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Found 16 results

  1. Last few months I don’t get any orders. I was level two seller but I never marketed or shared any of my gigs ever. Most of the time I got the orders at buyer request. Last three months ago I got a client who place the order twice without discussion and when I was working on the order she suddenly cancels it and told me right now she didn’t want the design, of some personal issues. She will be back very soon when she solves all her problems. For this cancellation, I lose my gig rankings. And within 2-3 days my gig was placed on the last page. I lost my level 2 badge. I didn’t get any order and next month I lost my level 1 badge. Right now I am a new seller. How should I get clients, and get maximum orders, please give me some suggestions? 😔 Thank you -Jannat Kashfia
  2. I am a new seller. My first order was canceled by the buyer himself, as to deal with another seller. will there be any problem with my account now for order cancellation?
  3. I want to ask a question Can Fiverr support, support me and help me win a my order for me. Have did what the buyer want but he requested for more and more work in return of cancellation the order... Please what can I do please
  4. The customer place the order without any communication. And them send me the illegal content to publish in media, so I have to cancel it. My order is canceled under such circumstances, so I would like to reach out to Customer Support to remove the effect of the cancellation on my account.
  5. Please understand the work well before taking the order, then work. Then the order will not be canceled. It is often seen that the buyer goes straight to the order but you can't do the job or you don't know. In that case, there is nothing to do. You must cancel the order. You can write in Gig Requirement (don't order without contacting me) Thank you very much.
  6. I received the 1st order from a seller 4 days after opening the account. The task was much easier for me. He had three requirements. I finish two of them very quickly. Go to the other one and go after the problem. After trying all night, I couldn't solve the problem. He couldn't even try it. I think there was a bug on his website. And the web site was running, so there was no opportunity to deactivate the other plugin. He understood the matter. Which is why he didn't give me any bad reviews. He mutually canceled the order. Now it will be okay for me to work on this new account. Or I will make a new account. Please help me 😞
  7. I am new to Fiverr. This is the first time the buyer requested for cancellation and I accepted the cancellation. Now, in my cancelled orders section it shows earning in negative. Whereas the buyer didn't even pay me for that order. So, is that negative amount gonna get deducted through my upcoming earnings?
  8. Hi, I have a question. We know if any seller open a dispute for cancellation but buyer not response the order will be cancelled in 3 days. What if, by this time the expected delivery time ended? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello I'm Fiverr new seller. I want to know that Which is the best way order cancel or take unacceptable reviews? Would you please share your personal experience? Thanks
  10. My buyer placed an order for me but he did not give me full access. So if I cancel this command from Fiverr support. Will the buyer get his full dollar back?
  11. We are very disappointed if the order is canceled. In fact, there is nothing to be disappointed in here. In our local marketplace, we often return the product after buying it. However, if the order is canceled, the gig will be down. you have to work with more than one gig here. As if one gig is down, the other gig is in Rank. And so you will always have your order. Thanks happy freelancing 🙂
  12. My Name is Nahid and I am a Level 2 seller on fiverr. I earned more than $40k in just one year on fiverr. I used to be in the first place at first page on search result. But suddenly yesterday my gig de-ranked. Also my gig promotion service turned off automatically. Its showing unqualified now. My gig is not available in the rearch result not even in 20 page. I was so depressed and I was searching for the solution. The worstcase scenario is I see so many sellers facing the same problem. I contacted with support as well but they did not clearly mentioned any valid reason. So I decided to find it myself. The most common reason of ranking down is the order cancellation. I contacted with so many sellers with same problem and they told they cancelled 1-2 orders for having too much pressure and unexpected orders. I cancelled my orders from fiverr support and Never loose any ratings on profile. But it causes my profile down. Please be aware when you are taking orders. Any cancellation can be harmful for your career.
  13. I am level one seller. I want to know more about how to avoid order cancellation. Even though you are giving your best to the clients , but still they demand of cancellation. You know fiverr always support buyer, so in this scenario how to avoid cancellation. Thanks
  14. Hi everyone, Hi everyone, Anybody here can help me, How is order cancellation works? There are someone wrongly place order to my gigs and before I see that Fiverr itself has cancelled the order. Because of this incident now my order completion showing 86% although immediate right after that incident (a few days ago) it was showing 92% . How to ask Fiverr to solve this problem. There are someone wrongly place order to my gigs and before I see that Fiverr itself has cancelled the order. Because of this incident now my order completion showing 86% although immediate right after that incident (a few days ago) it was showing 92% . How to ask Fiverr to solve this problem.
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