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Found 19 results

  1. A trick many retailers use, which we as Fiverr sellers can utilize too, is "decoy pricing." What is that, you ask? It's the practice of introducing a higher-priced top-tier package to make your mid-tier one seem more reasonable. Here's an example: Suppose you want to sell a package for 100USD, which is your most expensive package. Fewer people will order it because the package next to it costs less. But if you introduce a top-tier package for 500 dollars and charge 100USD for the mid-tier, it makes it appear more affordable. It's still the same deal. But it looks more appealing. Clients are more likely to choose the mid-tier package if you make it seem like a great deal. By pricing your mid-tier at the rate you'd like to earn per order and adding a more expensive top-tier package, you'll sell more of the mid-tier one. Studies have backed this up. So if you want to make a higher-priced package appear as the best option, put an even more expensive package next to it.
  2. Hello guys, I need some help. The issue is, when I tried to withdraw my money from Fiverr, and I have selected bank transfer to withdraw my money, After that Fiverr ask for confirmation to withdraw the money and I confirm it, to proceed it further. But after that's all my money is gone, All the money I was trying to withdraw, it was deducted from my account main balance and in the earnings tab, it is showing the withdrawn is a success. But I didn't receive an email to proceed the withdrawing process further, nor I got the option where it asks my bank details, or Payoneer account details. So I didn't receive a penny and all my money is gone. Need your help guys!!!
  3. Greetings, I have an account on fiverr and i did few orders on it ... I verified my identity using my id card on fiverr ... I don't have payoneer account on my own name so i used someone's payoneer account to widraw money from fiverr. So basically, name on my id card verified by fiverr and the payoneer account name are different. Whenever i try to add my payoneer account to fiverr, it fails. It does'nt give any error but payoneer does'nt attach to it. Should i open bank account and make payoneer on the same name as id card to widraw money??? I contacted fiverr team many times but they could'nt help ... Kindly let me know that how can i widraw money from fiverr now??? :((
  4. Good day guys. Just back in Fiverr. So how is sales? And what's the new ranking system on getting on the first page and making more sales?
  5. Greetings! I know it sounds strange but I needed some information. It is the first time that I should do paypal to take the money earned on fiverr and I wanted to know if when you receive the money on your account, paypal, this scale of money from the amount ... I earned 3 euros and something, starting from a base of 5 $ ... I would not want to find myself without earning on paypal...what do you say? 😥
  6. If I have money in my fiverr account (not withdrawn, not in my paypal, not bank, in my actual fiverr account) and I dont withdraw it, do i still need to report it to hrmc? if its in my fiverr account i can't actually use it. I dont have my own address, and cant start a business from the address im at, AND getting my own address is going to take a while - but I want to start with fiverr so that when i do move i have some good reviews and a working, operational "business". obviously the problem here is I cant make any money outside of full time employment, so im wondering about all this as a technicality i guess
  7. I had already one Payoneer account but I didn't know that we can only create only one Payoneer with a single identity ☹️☹️ What did I do? I had some funds in my Fiverr account. I choose (Fiverr->payoneer->bank) transaction option. during the process, I was asked to make a new Payoneer while I could connect my old Payoneer but I didn't, I just created another Payoneer on different gmail and attached the same bank account, having made the new Payoneer with the same identity I transferred my funds in that new payoneer account. ☹️ What happened after the transaction? funds have been deducted from my Fiverr account I never received a confirmation message from Fiverr but they, however, say that your funds have been successfully transferred to Payoneer. I didn't receive any message from Payoneer about the transaction either. NOW when I try to sign in to the payoneer account in which I transferred money, to see if I receive any funds, It says, this account has been restricted or blocked so that means I can't access that account in which I transferred my funds and connected my bank account with... QUESTIONS Where are my funds now? what is the solution? is there still any possibility to receive the funds into my bank account within 7 days? What do I need to do? Thanks ❤️ Please help me in that regard, I'm kinda disappointed!
  8. Fiverr just stole money from me! I accepted a custom offer and paid but fiverr is saying I didn't accept the offer even after just taking my money. I have lost $46 AUD and have no order ID to submit a request because it didn't bloody give me one. The hell is this!? What do I do!?
  9. Hi guys, I'm new to fivver and I had my first order a few days ago. The problem was that the work that they commissioned me had to be finished in 3 days and I sent the client (on day number 1) the progress of the project to make any corrections. but he never responded or appeared. the time was about to end and I had no other option but to deliver the work. What happens in those cases? I get paid for the job? or I was cheated and lost the order money. Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone, This is my first time withdrawing money from fiverr. I have made my PayPal account already, and i got the confirmation mail also, but I'm not sure that I can now withdraw my money from fiverr to PayPal. I have also read some of the questions here where people are complaining that their money got stuck between two platforms and once you initiate the withdrawal you can't undo it. So I'm really confused about what I should do ?? fiverr also doesn't let you withdraw the money in parts like if you have 20$ you'll have to withdraw all of it so I can't even test that it will really work or not ? I know how to withdraw the money but I don't know that it will surely transfer to PayPal. Anyone who has used PayPal multiple times please help me navigate this process ,it will mean so much to me. Thank you.
  11. Hey there! So on the 15th of September i withdrawn ~40$ through PayPal. it said it would arrive within 7 business days, but now - more then 7 business days later - it still hasn't arrived yet. Is there any reasons why it is so delayed? Is Fiverr holding the money or something? <-- 15th September withdrawal Initiated. <-- Before it did in less then a day. Please help! And last, is there any way I can get into contact with them through E-mail or Customer support other then the public Fiverr forums?
  12. I'm fairly new to Fiverr and have accumulated a good chuck of change so far, and I want to be able to withdraw it. BUT the system wouldn't allow me to. Ill click the type of deposit link, Ill get the email, and when I click the link in the email, it just takes me to the home page. I tried contacting support (Still OPEN) and it's been almost a month. Has anyone else had this issue? If so, have you found a fix?
  13. Hello I am new an fiverr and had earned my first money, but I klickt inadvently on export to csv what can I do to became my money back?
  14. I understand that newly created accounts must wait 15 days to collect, because perhaps some work will be marked as delivered without the client reviewing the quality of the work and those 15 days will allow the client to make a formal claim, etc. I also understand it for Level 1 accounts ... But why already at a work level of more than $ 2000 earned in Fiverr, Level 2 accounts must still wait 15 days to collect? It is something that for some cases, hurts the user at an economic level. Have you ever considered reducing the wait time for Level 2 accounts, and not just Top Sellers? I may suggest an 10-days clearing process for Level 2 accounts, because they may even need that money to re-invest on Fiverr's advertisement. Thanks for reading up.
  15. I need to post a buyer request, so I can attract more customers. But I don't know how to. If you know, pls let me know.
  16. Hello everyone, Is there anyone please let me know how to how to withdraw money to your bank account quickly without waiting 14 days after the order is completed? I want to withdraw as soon as possible for my personal problem but waiting for 14 days are too long for me. 😭 Please advise me. Thank you so much! 🙏
  17. Hello everyone! Two weeks ago I completed an order, buyer didn't respond in 3 days after delivery and order marked as completed. Today when funds had to be cleared I see messege saying "Cleared Funds Reversed to Pending" and "Cancelled Payment Refunded to Buyer". When I press View order button I can see that order NOT canceled and everything is alright. Now I contacted CS and awaiting for response. But as I can understand from my previous experience with fiverr I'll never get this money back. Very sad. So what I want to know: 1. What should I do to not lose my money again? I did everything like always and almost all my customers rate me as 5 star, furthermore this Gig has a Fiverr's choice. 2. Why it is separated into 2 things 52 and 12 USD? .
  18. hello how are you all? I want to share my personal opinion on this matter. we work all in fiverr but sometimes we want to take our buyer outside fiverr to earn more money. Like we don't want to pay fiverr cut 20%. It is a bad move cause you think you gain more profit but ultimately you will lose you gig rank and also if you try in open discussion to take out buyer outside fiverr, fiverr will block you from fiverr. so, please stay on fiverr while working on any project. Thanks
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