my fiverr gig promote option on previous month. How can I back it? Here is my gig link: https://www.fiverr.com/share/ZY96Aj
  3. Hello! Experience seller. Do you know how to promote my new gig on forum??? i think every new seller intesting for this . so shear us .Thanks😊
  4. Have any process for boosting or promote fiverr gig ? How can i do that?
  5. Hey guys, I am Gavin. After starting my freelancer career in Sept 2021, I just got several orders. Is social media marketing the most effective way to get orders? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi everyone, I am a Level One seller on Fiverr. I got the option to promote. But after a few days, my gig was unqualified by Fiverr. Please help me with my gigs are they perfect or any other issues with selling or ranking I am not getting any new orders or messages (see attached Image). Here is my gig link. https://www.fiverr.com/fotoseditbd/do-best-jewelry-photo-retouch-within-24hrs Thanks in Advance!
  7. Gig promotion option is on since 10 days, but I am not getting any orders, Why this problem please any one help me.
  8. Hello have a good day , i want ask minumum orders required for gig promotion on fiverr '
  9. i found out that apparently fiverr had promoted gig but i'm not seeing an option for it, i found a link: https://www.fiverr.com/pages/promoted-gigs but it keeps redirecting me to this page: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360017729338-Promoted-Gigs?segment=seller#h_01EYN214K9QHF7A28JA8FR9EPC any idea where to find it? thanks, yours truly Ms.Amsden (I've never posted on a forum before in my life, I don't know how all this works. I feel like an old person discovering the internet for the first time)
  10. I'm a new seller on Fiverr and successfully completed 2 orders with 5-star ratings but got 1 review and very nice reviews. But Since then I am not getting any orders. Please suggest to all experienced people how I can promote my Fiverr gig very easily. Welcome To my Fiverr Profile: https://www.fiverr.com/cse_mehedi Thanks.
  11. I'm a new seller on Fiverr and successfully completed 2 orders with 5-star ratings but got 1 review and very nice reviews. But Since then I am not getting any orders. Please suggest to all experienced people how I can promote my Fiverr gig very easily. Welcome To my Fiverr Profile: https://www.fiverr.com/cse_mehedi Thanks.
  12. Hello, My Lovely Beautiful Friends! May I ask you few question and take suggestions from you all. As a newbie, all I want is for ranking up my gig and getting first order. I knew that I must patience, take time for getting order and to be a good gig newbies must take care choosing title, description, keywords and good visual feature images. I think I followed well all those steps. One thing I get confused is some people suggest that as a newbies we should sell our service with low prices first and I respect this suggestions also. But as a web developer I'm not able to sell my services with under $100. I see a lot of sellers sell with even $10, $20, etc..(I Respect Them & No Offense!). But I'm not able to sell with that kind of prices. I'm wrong or I must start with this price? My next question is I should promote my fiverr gig through social medias? (Eg. I'll share my gig to facebook group and give promotion with super discount for getting my first order & good review). Should I do or don't? Fiverr allow to do that? That's all I want to know. Thanks so much for reading. Your suggestions will help me a lot. Take care & Stay safe. With Love, Rafi Tylor(Wordpress Developer & Graphic Designer)
  13. Hi everyone 2 months ago i had a very serous injury and my ontime delivery drop to 88 % and because of that i also lost level 2 badge along with promoted gig features now my gig impression down from 7k to 300 hundred i have contact many time fiverr support but they say we are monitoring your gigs on daily basis once you eligible this will be available soon to you i have 520 positive 5 stars review its been 2 months but still the promoted gig featured is not coming back and all gigs are available in last page from first page can anyone give your precious feed did you face such situation and how long it take to recover my all matrics are now 100% complete avg Response time on time delivery and positive rating 5:0 thanks in advance
  14. I am a new seller in FIVERR! How can I get custom Order? Please let me suggest the best guidelines according to your consent.
  15. Please mention the name of some of the websites that promote the gig.
  16. Hello good people, I just started a gig 2 days ago. I have got 58 impressions till now. There are no clicks, no conversion. Should I edit the gig? Change something? Please help me with some suggestions. Thank You. Note: I have edited the gig after publish, changed the title once.
  17. Hey everyone, So I was using this feature called Promoted Gigs for a week, and for some reason it doesn't seem to work really well, even though I tried different strategies. I have watched a webinar on how to use this feature and read a bunch of @frank_d posts on how to use it (so I think I got it pretty well) For some reason the only outcome of this feature is 2 impressions per day, no clicks, and no money spent (the category of the gig is very popular) What I have tried so far: Editing the gig Trying out different bids and daily budget (currently on max bid of 3$ and recommended daily budget) Turning the promotion on and off The gig category is popular, my gig is on the first page, and I don't seem to be on any kind of black list or something like that. Don't wanna annoy the support if that's just a trifle, so maybe anyone has dealt with this kind of stuff? Maybe you have heard about it? Any advice would be great to hear.
  18. Hello all member in this forum, I will be glad if I can receive more opinions on how I can promote my gigs in order to rank it and to be collecting orders. It appears in first page for like a week without single contacting nor order. So then it moves to third page in shopify website design and marketing to page seven. I will be happy if i can get some help on how to improve my gig and the way to make an effective promotion. You can check my gigs also to check if there is something wrong with it. More progress as you do so.
  19. Can some one tell, is promoted gig option good, if good what is the best bid we should place?
  20. Promoted Gigs ( gig unqualifie and gigs deranked). Is there anyone know any solution ??
  21. Promotion Gig is a big problem for me this time. Recently Fiver sent me the notification. Then a few days it autometically came back. After three days again same problem. after 2days it again came back. After 1 day it again stoped. Can anyone tell me what is the problem. Note: I Have no Bad review. No order cancel. No TOS. Profile 4.9 Rating
  22. All gigs are totally down. I am now totally depressed about this. I have been having this problem since last month. Help! How should I rank my gigs? Thanks
  23. Hi there, Hope everybody is doing well. I haven't been using the gig promoted feature for over 1 month now, I have kept my gig promotion button turned off. But suddenly 3 days ago an order got with promotion level. Then I checked the promotion feature and saw that it is turning off but impressions, clicks and orders are counting and the promotional cost is also counting Fiverr. Before me the daily budget select was $ 10, then I made it $ 1. Even after selecting $ 1, I noticed that my impression click was coming. My question is where my promoted feature is totally turned off, how are the clicks, impressions being done automatically and also the promotional cost being counted? Looking forward to the advice and guidelines of all experts and seniors in this regard. Please help me. Kind Regards Nazmul
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