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Found 20 results

  1. Am level one seller, suddenly impressions and clicks for the gigs, drastically come down to zero after did some changes in gig description. Has anyone faced similar issue? I would like to know the reason and overcome it please. Thanks.
  2. Hey, I discovered this community a while ago, and was pleasantly surprised😳 Is there really a community where people share their experiences and expertise 🤔??? Well, I'll get to the topic. I've been on Fiverr for a whole year. My services have been posted, but to no avail. I left Fiverr for a month, then came back and saw that a client had requested my service. I answered, but I missed my chance because I was late for it.😬 .. This is my story for a whole year, and I am here to sell my services, which I am working hard on, but to no avail, Sorry for the spelling errors.. Translated by Google, with my sincere regards See that before leave ; ] and some little advice ❤️
  3. Since 2018 I am working in the Fiverr marketplace around 2019 I Got Level 1 and since then I am not getting any new client offers after getting level 1. all order get from old clients before getting level one I got the maximum work and after completing all those work I level 2. but one thing is that since I got level one I still have no new client work and no new client messages coming to me this is really important because this is totally unacceptable. I have had no new clients since I got to level 1. I am not getting any offers or messages. what can I do so I will get orders and messages again like before when I was a new seller one more thing to note is that since I received level one the click, Impression, and view have completely gone down which is impossible to imagine. I am wanting to be rid of it. Want how to get rid of hope everyone helps me. you can check my accountThanksRaihan
  4. Its been 6 months i open my fiver account and published a gig 2 month ago, till now i don't get any order. How to get any order ? Please anyone help me!
  5. I've created my account on October 2021, only completed a few job and had four 5 star review on a gig. I'm not getting any job or click on my 7 gigs. I think I have opened my gig on the wrong category that's why I'm not getting order for so long even though my gig was on the first page. Now my question is "can I delete my account and create a new account on the same PC with having the same Wi-Fi ?". is it worthy deleting the account and create a new one ?? PLEASE HELP ME WITH YOUR ADVICE
  6. I've spent 1 year on Fiverr and not gotten any single order on Fiverr. I've read several forums and blogs in which designers advise updating gig titles, descriptions, images, and prices to rank and get fast orders but all flops. I don't know what is the reason. My gig impression does not increase more than 20 but decreases suddenly. My Gigs: 1) https://www.fiverr.com/rightchoice515/design-fabulous-luxury-stunning-marvelous-creative-stylish-unique-business-card 2) https://www.fiverr.com/rightchoice515/create-a-modern-creative-stylish-minimal-cv-or-resume-design If anyone knows what is a fault then please guide me. Regards
  7. My account has been over 3 month now without no order, low impression, low clicks
  8. How do you increase your income on Fiverr? Actually, I've also had a month's income that really plummeted, if I'm not mistaken it was June 2021. This was one thing that confused me before. How could that be? Last month was busy, how come the month of June was always as quiet as ever, after breaking up with a girlfriend. Anyway, I'm really confused! Usually 5-10 orders come in a day, this is only 1 at all, sometimes there are none at all. What happen? After thinking for so long, I finally released this move. What is it? ️ PROMOTION AGAIN! someone suggested actually for a paid Google ads promo etc. But here, I just want to tell you how the free promo is for NEW sellers who don't have orders. I really use social media here as a means of promotion. Remember this doesn't pay anything, maybe if you want to know about those who pay, there are more pro ones to explain. You know, we are based on experience. ️ TIPS TO INCREASE INCOME WITH SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION. 1. Facebook On Facebook, there are so many people that we can make easy targets to get closing. Easy Way: Find the Person/Group/Page that matches the Gigs we have. Example: your gigs are about NFT manufacturing services, so you can join NFT groups. But remember, don't sell hard, use subtle methods. I used to have pet gigs. Join the Animal lovers group. Can be in messenger or in the comments, I don't offer my products right away, I will first praise how cute their pets are, if they respond well, they can just inbox them. But still, don't immediately say "I HAVE GOOD THINGS HERE" No, those who are blocked, you're sorry. Just ask the news first, just repeat the praise for the pet. After he feels comfortable, then offer "Sis, I think it would be even better if I turned my pet into a cartoon. It must be really funny” Drop the portfolio, don't add too many, just enough so that he can imagine what the drawing will be. Plus, give us the Fiverr link for sale. Don't be surprised if there are many rejections, at least they click on our sales link. Impression is quite add right. and at least they know we exist and sell it. Remember Don't SPAM it's very annoying! 2. Instagram Based on my experience, how do I do free promotions on Instagram and how do I find potential buyers? Check hashtags that match gigs, For example #doglover, a post that fits the tag will appear, so don't choose TOP but choose the recent one. Why ? Because recent is a post that someone just uploaded, so it's possible that the account is still online. Do the steps above that I explain on facebook! Don't be so grumpy, ask nicely first “hey, ur pet is so cute. How are you?” Don't be like this "I'm selling pet cartoons, do you want to buy it?" Dont try it. Trust Me, they will immediately feel uncomfortable. At least we were very friendly in the beginning. 3. Pinterest On Pinterest, I'm not very detailed, I'm just making a board that contains our work and most importantly our Fiverr link must be linked to the image. Because if someone is interested in our work, they just need to click on the link. 4 Twitter Because on Twitter we can't send messages to everyone. So I'm going to make a thread about what we sell and don't forget to use hashtags about our gigs or Fiverr. And don't forget to also add a link, so people who are lazy to ask can just click on the link. ️ 5. Fiverr . Forums This can also be used for free promotions, you know. Actually Fiverr provides this also for indirect promotional events. In this Fiverr forum, you can upload your portfolio with an interesting caption and don't forget to include your selling link. Ok, that's just a few things I did, the result was that the sales prospects went up again, the following month. Alhamdulillah. Remember, don't spam, give me a break if you want to bid. And use polite and friendly language, don't be rude. Share if it's useful!
  9. I created my Fiverr account almost 3 years ago my First order was from Facebook to Fiverr and after some time I got a buyer and I worked with him almost 2 years and have 10 orders with him In that two years I don't get any other buyer I got reviews on my gigs but I didn't get any orders form other buyers Now my repeat buyers don't have work and I can clearly see that my gigs which have reviews are not performing I have tried by changing title description and tags but not getting results now I am thinking of creating new gigs and may be new account ? What are your suggestions on this 1: Should I make a new account ? 2: Should I delete my gigs and create new ones ? 3 : Should I change the title and discription of gigs ? Thanks In advance 😊
  10. am new in freelancing and create 2 gigs but in 14 days just 2 clicks and impression 220, 105 impression
  11. I dont know why My impression falling Down, its make My order Very quite, no one NEW buyer message Me. Its happen after I register to Be seller plus. my gigs suddenly can't use the promoted gigs feature. can anyone give me a solution? this is My account www.Fiverr.com/titansign
  12. hi, I am a new seller in Fiverr I create my first gig 40 days ago. Now I have 3 gigs on my account. now my gig impression & click are going down & no order. What should I do now & what's the problem with my gigs? Can you give me any suggestions? my gig link: https://www.fiverr.com/share/yw5WD5 thankyou
  13. I've completed 9 projects since publishing Gig last month, all of which have a 5-star rating. There is no warning in my account. But this month my gig impressions have diminished and there is no order, What should I do now?
  14. It's been 4 months since I opened the gig, but no order has come yet. No click. What is the reason?
  15. I have been working on fiverr last six month. I have tried a lot to bring my gig on the first page on fiverr. But still I am not getting order. Can any body help me what is the problem??
  16. Its been almost 4 months since I joined FIverr. I have tried almost everything but I haven't received my first order yet. I will really appreciate any tips that could help me get my 1st order.
  17. i am a new seller , I send requests of 5-6 buyers daily, I have been waiting online for a long time, but I have not even got an order yet so I am very upset, can anyone comfort me? It is very difficult to get orders as new sellers on Fiverr😔
  18. No Buyer Request, No Promotional Gig Option Active , No level Badge , No Ranked GIG and result is I have no order.What should I do Now?
  19. I am a level 2 seller, 20 days ago i was receiving 3-4 order per day and 10-15 inquiries per day but suddenly i am not receiving any inquiry or order. Can someone tell me why? 1. no order cancellation 2. no warning 3. 100% on time delivery.
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