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Found 20 results

  1. So, I started my Fiverr journey a month back. I got 4 orders in the first few weeks and then no order at all despite showing 100% rating in each. Also, I am expert at what I do and in dealing with customers. But then suddenly all the orders disappeared! No order in 2 weeks now despite my gig ranking on 1st page and getting 700-800 impressions a week. A friend of mine reported the exact same issue. What could be the possible reason? Thank you all, in advance, for your opinion.
  2. Hi everyone!I signed up on Fiverr during 2018. After few days, I stopped operating the account due to no order, so i started job in local company .I revived my Fiverr about 6 months back and actively involved in Fiverr activities. But I became very disappointed for not getting even a single order. Although I had no choice except to revive and use my initiI’ll be immensely grateful if I get good advices on this crucial issue.Thank you
  3. Have you encountered buyers who just chat and waste your time and never place an order? They come and talk to just waste your time and keep on asking questions but have no intention to order. Have you encountered such people?
  4. Dear expert sellers. I am on Fiverr since covid-19, however, I am unable to get orders continuously. I have made changes to my gigs several times but all in vain. Below, I am giving my gigs' links. https://www.fiverr.com/users/haseen84/manage_gigs/assist-in-statistical-data-analysis-visualization-in-excel-stata-spss/edit?step=0 https://www.fiverr.com/users/haseen84/manage_gigs/do-quantitative-data-analysis-interpretation-stata/edit?step=0 Please, if you can spare some time and give me some valuable suggestions/recommendation for the improvement of the gigs. Any help will be highly appreciated. Best!
  5. hi, I am a new seller in Fiverr I create my first gig 40 days ago. Now I have 3 gigs on my account. now my gig impression & click are going down & no order. What should I do now & what's the problem with my gigs? Can you give me any suggestions? my gig link: https://www.fiverr.com/share/yw5WD5 thankyou
  6. I've completed 9 projects since publishing Gig last month, all of which have a 5-star rating. There is no warning in my account. But this month my gig impressions have diminished and there is no order, What should I do now?
  7. How to increase sell in December? Any suggest anyone Thank you
  8. It's been 4 months since I opened the gig, but no order has come yet. No click. What is the reason?
  9. Hello guys, I am facing problem that that I have completed 12 orders on fiver with excellent ratings and reviews but I haven't received any orders in the month of November. I can't see buyer requests for my niche. Please somebody suggest me what am I missing or what should I do?
  10. Hi, I am Md Sanaullah Mondol. I spend lot's of time on fiverr & try to active at least 12 hours a day. But as a seller i am now disappointed. For last 4 Months i don't get any single order.. Can anyone tell me why this happened.
  11. From two month no improvement in impression or clicks... need suggestions
  12. I have been working on fiverr last six month. I have tried a lot to bring my gig on the first page on fiverr. But still I am not getting order. Can any body help me what is the problem??
  13. Its been almost 4 months since I joined FIverr. I have tried almost everything but I haven't received my first order yet. I will really appreciate any tips that could help me get my 1st order.
  14. i am a new seller , I send requests of 5-6 buyers daily, I have been waiting online for a long time, but I have not even got an order yet so I am very upset, can anyone comfort me? It is very difficult to get orders as new sellers on Fiverr😔
  15. No Buyer Request, No Promotional Gig Option Active , No level Badge , No Ranked GIG and result is I have no order.What should I do Now?
  16. Hello everyone, hope all are alright. Nowdays almost everyone are facing one biggest is no order and for this reason mostly sellers are loosing there gig ranking. What steps we should take to fix it ?
  17. I am not getting any order from last month and my impression,click isn't increasing it's really painful when i try every kind of marketing . Can anyone help me ?? Thanks in advance
  18. Hello everyone, I hope all are well. I am well too. I am a full stack web developer and works in WordPress and programming field. When I created this account with a gig I got many orders as a new seller but unfortunately someone copied one of my best selling gig and after that I lost all of the orders. I reported that gig and now waiting for new orders. I need your help to stand out in this marketplace and do better from others. Please share some tips and tricks which will help me to standout in this market and will be able to earn name and fame by highly professional work. Right now I have deleted all those gigs which I didn't get any order and doing research in the marketplace in very low competition keywords. I hope all will help me that how to resolve this situation and also stand out in this marketplace by sharing your experience
  19. I am a level 2 seller, 20 days ago i was receiving 3-4 order per day and 10-15 inquiries per day but suddenly i am not receiving any inquiry or order. Can someone tell me why? 1. no order cancellation 2. no warning 3. 100% on time delivery.
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