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Found 9 results

  1. Need suggestions! 22 days ago I got an order about social media posting/managing. I'm working hard. And the order is for ONE month. 8 days are remain. Now buyer is forcing me for promote her books and bring to sell. Even she already sent me a dispute and I canceled her request. Now I'm in tension, what should I do if she will send me the dispute request again on 8 working days. Need some direction. best regards, jahan
  2. Hi, I am recently working with a client who joined Fiverr in 2017 but has no review/rating on his profile. He gave me an article to write. I have written each and everything according to his provided instruction and discussed all the points given in outline. But now when I have delivered, he is demanding extra work (worth equal to the placed order) without increasing the budget. I need your suggestion in this regard. How should I proceed with this client and task. Thank you!
  3. Hi recently some of my (3) orders marked as very late (38 days) Due to personal reason I was inactive and buyer was fine to allow me the time. I forgot to send the time extension request but now I cant see any time extension in the resolution center, can anyone tell me what should I do now ?
  4. Hi, I have a question. We know if any seller open a dispute for cancellation but buyer not response the order will be cancelled in 3 days. What if, by this time the expected delivery time ended? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi all, what should I do now after having this experience? It's really feeling bad, I worked hard the whole day for only a $8 dollar order as it was my first order in Fiverr. He took revisions as per his requirement, send it, then he raised the dispute after getting what he needs. Any suggestion, what can I do? Money is not a matter, just I don't want any bad impression to my profile or Gig.
  6. My profile is down! How to rank my profile again and get more order from Fiverr? What should I do to rank my profile? Two orders have been canceled. What should I do now? Now what if I get orders from regular Fiverr? Is there a solution? Let's get the right advice. Thanks. seodesign3
  7. Hi everyone, I’m facing a problem regarding an order, yesterday A new client send me a message for tutoring a finance subject. And he place a order of $5 per hour, which I rejected with the incomplete instructions. She said that it is just for introduction to each other. And client again place the order with instructions. I send her a link for tutoring but she send me order cancellation with out any discussion. I clearly mentioned her that I just help her in tutoring nothing else related to academic’s. What can I do not after going to dispue?
  8. I am level one seller. I want to know more about how to avoid order cancellation. Even though you are giving your best to the clients , but still they demand of cancellation. You know fiverr always support buyer, so in this scenario how to avoid cancellation. Thanks
  9. I asked buyer that this project will take at least one week to be completed but He gave me 2 days at that I accepted, Now project was being late. I cancelled it... Will it effect my business?
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