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  1. Hello I am Visith, I am a Graphic Designer with over 2 years of experience and I have been for while in Fiverr and haven't actually been able to get orders. I have a impression about 100 views per gig within 30 days and about 4 clicks per gig but I am not receiving any orders. Please can some one help me with my Gigs Fiverr Profile- https://www.fiverr.com/visith_i?up_rollout=true
  2. I published my GIG two weeks ago? Already sent couple of offer to buyers. But no reply from buyers. Any suggestion?
  3. Which gig is selling more now? I want to publish another new gig. Now on what subject can I do better if I publish gig? What to do to get gig rank and get first order quickly? Want expert advice.
  4. Today i got new order here is my gig link. please check my gig and let me know. how is it. link: https://www.fiverr.com/share/Rbg8aL
  5. I published a new gig. The opinion of the experts is important. My gig: https://www.fiverr.com/s2/b244b48972
  6. I am new seller on fiverr please suggest me. How to became a top rated seller.
  7. Hello friend I'm Shamima From Bangladesh. Recently join Fiverr as a seller, Also I'm new in Fiverr community. Please Support me as a Friend.
  8. Hi. 2 day ago I registered to the seller. As a new seller, I not receive any order. How I get order?
  9. I want to launch a new gig, but for a while now, all my gigs have been deranked. What is the advice. Should i abandon an account i have built and start afresh?
  10. What to do to get better at fiverr as new?
  11. I have a potential customer who contacted me a few days ago asking if I could complete a task for them. Since it was directly related to my Gig, I basically told them I'd be happy to and said they should place an order so we could discuss further requirements. They have not responded since. Should I send a follow up message, or is it most likely they found someone else to do their task?
  12. Today I create a new GIG. Now what I can do to get rank fast
  13. Hi! Every one, This is Prodip Moral here. I have joined Fiverr as new seller as SEO. Wish help and support from all of you in the forum. Link Show should I present my services in the gig. what should my activity as a new seller on Fiverr. How to success on fiverr etc. I have publish my first for Keyword research service. Can anyone see the gig and let me know the feedback is is okay or How and where I need to improve. To see My gig Click here. Thank you
  14. I am a new user. I opened my first gig two weeks ago. Till now, I have only got 128 impressions. How do I improve it? How do I SEO my gig? Please help me with this.
  15. Hello my name is Melissa and i am a new seller. check my gig please and tell me how can improve it to attract buyers😅 check my gig
  16. Hi, I'm new to the platform, I have activated three Gigs and I would like your advice on how to be successful in this world. Thank you
  17. I opened my gig on 19/12/2021. I'm marketing my gig but haven't received any orders yet. What do I do now? Please help me. Here is my gig, Please check this gig:- https://www.fiverr.com/rakibul_hasaan/build-ecommerce-website-ecommerce-website-online-store-or-woocommerce-website
  18. Hey! I've been on here and I've noticed I can't get any views. For my post, I'm offering services for producing music. I'm am even offering my services extremely cheap to get some reviews first and gain traction. I'd like to think I have a good gig and I'd also like to think I'm good at what I do. It ranks first page in the middle when the phrase "video game soundtrack" is searched. However, I only have 4 views on it in 4 days. It feels very difficult to get a sale if you don't even get views. Heres the link: https://www.fiverr.com/zachpcmr/create-an-original-soundtrack-for-your-video-game-or-project Please, any help, and critique is appreciated greatly. Thank you so much
  19. Hi Elders I'm new to the platform, I have activated two Gigs and I would like your advice on how to be successful in this world. Thank you
  20. 1/ Study about you. what can I do? 2/ Note down those Excel sheet or notepad. 3/Check the categories what are the service can to supply . 4.Check the Competition and How many sellers are there. 5/Get Good Decision about That and start. 6/Research about Tittle, Description and Tags & Price ranges. 6/Make Good Gig (good Tittle, Description and Tags). 7/Include own 3 imagers about the samples your category. (550*370 pixel) 6/Include Video and pdf file described about your samples and what you can do. Pdf can include portfolio links too. 7.After that publish your gig. 8/Do Some exams on the fiverr and get More badgers. (Its good for your profile). 9/Send Buyer Request for client. Use all at one day. It will refresh next day. Don't worry About it. 10/Stay Online. Give your service 24/7 hours and do your job calmly. 11/Communicate with buyers Genuinely. share this article read to others!!!!!!!!!! Wish to get Top Rated Badge All of sellers ❤️❤️ ❤️ Moderator edit: I edited the title as it looked like you may be implying that these tips were about how to reach TRS level.
  21. Hi Elders I'm new to the platform, I have activated two Gigs and I would like your advice on how to be successful in this world. Thank you
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