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  1. I'm new to Fiverr. It's been a long time since. At first, I published a few gigs. There were no sales. So, I deleted a few gigs. I did the account creation. I have a gig that has first sales. Now how can I raise the sales of this gig? I need your help. https://www.fiverr.com/shamsujjaman_h/do-portrait-headshot-retouching
  2. I'm new to Fiverr. It's been a long time since. At first, I published a few gigs. There were no sales. So, I deleted a few gigs. I did the account creation. I have a gig that has first sales. Now how can I raise the sales of this gig? I need your help. https://www.fiverr.com/shamsujjaman_h/do-portrait-headshot-retouching
  3. Hi, I am new here on Fiverr give me some best tips and tricks about as a seller on Fiverr.
  4. is there any way or it is on fiverr choice to whow giver badge of rising talent
  5. I removed a custom offer inadvertently because I wanted to add some information that I had neglected to provide, and the only method to reinstate the original offer is to generate a new offer. What sort of a tailored deal is it, exactly?
  6. Hi there, I highly need you guys to help me with my gig. I just wrote this gig 15 days back now, and It has deranked badly. I don't know what next to do or not to do that will make it rank or if I should lose hope on this account. I've done some promotions such as; Social media promotion, forums,s and many more which got me 3 orders within those days. I'd appreciate it if you can help me look into this. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, I am a professional graphic designer and website designer. I am passionate about working on this platform to create pure and quality content for my buyers. My first aim is client satisfaction, I am glad to assist you! Feel free to contact me! Simon | design_canva

    © design_canva

  8. I want to create a new gig, but when I click on the button it refer me to manage gig page
  9. Hello guys, This is Aína, a logo designer. I am new to fiverr and here is my gig. I'm looking for my first order on fiverr 🙂 Thank you
  10. Hi I am new on fiverr. Today I Just create my seller accounts and published a gig on email template design. I think I have a lots of are to improve still now. I am trying to read blogs post and watching videos that are related to fiverr and fiverr gig. I'm expecting your suggestion on that how can I be a successful seller on fiverr. Please droap a suggestion for me. Thanks
  11. Hello there! Today I've published a new gig. It's based on Excel. Mostly data analysis with excel. To create this gig I have tried to follow all the things I've learned on forum in the past two weeks. Here's the link Excel formula, graph, chart, pivot and dashboard Feedback is appreciated 🙂
  12. Hi Everyone Need some tips as a new seller on Fiverr.
  13. Hello guys , This is itmdrakibhosen . I think your Fiverr life is going cool . I started my Fiver from April . I have published 3 gig but I haven't get order yet . Give me your quick tips . Thanks ....
  14. Hi, I am a new seller on fiverr, I am started at may 2022 but I didn't get any orders yet. Can anybody share some tips and successful buyer request
  15. Hello everyone! I just started here in Fiverr and thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Lori and I’m an MH therapist hoping to start a little at home side business. Hope everyone is having lots of lucks with selling gigs. It’s nice to meet you all 😊
  16. Hi, I'm an expert graphic designer. I have worked in other marketplaces for the last 7-8 years. So I thought let's work on Fiverr now. So like last 1 year I started doing a lot of research about Fiverr Marketplace. I learned all kinds of Fiverr terms and information. Then I uploaded my first gig on 4/08/22. Then on the 5th 20-30 impressions and 5-6 clicks came out in my gig. The next day about 14 impressions came out. Since then my gig impressions and clicks have been declining. The order is not coming. My gig images, titles, tags, descriptions, everything I've done in a perfect way with a lot of research and rules. I was 15-20 hours online in 24 hours. But I still do not understand why this is happening. Is it just me or many others? Can anyone tell me why this is happening?
  17. Greetings from Artizens!! I am a new seller here and exploring the fiverr. I am looking forward to build my career on fiverr as logo designer. Since its forum for a freelancers like us, here I am sending you my profile link. Can you please look into this and suggest any chages if needed. https://www.fiverr.com/artizens https://www.fiverr.com/share/xlbpNx Thanks @fiverr_admin @fiverr_brand @Fiverr-Care
  18. Hello I am Visith, I am a Graphic Designer with over 2 years of experience and I have been for while in Fiverr and haven't actually been able to get orders. I have a impression about 100 views per gig within 30 days and about 4 clicks per gig but I am not receiving any orders. Please can some one help me with my Gigs Fiverr Profile- https://www.fiverr.com/visith_i?up_rollout=true
  19. I published my GIG two weeks ago? Already sent couple of offer to buyers. But no reply from buyers. Any suggestion?
  20. Which gig is selling more now? I want to publish another new gig. Now on what subject can I do better if I publish gig? What to do to get gig rank and get first order quickly? Want expert advice.
  21. I published a new gig. The opinion of the experts is important. My gig: https://www.fiverr.com/s2/b244b48972
  22. I want to launch a new gig, but for a while now, all my gigs have been deranked. What is the advice. Should i abandon an account i have built and start afresh?
  23. What to do to get better at fiverr as new?
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