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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone: So I'm a new seller and I've had three potential clients and a bunch of scammers. One of the buyers was a professional writer, one was an artist and one was a newbie writer. I have a Beta/Sensitivity Reading gig so I'm wondering if I felt more comfortable with the writers? IDK. Anyway, none of these clients had a review because they're all new. My first client was pretty on point: she explained what she wanted, got me her docs (and even when she had a problem uploading it), she waited patiently for Fiverr support to help. THANK GOODNESS! The second potential buyer was an artist who requested things that were not a part of my "typical" gig package (although I could do it within the THEME of my package). I normally review writings and he wanted me to review "some writing" but with a bunch of photos. He kept going back and forth and after I would answer him, he would go invisible. Then, he would show up again, kind of asking for the same types of stuff but at a much, much lower rate. Because I didn't know we could just say "no" to people we felt we wouldn't work well with, I continued to try to please this potential buyer. He eventually requested a custom order (for more than 60% lower than what he should have paid) but since I cut out a bunch of actions, I put it down to the lowest amount I could take but kept the delivery days the same. After writing up the extensive custom order, he didn't respond. LOL. I even went back to him and asked him if he had received the order and if he had additional questions. But..... he ghosted me! lol. A few days later, I went to remove him from my message inbox and saw that he had a rating. He had selected another person to do his gig. And she was charging WAY less than me. Like, pennies. She gave him a 5 star review and he gave her a 4 star review. I don't know if she was adequate or if he was trying to get what he wanted done at a cheap rate and found out that he couldn't get it done. Sad. Anyway, I archived his messages and blocked him. The third buyer was also a writer. Again, I think I just vibe a little better with writers because I am a writer and I kind of understand a little more of what they're probably looking for (if that makes sense). Anyway, this time, I found myself asking a few more questions about his project and what inspired him to do the project. I felt that by askinig some questions, I might get to see a little bit more of what type of buyer I was dealing with in order to make a better decision as to if the buyer and I could really work together in a positive way. I'm happy to say that he seems real cool and he hired me and I accepted his project: a win-win. So after all of this, here's my question: What do you look for in a buyer when they have no reviews and you're trying to gauge if they would be a good "fit" for working with you? Thanks in advance for any responses!
  2. The client placed an order but didn't fill in the requirements so I can't start working on it. I sent a message asking for details but there is no answer. What should I do?
  3. Hi, i currently have an ongoing order from a client and they are refusing to accept the order and keep delaying the order i delivered the client keeps asking for a revision without providing any reason and keeps delaying the order, i delivered the order on 22 april and the client has since been requesting a revision and not providing anything else other than to wait and he's getting to it the client also does not let the order be auto completed in 3 days and fiverr support does not do anything other to tell me to contact a buyer who does not respond other than the revision text which is usually just 'will review and get back to you tommorow'
  4. Hi, I am Ava. Its been over 2 years since i joined fiverr and at starting I got 3-4 order and now I am facing a issue of recieving no response from the buyer. I have replied to offers ( 600 answered till now ) and even I respond with all details and about their work and pricing. Can anyone check my profile and tell me what I should have to do in order to recieve orders. Thank you in advance, Ava
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