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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, I'm a Fiverr Seller from Austria (local currency is €) and I want to ditch PayPal currency conversion from USD to Euro because it is straight up robbery. I have a TransferWise account in USD but no way of linking it to my PayPal account because it is an European PayPal account. Would my best option be to ditch PayPal completely and use Payoneer instead? Can anyone confirm that I'll be able to add my Wise bank account in USD to Payoneer without problems? Is someone currently living in Europe using a withdrawal setup like this and can confirm? Fiverr $ -> Payoneer $ -> Wise $ -> Wise € -> European Bank Account € Thanks! Daniel
  2. My country cannot use Paypal to receive payment right now and I can't keep Payoneer account active. Can I leave my money in Fiverr account without payout methods?
  3. Hello guys i can't withdraw to both payoneer, it keeps saying 'waiting for card issuer approval' and i can't withdraw to paypal also, it keeps telling me 'withdrawal is not complete, contact support' i contacted support but nothing has been done, what can i do please
  4. Is there anybody tell me how I can remove my all-payment methods from my account, because I wanna add new accounts there? Thanks in advance
  5. Today I was under the illusion that by connecting my bank to fiverr I would have more money since paypal takes a lot of money to withdraw,instead I find out that I will have the same amount of money in euros in both cases. Please someone help me.I have 1366 dolars and it becomes 1314 in both cases bank and paypal . I did not work hard for this.
  6. How can i switch from my PayPal account to Payoneer? Is there any way to change it? I used to use my brother's PayPal account for withdrawals, But I can not use that now for some reason. So I want to add my Payoneer account.
  7. Hi Everyone. By mistake, I have withdrawn money from Fiverr to PayPal. I have no PayPal account, instead of PayPal I just wanted to withdraw my money to my Payoneer account. kindly someone helps me and guide me on how to refund my money to my Fiverr balance and how long it will take to refund my money to my Fiverr balance. Remember PayPal is not available in my country.
  8. Hey there, I need to change my PayPal adress to make a withdrawal. After entering a new adress and saving it, an orange information shows up saying I'd receive an e-mail with further instructions. I do not receive any e-mail, and changing my new adress is not being saved. I've been trying for several days now. The customer "support" only says "are you checking your right e-mail account" and is not helpful in any way. How can I access my money? Thanks!
  9. Hello, I live in the United States and recently (maybe past two weeks) I have been unable to purchase anything from Indonesia. I use PayPal as I do not have a credit/debit card. This only seems to be affecting orders from sellers in Indonesia, any other country it works fine. I was wondering if anybody else is having this issue and what I can do to resolve it. Thanks!
  10. Is it no longer possible to withdraw your money if you're from Russia? Payoneer and PayPal both have stopped working 😞
  11. Has there been an official statement or explanation on the implication of the new law in the US regarding Paypal having to report any transactions over $600? I know only transactions labelled "Goods and Services" are subject to that reporting, and I would have to imagine that how it is designated when being sent from Fiverr to Paypal, but I have not seen any official response/statement/documentation to that effect. Any thoughts?
  12. Hi i am a new seller and have a doubt "payoneer or paypal is best for asian's please share your experience
  13. Hi to everyone, I received a refund from a canceled order and it is already visible on my Fiverr balance, I want to spend this money on my PayPal account, but the dashboard does not show me the balance to be able to withdraw it is a matter of time or other steps need to be taken ? Thanks in advance for your answers
  14. I have mistakenly withdraw funds to email address not valid on PayPal and now I'm not able to access the funds. Is there a possibility of fund reversal from PayPal to fiverr?
  15. Hi, please am having issues withdrawing some funds through Paypal. Anytime I click on withdraw button, it tells me that 'withdrawal was not completed. Please try again or contact customer support for more details. Thank you
  16. Hello, Anytime I try to add my PayPal account, the link sent to my mail just reroutes me to my dashboard without connecting. What can I do?
  17. Hello everyone, I have requested and verified my withdrawal on July 2nd through PayPal. That was my first transaction through PayPal but the payment not received yet even after two weeks. Do I have to upgrade my account to Business to complete it or is there any problem from my side? I have already contacted them but they just replied with many FAQs which are not satisfactory. Please advice me a solution. Thanks in advance for your time and help. Regards
  18. I find it unable to withdraw my last 16 dollars into paypal account. Tried it several times, but every time ended up failed. Help me to get through this.
  19. Dear friends, I'm new seller at fiver. As my country don't support paypal officially, can i integrate my friend's paypal account with my fiverr account? (fyi, my friend lives in the US and he doesn't work at any online marketplace, he is a job holder.) I live in an asian country. I'm just intended to use his paypal account as mine, he has full permission in that case. Is there any problem or fiverr policy regarding that? I'm new to fiverr and humbly work here in the long term so i don't want to violate any kinds of fiverr policy, Please help me with my query whoever is sure about my ask, Thank you.
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