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Found 14 results

  1. Hello I am a new seller and i am glad to be here. i will ask for your analysis on my fiverr profile and advices. Also, I ask the best tricks to get his orders and succeed on fiverr. Thanks much.
  2. Hi Everyone: I'm wondering if a seller (at the New Seller level) can refer another person (who wants to become a Fiverr seller) and earn a commission or credits? I've tried to find this info but have only found information about Fiverr Pro Sellers referring people they believe could become Pro Sellers. I'm not sure if I'm using the correct terminology to refer new sellers (maybe I should say "Affiliate")? I'm not sure; I'm a little confused. I would like to refer a few people to sell on Fiverr and earn commissions or credits for referring them (but I'm NOT A Fiverr Pro Seller). When I click on the referral button in my profile, it's only set up to refer potential buyers (vs potential sellers). Any help would be very appreciated! Thanks for listening and Happy Selling! Angela
  3. Hello, community members I'm new on fiverr, Please help me for growing my aim 🙂
  4. Hello Experts I got more than 20 spam Massage per day but why didn't contact me a buyer yet?
  5. In these days there are lot of scam buyers are available. First they trying to talk friendly and get work done. Also they try to get more extra services for just $5. After that they will put a horrible reviews for our services and leave. Also we can’t change that feedback forever because fiverr customer support never support to sellers. They always support for buyer. Fiverr should care about sellers before buyers.
  6. There are this useless people, contacted me and tell me to message them on TG after they gave me a pdf to select a typing job, after selecting they said that i need to pay around 50$ that i will get it back with my payment after i finish working with them. Fake organization.
  7. How can I get orders as a new seller but an expert and experienced website designer?
  8. I'm new to freelancing. Currently, I provide proofreading service at quite a reasonable rate to build a good client base and engagement. But impression and offers on my profile are as good as nothing. Can you provide any tips for the same?
  9. I think it is very important to identify the common mistakes done by new sellers and it will help to provide good byuer experience to all. also i think lot of new sellers suffered lack of orders due to some problems of the gigs communication and even their technical knowledge. so i expect good ideas from experts
  10. Graphic designing chances are very competitive due to huge numbers of designers than other areas, but i think it is very important to decide correct tags for unique and quality service from specified field.
  11. What to do to get better at fiverr as new?
  12. Sellers who are new on fiverr . Even after many days they are not getting order. because he doesn't have a reviews, that's why the client doesn't believe him. Sellers who understand this should guide on how new sellers improve yourself.
  13. Fiverr is one of the best international marketplace for beginner.
  14. So, today I got the below message from a buyer. He is expecting me to format a book of 350-400 pages book in 45 USD. This is just an exploitative message, definitely trying to take advantage of new sellers on the platform. Buyer mentioned that most offers I am getting is $45 per book which means many seller already gave him a quote. I know that new sellers want to get orders just because to gain some good reviews, but I think this isn't fair with experienced sellers. Shouldn't new sellers stop doing 2-3 days of work in lowest price? I just want to encourage new sellers to stop accepting such offers and know your worth. What is your views on this? Let me know in the comment/replies.
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