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Found 10 results

  1. Good Morning everyone! Every morning is a new beginning. Good luck everyone
  2. I'm a Shopify and WordPress Expert. I did local and remote job but I hate my job. As I'm in a beginner level, That is why sometimes Felt depressed . Can you give me some Motivation and Tips? Give me Some Suggestions which can help me to grow a self-brand.
  3. I'm a new seller and and trying to get my first order. What is the best motivation you can give to yourself as a new seller like me?
  4. it’s never recommended to leave your job for freelancing as its name suggests that it’s a freelance thing means no permanent solution and I have read many unsuccessful stories as well as freelancing is really very competitive , people go in depression when they lose their gig positions and they can’t get their kitchen money, To be honest your talent is highly appreciated but that is not a major reason for success , in freelancing it’s your luck as well(your life issues, any one can face any mishap at any time, like death of some close family member etc.) , as right now this year on fiverr i am nowhere in search , after three years of hard work ,giving my days and nights , no holidays as you can’t afford that due to the fear that your gig will lose its position , so after all that maintaining 4.946% of ratings all time , what i have right now is nothing for new orders on fiverr but yes returning clients do come but they are less in this field , like software or web development which are mostly returning clients. My advice is do not leave your job in the beginning , burn some extra midnight oil (off duty hours) , sacrifice your sleep which you have to do(in the beginning) in any case even if you start freelancing 24/7(leaving your job) , so sacrifice your sleep by reducing it and work on freelancing, Whatever you earn from it think of it as a bonus for you , without having any worries of kitchen money. SO WHEN SHOULD I LEAVE MY JOB? First save money , do not change your lifestyle with the money you earn from freelancing , by life style i mean complete lifestyle , yes you should must buy tools which will help you improve your freelance skills , buy courses , buy software etc. . but do not change your lifestyle in the beginning as you may not know what happens tomorrow and 3-4 clients cancel your order and give poor ratings which may lead you to the end of search pages . Save money , invest it in safe places ,start getting returns from those investments, when you think you have earned and saved enough money that you can sustain your kitchen without job , gained enough experience as well to create your own business or multiple services in freelance category then yes NOW YOU SHOULD QUIT YOUR JOB AS THAT IS WASTING YOUR VERY VERY EXPENSIVE TIME. YES TIME IS MONEY. Start your own business now , grow , grow and just keep growing , as now you know the tips and tricks , you have enough experience in your field , you know how to get things done , you know how to outsource to clone yourself , this all takes time and experience to learn. Can i start my own business along with freelancing and my job ? Yes you can but its difficult if you are good in freelancing and getting multiple orders daily , then you will be busy in your job as well as in making orders earning money , it will be very difficult to find time to invest in your own business , and i will recommend instead of putting limit on your orders do more work and earn more , increase your prices with your experience and quality of work , then use that money to buy others time to build your business , like hiring social media marketing agency to take care of your social media accounts , hiring more employers to work for you under some good manager etc. There are unlimited possibilities , do what suites you best .
  5. Hi! I think everyone has a non-virtual motivation, and we can be more than motivated by getting many orders. Do you have a playlist, book or people that excite you? Looking at bohemian interior designs motivates me these days. I know it's weird, but I believe the work environment has an impact on psychology. Imagining myself in places where I would enjoy working motivates me. Also, I would like to leave one of my favorite words here, ¨Live to impress yourself. Not others.¨ I can't wait to hear your thoughts 👩‍💻
  6. It's not where you start but where you finish that counts.
  7. I think there is no one who doesn’t want to be a winner in his life. But to be a winner isn’t an easy journey. At the very beginning, you need to be prepared mentally. I consider this as the 80% percent of the success. Because if you think that you can do it then consider this you are already on the way to do it. Most of us come to Fiverr by hearing that many people earn from here. But we don’t come here with proper knowledge I mean without the proper idea of what we need to do and how to do it. As a result, we go through frustration, and day by day our confidence level drops. But at the end of the day, we become losers. So before joining Fiverr analyze the platform closely. Study about the marketplace. Then decide what you’ll do here. At first, become a professional in a specific area or niche. Then join Fiverr as a seller. As you are a seller then it’s your business. Think that you have opened a shop, think of this as a business. Try to do everything professionally. Use your real identity on Fiverr. Keep yourself honest. Never try any illegal policy. Keep learning every day. Give your time on the forum and also read articles. Study about how to do business here at Fiverr. Be mentally strong and never give up. If you are dedicated to what you are going to do then no one can stop you. So keep believing in yourself and keep doing what you are doing. Stay focused on your goal and the success is yours. All the best! Tanim Ahamed UiUx Designer
  8. New sellers will hopeless many times. You should choose a great friend who will inspire you. And of course, your friend will have knowledge about freelancing.
  9. I remember reading a post some time ago regarding payment on fiverr and the feeling that, as a seller, you are getting ripped off (to put it harshly). Many responses were along the lines of "that attitude is ungrateful" considering all that fiverr is doing/offering for sellers. I agree. Nevertheless I couldn't help but notice this feeling of unfairness when I earn "only" 80% of the gig price and if I actually want to withdraw that money, there are subtractions once more. (I happen to withdraw it in euros, so perhaps that wouldn't happen otherwise) So it just dawned on me that the reason for the feeling of "this is unfair" is not, that we as sellers want more money, but rather that we want the money we have put as the price of the gig and the amount it says at the top of the page. At the same time the reason behind "that attitude is ungrateful" is: fiverr deserves compensation/a share for what they contribute. My suggestion therefore is this: Make the buyer pay the 20% more without the seller knowing/seeing it. Additionally it would be nice to have the amount at the top reflect the minimum that the buyer would get if everything was withdrawn, but I suppose that is a rather small factor, since probably you don't withdraw too often. If this would mess up things too much it would be nice to at least implement a feature, that the amount the seller sees gets more or less instantly changed (or at least that there's the option to activate this feature) so that the feeling of getting 100% can be manufactured, even though nothing actually changes. Especially for people starting out I think this could be a massive improvement as far as motivation is concerned, so I hope I've outlined a fair potential solution. So just to make it absolutely clear: Everything is fair and great, I am talking simply on a psychological/emotional level about the way it is percieved.
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