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Found 16 results

  1. Showing "Online" or "Offline" in the fiverr chat is fine and working all good. But if you open a buyer, or a seller's profile, it always shows that they are online. Even when they are not. Attached screenshot.
  2. Nowadays I am facing a problem that's why I am getting no messages from the buyers. Instead of showing me online, Fiverr is showing me offline when I am staying online. Fiverr is not showing the green icon on the top right corner of my photo. How can I rescue my account from this problem? Is there anything to do for me? If you have any suggestions, please share them with me.
  3. None of my gigs are doing online shows. What can I do?
  4. see my screenshot that I am still online but none of my gig is showing online search result. What should I do now? I have tried many possible ways but not working. I saw some solutions on Forums but not solved yet. My question is: 1) Why does not showing? 2) Why its happening?
  5. Hi everyone. I am facing a problem with my online status. Despite being online in Fiverr mobile app and on the desktop, when I check my profile and my gigs I am not shown as I am online. I am facing a serious dip in my orders and my impressions for the past 2 months because of this. someone, please suggest a solution for this problem.
  6. Whenever I search my gig using keywords it shows on the first page of Fiverr. But when i apply the online status filter my gig doesn’t show even though my profile is online. I have set my online status on both mobile app and my web profile.
  7. Bug Description: I want to see my client profile who have not been active for the last five years. I notice that the user profile shows online status. Step to Reproduce: Open your browser and go to https://www.fiverr.com/ Login with your username and password Go to any client's profile Observe the error, showing online but this client is not opened Fiverr last five years. Expected Result: Online section should be hidden while the user is not browsing Fiverr.
  8. Hallo, Past 1 day I get 1 Order and I complete as the buyer Requirements. But the Buyer is not come in Online and he give no feedback my work. So, now what can I do for it?
  9. Which Time fiverr counted online the seller(Bangladesh Time)
  10. ▶️Many times when I am out of the house, I login with Fiverr apps on my mobile. I want to know if the main account counts on when the app is on? Thanks
  11. By accident I changed my availability! Does anyone know fiverr contact info ...To amend this because it has me offline but I am available!!
  12. There should be some call feature on fiverr too. Or something similar.
  13. Welcome my profile get to order I am happy and you happy My opportunity https://www.fiverr.com/share/jpmEPV
  14. My Fiverr App has been having these three issues for the past 3 days. 1. Wrong time on the app. Its 2:50 am now, but my app is showing 6:50 pm. 2. My buyers that just message me now, whenever I check their last seen. It shows over 1 hour ago. And myself, whenever I check my online status on the app even when I'm online. It shows me that I was online some hours ago. Thereby making me not to get orders and buyers won't message me, thinking that I'm offline. 3. My online green mark won't show even when I'm online- this also has caused me not to have any order for the past 4 days. Buyers won't message me thinking I'm not online. I have no sale for almost a week now. All these issues are really too much for me, as s level 2 seller who is an active fiverr seller. I have not be able to sleep, as this is giving me lots of concern. I've cleared phone cache, done every necessary thing, but nothing. Please help me. What might be the cause
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