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Found 12 results

  1. I'm looking NFTsCollection and nft experience with a
  2. this seller account will ask you to add more functions outside FIVERR platform.......ask you to talk outside FIVERR platform (telegram), ask you to pay more thru crypto..... pretend that they can do anything and professional, but all are rubbish....they will keep postponing the deadline, send you things without copyright that of course that's not their own work. Fxxking scammer crew!
  3. Greetings, I am Heaven. I create NFT art for living. A month ago I had a client who requested me to create 10k NFT images with metadata. My full price is $1000 for this package. The price was to much for them so I asked for $600 and 10 NFTs after the mint. We made the deal and I created the files, made the delivery. I asked them to check and they told me they were going to so I waited. The order was marked as complete and they never messaged me so I asked again. They again told me that they were checking it. Then they never came back. A month later, today, they reached out to me and told me that there was an issue with my metadata and they told me to give them $250 or fix the problem. I have been creating collections for clients and never faced an issue as such. And since I am not a programmer, I use a ready to go program as the generator. I tried to help them as much as I can. I have sent them layer files but they asked me to refund them $250 so they could hire a person to create metadata. Though, since it has been a month I cashed it out from the Fiverr so I am not able to pay them. In normal settings, I ask for extra $10 when it comes to metadata, you can check it on my gigs. I contacted fiverr support but nobody answered yet. However the time is limited since they have to make it ready to mint in 10 hours or so. As an artist, I feel extremely pressured and don't know what to do. Can please someone help me? Sincerely, Digital Artist Heaven.
  4. found this NFT artist on fiverr. ID : Kindlynf first of all. he send his other contact because he dont want to be paid on fiverr. talked to him about making an NFT, and hes asking more than his GIG on fiverr. which is unacceptable. asked why he charged more, and then he start cursing and swearing. deleted other convos to protect his fault. Please guys choose your seller wisely! Much love
  5. Recently my 3 gig's has been missing from the account ... 😞 is anyone know the reason for that?
  6. spymate


    is there any nft generators?
  7. Hi everyone, I am new user at Fiverr and I am very excited for this πŸ™†πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I created new gig , I have a question, so in which title can I advertise the gig? Thank you πŸ‘€
  8. Hello - i ordered an nft project from xxxxxx is in october. i asked him to make 100 nfts with a 1 month deadline. he sent me 20 nfts that looked amazing and told me the order would take longer than expected. he told me i would need to mark the order as completed and that he would complete my order if i gave him another month. so i waited another month and he further kept bouncing back excuses why he couldnt get to my order and that he needed time.. its now January and everything i did for this nft project has pretty much crumbled because he was taking too long and kept giving me excuses as to why he couldnt get to my order. i asked him to refund my purchase for the net that he did and what was remaining to be fair but instead he BLOCKED ME! it says he is no longer accepting messages at this time... what should i do!? because this i spent alot of money that he scammed out of! i also have pictures of our conversation...
  9. Hello Guys i hope you all have a wonderful dayπŸ˜€ am New Here on Fiverr and i want an advice from newbie or expert to improve my sell skills on fiverr Like tips about Price, Keywords, Title and thanks
  10. A warm he'll to all fiverr community members. Compliments of the season to you all. You suggestions and opinion is needed & will be appreciated.. Which of niche can you advise a new seller to create a gig on?..πŸ€” 1. Logo design 2. Nft art Design 3. Business card 4. Icon set Design 5. Flyers and poster.....πŸ€”
  11. Hello, senior & mate colleague. It's rasaqgraphics01. I wish you could all say one or two things about your experience with NFT art Design collections. Someone may gain from your contributions / insights. Thank you!
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