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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, just started my seller journey on Fiverr. I'm a blockchain developer from Italy.
  2. Hi! I've been here since last June and now I have completed just 4 orders and got 88$. My last buyer forgot to leave a review, but I send him a message. Also I was going to do work for buyer from Malaysia but he isn't answering. I've been coding in Python more than 3 years, I have 20 projects in my website including 5 Flask projects excluding my site, 4 Django projects (Now I'm working on 5th one), text strategy game and 10 desktop apps. All my cash (approximately 875$ including Fiverr cash) was earned with helping students with Python and MySQL or making desktop apps or web scraping or working with excel files. I know I'm doing something wrong, but I can't understand what. Besides, I know there are other Python developers here. Do you make web apps/sites with Django or Flask? How do you deploy them? Do you earn money by just helping with web development? Do you use DS skills? Here, of course)
  3. How can I get more orders.My gig was on frist page but recently my gig is losing rank day by day.
  4. This is the URL to the Delphi Gig program. What can I do to improve it, beside being always online and sending buyer requests?
  5. Hello! I've been trying to get $ and reviews for 2 months already. One order is failed, one of buyers (potatoesvolcano) don't answer. Messenger says he's "away". What am I doing wrong? Maybe my gigs are made badly? Or I should be more active on forum? Also, I'm in Writer's block. I'm trying to make app for cinema but my friends don't consider it a good project for portfolio. Meanwhile, I have less time for coding then usually because of academic term.
  6. Hi! I've recently started out on Fiverr and I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice for my programming-related gig? I will develop a small scale desktop application for you by Blackyus | Fiverr Like many people who have posted here, I am not a native English speaker, so I am afraid that some of my wordings may sound a bit stilted. Do I sound professional enough? How can I reinforce attractiveness? Are my packages fair? Should I undervalue them at first to attract the first few sales? Any advice on how to improve the post or its reach is welcome!
  7. Hello all, Very grateful to be on this platform. I am having 6+ years of experience + masters degree in applied ML. I have worked in different domains like time series forecasting, predictions, text classification, text summarization, NER, clustering, decision trees etc.. please find below my two gigs. fingers crossed 🤞 for first order. Happy to share are my excitement with you all. Wish everyone huge success. Any tips / comments are welcomed.
  8. Hello! I bring you a very useful app! Sometimes it can be hard to understand what variant is the cheapest. My new app will help you! Prices comparer. Made with Python library Tkinter. You can download this app and other ones with link in description of gig "I will make a simple windows app or script in python".
  9. Hello! I'm a Python developer from Russia and I have some experience of commercial developing. I'm going to get my first exprience of working with English speaking sellers. This is my third topic because my previous was deleted due to containig exe files) To present you my skills I show you Ingredient calculator. For example, you're cooking something and you know how much carrot you have. You need to know mass of potato and onion. Under "In recipe" you input '200' Under "in your case" you input '100' Under "unit of measurement" you input 'g' Under "mass of other ingredients" you input '100;150' Under "names of other ingredients" you input 'potato;onion' Press "Calculate" Now you know you need 50 g of potato and 75 g of onion. If you want to download this app you need to view description of my gig "make a simple windows app or script in python".
  10. Hello! As you may know I'm a python developer with commercial experience. For a month I've tried to earn here at least 4$ (5$ minus comission). So I use this topic to seek people who need help with studying Python. Reply even if you need a desktop app for Windows or if your Windows app needs testing. Goal of this topic is demonstrating my competiotions. I can help you with studying if it's about anything of that. Syntax without using libraries Standard library (including Tkinter, smtplib (for sending e-mails), and sqlite3) Visualization DataFrames Numpy PySimpleGUI Selenium PIL Flask Web Scraping Working with Excel
  11. Hello! As you may know I'm a Python developer from Russia and I'm a novice here! I'd like to present you my app predicting total number of deaths caused by COVID-19. It's named Covid-19 Forecaster. It just multiplies current lethlity on number of active cases. Also it needs working Internet. If you want to download this app you need to view description of my gig "make a simple windows app or script in python".
  12. How can I improve my GIG about website making? Can anyone give me some tips?
  13. can you help me to get order, i have alot of impression and click am yet to get order please help me get order https://www.fiverr.com/share/9zgl8A
  14. Hello everyone, I am a new seller and I am getting this notification or message in the buyer's request tab that I don't understand what it is saying or what it wants to convey. I don't know anything about buyer request. I am attaching a screenshot of my issue. Please help me! Tell me what steps I should take forward.
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