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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm quite new here in Fiverr. I just received 3 orders at the same time from the same person and the dead end still the same as one. So I'd like to know if I can delivery one at a time and the order still there or if I need to delivery all 3 at the same time in the order. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello! I am very very new to fiverr. I am a buyer. I've got a set of 13 jobs needing doing. I found a seller I liked to do them, and have just had one done and am very happy with the result. I now have to decide how to do the other 12. I want to do the best thing for the seller. They are $15USD jobs. The seller kindly explained my options, ordering them separately, having a custom offer, or a custom batch order, explaining the pros and cons. I said I didn't mind which, I'll go with whatever they prefer. They have a preference for separate orders, because they don't have a lot of reviews. Then I learn how fiverr buyer service fees work. Fiverr charges a 5.5% service fee (regardless of how you order) but also, a $2USD fee for every job that is under $50USD total. With 12 jobs that adds up; I'd rather tip the seller that amount than lose it to a small order fee. I want to maximize the reviews I can give the seller, but minimize the fees. I'm probably over thinking all this, but I am new to fiverr and learning. Here are the options I'm considering: 1. Just order the 12 jobs separately and pay $24 in small order fees. Give 12 reviews. 2. Break it into 3 orders of 4 jobs each, each order being more than $50 so no small order fee. Give 3 reviews. 3. Break it into 4 orders of 3 jobs each, each order totaling $45 + $5 tip, so that's $50 so no small order fee (is this correct?). Give 4 reviews. I would just present these options to the seller and let them pick, but I feel weird talking about tipping. I'm not from a culture that has tipping so I'm uncomfortable discussing it, it's awkward. Regardless of how I do the order, I would like to additionally tip the buyer (presuming the work is as good as the first job they did, which I'm sure it will be), but it feels weird to talk about tips, especially before the work is done. So people of fiverr, what would you do? If you were the buyer, which would you prefer? Am I overthinking and should I just go with 1. ? Thanks in advance!
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