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  1. Hello! I hope you are doing well; I appreciate you taking the time to help me out or at least inquiring to do so 🙂 I am trying to connect my social accounts, specifically my Twitter and I continue to receive the "We couldn't associate the Twitter account" error message. I would love for buyers to feel more comfortable with my account by having plenty reference to different connect accounts. I don't have too many besides Twitter, Facebook, and Vimeo. I'm pretty limited on what I can connect. I recently came across an account I made in 2018 that I didn't realize I had, but I never connected ANY socials to that previous account whatsoever. Is there a way for me to connect my Twitter or has anyone had a similar problem and found the solution? Here's my twitter as well if that's any help ( WOLF - Editor//Content Strategist (@BardouWolf) / Twitter )
  2. Hey guyz! how are you? my question is that i have some changing in my gigs then my gigs improvement had stop. Stop the impression and stop the clicks . Anybody can helps me?
  3. I am a new seller in Fiverr. I am expert in Social media marketing, Link building and Data entry. I have completed a professional Digital marketing course. I have attend many practical project in during my course. I haven't received any orders on Fiber yet. Someone help me, how can I get 1st order here
  4. Last 30 days My gigs are ranked well I will get Impressions clicks But Not get Orders😭 See my Last 30 days analytics, Please Help me how can get Orders, I can do hard work for get success
  5. How much time need to active in fiverr as a new sellers?
  6. How can I get first order as a new seller? I joined in fiverr 5 days. Please share pro experience.
  7. i am a new seller i,ve got a bad review. how can i deal with it? how can i remove it? how it will effect my profile? please answer....
  8. Hi, I am RANA I can do digital marketing related any kind of job. I am also expert in social media marketing like Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing, social media advertising, data entry, content creation & marketing, data collection and also expert in SEO. I am new seller please help me. suggest me how can I get my 1 st Oder as soon as. my gig = https://www.fiverr.com/ranakingbd/do-online-offline-data-entry
  9. Hello! Although I am a new seller as an Adobe Photoshop editor, I am quite proficient in this task. I have published 7 gigs so far, but still can't bring any gigs to the 1st page. What can I do at this stage? Please let me know if there are any problems with my gigs. https://www.fiverr.com/share/20L21k
  10. I created a new gig. While I'm online, I can't find the gig if I do my gig online show. Why is this happening? What can I do now?
  11. When I click into buyer request column, I have receive less request and sometime haven't. How can I do?
  12. How fiverr helps skilled new seller to get first order ?
  13. I have recently made a seller account on fiverr, but buyers request are not visible to me. Any solution?
  14. Hello! Hope everybody is well! I'm a new seller! I need some keywords for my gig so I can rank! My previous keywords were not good, and there was no order in them !! On my gig, graphics design packaging & Label design! Please help me! Here is my gig link! https://www.fiverr.com/s2/b8dbd04a90
  15. I just joined at Fiverr Forum! I'm a new seller at fiverr! Advice me for getting my first Order from Fiverr! To visit my gig: https://www.fiverr.com/omargree/provide-professional-translation-english-to-french
  16. I see there is something wrong with my gig I have to change. Now I am very confused that if I edit the gig then will there be any problem in the gig?
  17. can't find search my gig , what can i do to rank gig ?
  18. I just joined at Fiverr Forum! I'm a new seller at fiverr! Advice me for getting my first Order from Fiverr!
  19. I need some advice. as a new seler. but my account is 8 months old. do i need to troubahoot my account, and how?
  20. Today i will share of some tips for you, how can you get the first order on fiverr 1. Find your best skill wich you know the Very well ( i mean sub category niche, like -> wordpress : sub category is -> wordpress business website 2. Find your 5 low competition keyword like -> wordpress coaching website. 3. Add your gig title specific low keyword and much attractive line. 4. Write a clean description-> gig introduced, services and why you.some unique Services and try put here your main 5 keywords 5. Attached 5 tag keyword 3 low competition keyword and 2 more high competition keyword. 6. Compare your other competitor seller gig image and try do well maximum, must clean and eye catching. 7.try to put 7 gigs on your profile 8. As soon as possible clients response, good communication and do the your best and dedication work for client. And NOW if you following the step, I hope you get a first success very soon! Thank you
  21. Hello there Last night i create a gig about t-shirt design my target keyword with fiverr suggested "anime t-shirt design" and " streetwear t-shirt design" This 2 keyword search my gig show in 1st Page Can anyone tell me how % getting oder this reson
  22. This post isn't for the expert seller. I have been working on Fiverr for a couple of years so I can suggest what mistake you have done so far on your gig & you are not getting any orders. I'm not going to share any tips here. Share your one gig which you want to rank, I would love to check that gig & give you an idea, hope that will help you. NOTE: Maybe you won't get an instant reply because I'm busy too but I will manage the time & look into your gig for sure.
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