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Found 5 results

  1. I'm taking a few well-earned days off. It got me thinking: many sellers/freelancers struggle with this. Taking time off is scary, especially on Fiverr. If you activate the dreaded "out of office"/"I'm unavailable" mode on your profile, your gigs disappear from the search results. It can take days or even weeks before you get back to your regular revenue stream when you get back. Fiverr rewards sellers who sell. So by not selling, you set yourself up for less business, not to mention that the projects you would have picked up if you were available will go to other sellers. Even so, we have to take time off to stay sane. Here are a few tips to make your days off easier: #1 - Plan ahead Start planning now if you know you're taking a week off next month. Make sure you don't get overbooked. Increase your delivery times when appropriate. Make sure you include days off in case you need it on large projects. #2 - Inform your regular buyers if you have active orders/upcoming projects If you're currently working with some regular buyers on orders, inform them about your days off. They might expect you to be available next week for new projects or follow-ups. By telling them, they can plan accordingly, and you avoid getting questions from your regulars about a new project during your time off. Don't message sellers you don't have active or on-going work with. They don't need to know and you risk annoying them. #3 - Decide if you want to be available to take orders or not If you're just gone for a couple of days, increasing your delivery time might be a good idea instead of activating "out of office" mode. That way, you're still active and working on Fiverr. When you activate "out of office", you're gone from Fiverr. If you're willing to respond to all messages quickly while away, you can maintain some normality for yourself and your buyers during and after your time off. Make sure to follow #1 if you do this. If you're gone for more than a few days, increased delivery times may be unreasonable to your buyers and give the impression that you're slow. I tend to use out-of-office for anything more than a single day. If I just want Wednesday off to be with the family, I'll increase my deadlines on custom orders and gigs by an extra day instead. # 4 - Budget your days off Calculate your average hourly salary and how many work hours you'll miss by being off for your set amount of time per year. The amount you're left with should be added to your rates. If you miss 10% of your salary yearly because of days off, bake that into your gig prices. Don't forget that we tend to spend more while on vacation. Add that, too! #5 - Ramp it up! For large projects with longer deadlines, you could ramp up production a few weeks ahead of your days off. It can be a good option if you wish to clear your dashboard before going away but requires you to work more in the weeks leading up to your vacation. #6 - Time it right Try to take your days off when it's quiet on Fiverr. That means weekends, bank holidays and so on. Make sure you check when important buyer countries have their days off. It might differ in your country. For example, there is no bank holiday in western countries during the Islamic holiday Eid Al-Fitr, and while most western countries have days off during Christmas, this might not be the case in your country if you don't celebrate Christmas. And now it's time for me to sign off. This awaits me for the next three days:
  2. I need to stop my Gigs from showing up on the search. All Sellers do when they're overwhelmed with too many Orders, or when they're busy for any other reason. So, I tried the "Unavailable" feature. The result ... complete frustration. First, let me explain what this feature did: 1- It stopped my Gigs from showing on up on the search, which is what I wanted (Good). 2- Listen to this, I sent a Custom Offer to one of my regular clients but he couldn't accept it. Why? The following message showed up to him, "This Seller is Unavailable and isn't accepting any Orders at the moment". Even though I (The Seller) am the one who sent the Custom Offer. (Well, it's an understandable bug. They just blocked all Orders without making an exception for Custom Offers.) 3- Here, the comedy begins. I found out that I can normally send messages on the chat but I can't receive them. And when I say can't, I mean that Fiverr automatically deletes messages sent to me by Buyers. (Absurd) So, when a Buyer sends me a message, he faces no problems. But once he closes the chat and reopens it, he won't find the messages he just sent. The problem is that most Buyers won't reopen the chat and will assume that I'm ignoring them. Think about it, what would my clients think when they text me and get no response, without noticing that I didn't receive their messages?! - And here is another comedic part. When I was setting my account as "Unavailable", there was a checkbox stating, "Enable new Buyers on Fiverr to contact me". It doesn't make any sense, how can new Buyers contact me while they even can't find my Gigs in the search? Isn't hiding Gigs from the search the purpose of being Unavailable? As frustrated as I was, I came to the forums to look for a solution. Only to find several topics posted under different sections (Fiverr Questions/Report Bugs/Suggestion) having the same problem that I'm facing. Here is some of them, Before, there was a feature called "Out of office". When we activated it, our Gigs no longer appeared to Buyers while we could use all of Fiverr's features. WE COULD USE THE CHAT NORMALLY, and we could send Custom Offers to only receive the Orders that we could (or want to) complete. But now all we have is the stupid "Unavailable" feature. To summarize, the "Unavailable" feature is useless. We need a feature that hides our Gigs while allowing us to keep our regular clients and receive messages from them.
  3. Hi guys! Hope everyone is safe and healthy. I'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice here. So I've been selling on Fiverr since 2015. Over the years, I've used vacation mode/out of office mode/availability mode...all the different names they've had for it. I used to use it every weekend. Then, back in March 2021, I used it for one weekend and then subsequently vanished from search results for over 10 weeks. I applied for Fiverr Pro back then and got approved (crazy how my gigs "weren't good enough" to show in search results but then I get approved for Fiverr Pro LOL) and I was back in search within days of becoming Fiverr Pro. Obviously, when this happened, I vowed never to use OOO again. But now, I'm burnt out beyond belief. All I do is work, and I have no time for my family and daughter. My inability to use OOO is ruining my personal life. I want to test the mode again because I've heard they've made changes to it, so it doesn't unjustly affect your ranking. Does anyone know if this is true? I mean, we can't be expected to work non-stop without a break for years on end. I'm grateful for all the work, but I'm also losing my sanity. I'm a TRS with 15,000 completed orders and almost 10,000 5-star reviews. Back when I vanished from search, I contacted Fiverr support incessantly and they insisted they couldn't help me because "showing up in search isn't guaranteed". But I mean, when you search "Copywriting", I have always been in the top row from day one (until I used OOO). Anyway, so I'm scared of vanishing from search again, but I'm also on the verge of a mental breakdown LOL. Has anyone used OOO lately with success...? All I want is a day or two off to recharge my batteries, and - of course - one would need to activate OOO about a week before your planned time off to slow down the order-train in advance. Sigh. Thanks so much in advance for any advice anyone can offer. @frank_dI know this is something you've discussed in the past, if you have any advice here. Much love to all.
  4. Hi there! I've been in the game for a couple of years. But, still I cannot keep up my consistency on receiving orders. There was a super video editing gig, it was great. But after 30 days out of the office, all went down. Now the gig won't even sell once!!! Why is my top performing gig is dead now. Even Fiverr knows that I provide top notch, but they don't let me have this!!! I am so frustrated with these stuff guys.... Any ideas?
  5. Hi Mates , Today I've come for taking help in a topic. Someday before I was so much sick, that's why I've taken a leave from my works in fiverr. And started out of office mode. In that time I was so much sick that I can't completed my running order and a buyer canceled an order. Whenever I get back in fiverr I see that my Gigs are lost their rank. Now I'm asking you, how I can get back the previous rank of my gigs? Please send your value able reply, so that it can help me, also the other seller who facing this circumstance.
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