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Found 10 results

  1. I have established my Gig 2 weeks ago. My impressions are 60, 0 click and 0 orders. What should i do now? what kind of steps will be beneficial for orders?
  2. Hi guys, This is my first time posting here and I want to share some great news with you! I got accepted to Fiverr PRO program! I'm already Top Rated Seller (I got this badge in September 2021) and around two month ago I decided to try to apply for a PRO status. I put together my portfolio, recorded a short introductory video, filled out the application in full, and submitted it on April 10th. And... on April 15th I received an email that... I made it and I'm in! Wow, what huge news! It took them only 5 days to get me approved! I couldn't believe it. Then I had to book a call with my Success Manager to get me onboarded and activated my profile and gigs as Pro. The call took place today and finally I'm officially PRO seller! I'm super excited! Hope it's going to be a nice and interesting journey, so I can't wait to start selling in a newly Pro status 🙂
  3. Hello fellow sellers! I had a question and was wondering if anyone had a similar experience. After a lot of hard work, I finally met all the requirements to be a Pro Level seller on Fiverr! I was super excited but then confused when my status didn't change after the monthly evaluation. After reaching out to Customer Support I was told that becoming a Pro Level seller isn't actually guaranteed and that it's a manual selection process. I wondered if maybe because it's a manual process that it takes extra time and maybe I'm just not approved yet? Or if there is something I need to adjust on my profile to meet the requirements. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!!
  4. I've been selling on fiverr for a couple of years now, and a little after starting out I submitted an application to become PRO, just because I thought I would receive some sort of message of rejection or something, but I wasn't ready and got rejected. It's been 2 years and I have now worked with major clients and have studied more how to get in the program, but when I try to make a new application, all I can do is see my old one that was really just supposed to be a test. Can anyone tell me how to apply again? Or is this a once in a lifetime situation and I blew my shot?
  5. Hi there! It's been a long time since I joined this platform. I was an active user and earned some money; my Gig holds a good ranking. Now it's been two years since I have to pause my Gigs. I did update my Gigs according to new standards, but I am not getting impressions or orders like I used to; it looks like my Gigs are not even listed in the search anymore; I need some pro tips to get back in the game. Regards
  6. it is quite a nice journey for me. I am happy cause I am now pro verified. Thank you guys for helping me. Look forward to working hard and get more success.
  7. I haven't been on fiverr very long, but a week ago I came across a seller that had displayed work in his gigs from at least 23 different unaware artists; none of whom have fiverr accounts. Is that a common occurrence with non-vetted sellers and are vetted sellers vetted in that area?
  8. Hello. I currently run a only one gig, which is a pro gig focused on 3D modelling and texturing mostly. 3D art is not my only expertise as I am also a videographer, VFX and motion graphics artist. I was wondering if it's possible to apply for multiple pro gigs? I would like to have one for video production and another one for drone tracking overlays. Thank you, Andrei
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