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  1. Fiverr community, I'm New seller Trying to build my career As a full time Digital Marketing Seller. I would like to know About your self
  2. hello guys hope you fine.😊🤗 i am new on fiver and i have a lot of skills of graphics designing. just give me one tip that you have applied. thanks everybody 🙏
  3. Hey, i am a new seller on my fiverr, its my third day of setting up my fiverr profile, i have setup 3 gigs about SEO so far out of 6 planned gigs i want to offer. so far, no orders but i have been getting impressions and a couple of clicks as well. Fingers crossed for my first order
  4. Hello, I am a new seller on this platform. I've tried different techniques for the last few months to try and find some work but was unable to find any. All 7 of my gigs combined gets around 220 impressions per week. Am I missing something? What should I do now ?
  5. I am new here on "Fiverr". Please provide me some helpful tips that help me to get first order. Maybe I could my career on Fiverr for your help guys. remember me in your pays. Thanks for you time.
  6. This is 6th month I am without any order. Also buyer requests are not visible to me. is there any issue in my gig here is my gig link. My fiver Gig please tell me if there any issue. also I have more 800 impression for last 6 month on my gig.
  7. What can I do to get more orders on Fiverr?
  8. As I'm skilled in a particular skill, I have created only one gig. Fortunately, I got my first order within one week. I wast able to make satisfied my all of my clients. No client gave negative feedback and under 5 star rating. Everything is okay. In spite of being okay everything, my gig has gone away from first page. And reduced the number of orders. I don't get order still now a days. I don't know the reason of this problem. Please help me to find out the solution by sharing your experience about this issue.
  9. Greetings everyone! I am here to share my Fiverr experience as a new seller. I have been on Fiverr for 57 days while I created five gigs. During this period, I tried to optimize my Gigs regularly, did SEO, and keyword research, read all Fiver tips, and applied them mostly. I have done keyword research and put those keywords in Url, Title, and description, as well as in the pricing category. I also used high-resolution images, and the size of those images are 4.5 MBs. I did social media advertisements and shared my Gigs on multiple Gig promotion pages on FB. I also send buyer requests, and I barely get them, 5 or 6, if I am online all the time. Despite all the efforts, I could not rank my Gigs on the top pages of the "relevant category" on search on specific keywords. They barely appear there, not even on the 13th, 14th, or the 20th page, unless you click online seller, so my Gigs appear on the second or third pages in a single keyword only (all Gigs), and my impressions are average below 80 for one Gig and below 30 for the rest and 1-3 clicks per day. I get these impressions when I am online 16 hours a day. If I am online for two to three hours, my Gigs get half of those impressions and clicks. While the seller in the first pages enjoy thousand of views and get orders regularly. When You search a specific keywords while you click local, online seller, or seller in general, their Gigs appear on the first page. I agree that they have been there since 2019, 20, etc., but what about the new seller? How will they get exposure? So here is my question, why don't new sellers (especially those that work hard) appear on the first pages of the relevant category? What if Fiverr give them chances to appear on the first page for two days and the top seller or seller with some orders appear on the first pages for five days? In this way, new sellers will get the exposure that they need. Also, Fiverr should show more buyer requests to the new sellers the same way like the top sellers or sellers with some orders. I saw a YT video yesterday, and the seller in the video was receiving 816 buyer requests (not talking about sent requests). I was shocked to know that. I hope Fiverr shows some love to new sellers. Please share your opinions or suggestions about these issues. Thanks.
  10. Hello everyone, Hope that all are fine by the almighty Allah. I'm new here and i hope everyone forgive me for my mistake. Dear brother and sister, today i published a gig about google merchant center. Please give me 5minutes to check my gig and my profile and inform me where was my mistake and i will try to solve. I request you to check. My gig link is: https://www.fiverr.com/share/oe04q8 Thanks in advance.
  11. I met a buyer who came to me for his store marketing landing page which I decided to help him. During project I kept him updated about the project and he sad he like the project. After I finished the project and delivered to him, HE ACCEPTED the project immediately because he LIKE it. After delivery, I told him that he will need to also set up EMAIL AUTOMATION for his store being an ecommerce store and the buyer said WHY IS IT THAT THIS IS THE LITTLE GAMES ALL OF YOU ARE PLAYING ON FIVERR? i asked him which game was that, and he said someone also did same for him without doing anything for him, and he started screenshotting the custum offers the person sent to him to me. I pitied him and try to console him but what he said next surprised me " I WANT A REFUND" Meanwhile, I have delivered the project to him and he was the one that accepted the order. I decided not to talk then maybe he is angry and I still went back to him, but he never said anything again. I thought maybe he have letgo of the anger until two months later { which I am now a level One seller)when I suddenly recieve a notification that says "THE MONEY HAS BEEN REFUNDED BACK TO THE OWNER" The refunded money is not the problem but the problem is that I recieved the notification on 13th of the month and fiverr revolution day is 15th of the month which caused my account level demotion from LEVEL ONE seller to a NEW LEVEL SELLER. PLS what can I do to solve this problem? and Is it fair enough for fiverr not to consult the sellers ideas before judging? Does that mean that the buyer is here to scam me?
  12. I am a new comer here with my Shopify skills. Hopefully this journey will be smooth and I will try my level best to satisfy my respected clients. Keep me in your prayers
  13. What is an average conversion rate for a new seller? I have gotten a bunch of impressions over the past few days, but my conversion rate seems really low at only .2%. I am not really sure what I am doing wrong. I have been on Fiverr for about a month and already have a returning client that frequently buys from me, but I am still learning how to get more orders from other buyers.
  14. Thank god! After 13 days I get my first order and successfully completed.
  15. Hello guys , This is itmdrakibhosen . I think your Fiverr life is going cool . I started my Fiver from April . I have published 3 gig but I haven't get order yet . Give me your quick tips . Thanks ....
  16. Hi Everyone, I have been a secret lover of Fiverr for some time now and so I thought it wise to make a post to encourage or perhaps share some Tips with everyone especially the Newbies. The intention of this post is to help settle down some common misconceptions a lot of people have about Fiverr. I hope New sellers including some level sellers will go through the pains to read and perhaps learn a few things from this. Number 1: Read And Know About The Platform I notice that a lot of sellers work on Fiverr but actually don't know a thing about the platform. It is always a good practice to have a bit of knowledge about the industry you are going to work in. With Fiverr, this means reading its terms and conditions, community guidelines, etc. When you take the time to read about it, you will find it easier to last much longer on the platform. As you can see I'm a new seller but I never signed up without reading through the vision and mission of the platform is. Number 2: Don't Play Dodgy Over time, you will get to know that integrity does pay. This means being honest at all times. This could also mean not trying to manipulate the system, buyers, or anything. If you work honestly, you will have little to worry about. Number 3: Get Rid Of The “Ranking” Mentality Let this sink into everyone's head including mine. There is no such thing as “Ranking”. Maybe it did exist, but it doesn’t anymore. There is only performance metrics but no ranking. Anyone who claims to do this or do that to rank in 24 hours is simply just deceiving you. You must understand that Fiverr is a business and so they want to make sure only the best performers represent their company. If you don't reply to messages on time, or don't deliver on time and your stats get messed up, you shouldn't expect to “Rank” as someone who is working hard. It’s common sense. 4: Do More Work To Get Ahead Like I said, Fiverr is a business and they too have expenses. This means they need money. When you work on the platform, don't focus just on making money. Focus on supporting the platform. Give your clients the best. This makes them happy and comes back. If you want to get noticed, do your job and deliver more orders. This way, you will get pushed to the front. 5: It takes time Many new freelancers join the platform and immediately think they will start getting orders straight away. No ! it could take weeks and even months for you to get your first message and it could even take months for you to get your first order. If you don’t get orders within the first few weeks or months, try advertising yourself on other platforms or social media. 6: Avoid Over Editing Your Gigs The best practice is, always gather all of your information and materials and edit at once as well as publish at once. The more you edit, the more you pull out your gigs from search results. Leave the algorithm to gather more data about you rather than provoking your gigs all the time. 7: Only The Tough Succeed Fiverr is a race. In fact, it’s a marathon. This means many people start off being very enthusiastic but they give up along the way. This is why Fiverr has a system that gets to calculates the performance of each seller. It is only those who exercise patience and persistence that end up succeeding on the platform. If you join the platform and don’t get any orders, you become sad and leave the platform, the person who has been patient will definitely take your place. This means you have just helped another person move up the ladder. Only those who are patient make it on Fiverr. 8: Some Times Will Be Quiet If orders slow down, don’t worry. This is normal and it's called seasonality. You won't always get orders back to back as others do. Just be patient and don’t be tempted to touch your gig. 9: Don’ be jealous of other sellers. It is normal to feel pressured and jealous when you find your rival with 20 orders in the queue and you feel left out. Everyone has humble beginnings. They too were once like you. Simply learn from them to understand what makes them special and learn from them. You shouldn’t be competing with others. You should be focusing on working harder. 10: Average selling price Though this isn’t stated anywhere by Fiverr, the price of your gig can make a very huge difference. As I always say, Fiverr is a business and so they want more profit. A person with a higher order value will gain a better spot much more than a person with a $5 gig. Let us give a simple illustration. If seller A sells a logo for $50 and seller B sells a logo for $5, it will take seller B to sell 10X logos in order to bring in the same amount of revenue that seller A will bring in with just 1 sale. This means if Fiverr puts a lot of sellers with $5 gig on the first page, they will take a very long time to bring in the money that higher sellers would have brought in for the same spot.
  17. Hello, My Lovely Beautiful Friends! May I ask you few question and take suggestions from you all. As a newbie, all I want is for ranking up my gig and getting first order. I knew that I must patience, take time for getting order and to be a good gig newbies must take care choosing title, description, keywords and good visual feature images. I think I followed well all those steps. One thing I get confused is some people suggest that as a newbies we should sell our service with low prices first and I respect this suggestions also. But as a web developer I'm not able to sell my services with under $100. I see a lot of sellers sell with even $10, $20, etc..(I Respect Them & No Offense!). But I'm not able to sell with that kind of prices. I'm wrong or I must start with this price? My next question is I should promote my fiverr gig through social medias? (Eg. I'll share my gig to facebook group and give promotion with super discount for getting my first order & good review). Should I do or don't? Fiverr allow to do that? That's all I want to know. Thanks so much for reading. Your suggestions will help me a lot. Take care & Stay safe. With Love, Rafi Tylor(Wordpress Developer & Graphic Designer)
  18. I am a new seller in Fiverr with my shopify development skills..If any one interested to know about Shopify or dropshipping business Feel free to contact me
  19. Hello everyone! I just started here in Fiverr and thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Lori and I’m an MH therapist hoping to start a little at home side business. Hope everyone is having lots of lucks with selling gigs. It’s nice to meet you all 😊
  20. In fact, those who are new to the fiverr but skilled at work. It is seen that they do not get work easily in fiverr. So how does fiverr consider the matter? Like I've been working with WordPress for three years but I'm not getting any orders as a new seller on Fiverr.
  21. Will be there any problem in my account, If I move to another country? Will I face any account restrictions problem because for different IP address in another country?
  22. Hi everything, I am new at fiverr. I have opened 4 gigs on my account. But I don't get enough impression and clicks. I got just 1 to 2 click in 3 days on each gigs. What I need to do now for getting more impression and clicks? can any one help me? Here is my fiverr profile link: https://www.fiverr.com/web_advance07?up_rollout=true Thanks, Kawser
  23. Finally I got my most awaited first Order. Hopefully My Fiverr Journey will be more smooth and productive than whenever I didnot get any Order
  24. Many sellers who use Fiverr and successful sellers on Fiverr say that it can rank our gig on the first page if we use less competitive keywords. Is this really true? As someone who is looking to create a logo design gig, how do find less competitive keywords? Please explain this to me. Thank You.🙂
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