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Found 3 results

  1. Last week, a buyer uploaded the wrong script to their voice-over order. They noticed their mistake, corrected it immediately, and asked me if that would be a problem. The word count was very similar, so I told the buyer that I would make sure to record the correct script. Typically, I download all scripts I need to record the next day before the end of my workday. But this time, I forgot. The next day I sat in my booth, and I noticed, so I pulled the scripts directly from the orders on Fiverr. The recording session went fine, and I delivered all my orders. Five minutes later, the buyer sent a revision request. I had sent them the wrong voice-over based on the wrong script that they had uploaded when placing the order. It was time to pull up my "I blew this" checklist. I thought I'd share it with you guys. It might help you deal with situations like this. Here it is: Own your mistake. Take responsibility for what happened and apologize. Be sincere. It was your fault. Don't point fingers at anyone else. Explain why the mistake happened, and stick to the truth. If you forgot, tell them. It helps to humanize you. The buyer can relate to forgetting because everyone does it sometimes. Offer the buyer some incentive to return, like a discount on their next order. It shows that you're sincere and want to make this up to them. It does make a difference, even if they never order from you again. Ask the buyer what you can do to make it better while stating the obvious (in this case: "I will re-record this for you immediately. Given that we are where we are, is there anything else I can do to make this better?") The client wanted to make a minor edit to their script this time around but didn't want to ask for it, because it would be added work for me. I told them I'd be more than happy to add those lines, free of charge. That's the least I could do. Even though the buyer had to wait a couple of hours longer, I managed to turn the situation around. That's how you deal with your mistakes. You don't blame the buyer. You don't try to shift the blame onto someone else or something external. You don't come up with some wild story about how the cat ate your keyboard. I've worked with several sellers on Fiverr who did that. You won't believe the stories I've heard. One guy even took the time to write 500 words of bull*** about how his daughter was pregnant. He looked like he was about 18 on his profile picture. I called him out, and he changed his explanation to "he forgot." Don't be that seller.
  2. It's great being your own boss and all, but that also makes you accountable for every mistake you make. As a freelancer for more than ten years, I've made my share of mistakes. These mistakes have cost me money, time, and sometimes, even my sanity. Here are some tips I've learned over the years as a freelancer on Fiverr. They might help you avoid some of the mistakes on this list – or to deal with them if you make them. Mistake number 1: Delivering late without proper communication with your buyer There can be many reasons for missing a deadline. You shouldn't find yourself here in the first place, but when you inevitably do, remember to communicate with your buyer! You might think that delivering a day late isn't the end of the world. Let me tell you; it can be the end of your freelancing career if you allow this bad habit to grow. It gets worse if you don't communicate with your buyer when it happens. It will make the buyer dissatisfied with your services and cause a cascading effect of negative feedback, reviews, loss of levels, visibility drops and frustration. And don't forget: Use the resolution center to your advantage if you need more time. Manage your time well, deliver on time, and always communicate. Mistake number 2: All eggs in one basket If you keep all your eggs in one basket, you're in trouble. Having some regular, awesome buyers is great! But don't rely on them to stick around forever. Their business might change, disappear or find someone else to work with. Another reason to "spread your wings" is Fiverr itself: it's a business, and it's outside of your control. If you wake up one day to find out that Fiverr is going out of business, you lose everything. If your mom gets sick and the 20 gigs in your queue get cancelled because you had to travel, you lose everything. Don't keep all your eggs in one basket. Mistake number 3: Pricing yourself too low If you charge too little, two things will happen: you'll make less money and appear less professional than you are. This is a common mistake among newbies on Fiverr, because they think more buyers will order if they charge just five dollars. But there's a reason why the top-rated sellers on this platform usually charge more. Fiverr encourages it! I have this on good authority from my success manager at Fiverr: pricing yourself too low will make you come across as cheap (read: low quality) and make you less visible. Fiverr is a business, and if they can sell a 20 dollar gig instead of a 5 dollar gig, they will do so. Don't undersell yourself. Mistake number 4: Don't overestimate your own ability Know when to say "I might not be the best fit for this project". You're not a world champion superhuman. You're not all-knowing. Admit it to yourself and your buyers. That doesn't mean you should underestimate yourself and your abilities: it means that you should know when to admit your shortcomings. If you don't, you'll end up taking on projects that you're no expert at. Negative reviews await! Know your limits and your worth. Mistake number 5: Not vetting your buyers Vetting means making a careful and critical examination of someone or something. Just like a buyer should vet their seller before hitting "Order now", you should vet the buyer before hitting "Send offer". It's easy to get tempted to work with someone, even though your gut instinct tells you to run like Forest Gump (Great movie, by the way)! Don't work with just anyone. It might lead to terrible experiences, negative reviews, order cancellations and all manner of butt-clenching consequences. Mistake number 6: Not over-delivering Many sellers on Fiverr view all orders as just another quick buck. It's a shame. Don't do the bare minimum to fulfil an order. Go above and beyond. If you're falling into this trap, remember why you became a freelancer in the first place. Remember what's at stake if you drop the ball. When you see a seller with a Top Rated badge on Fiverr, they didn't get there by doing just enough to fulfil their orders. They did more than what was asked of them. Repeatedly. Make every order shine. Mistake number 7: Not listening closely to your buyer I've experienced this both as a buyer and seller. Few things are more irritating than a freelancer making mistakes because they didn't bother to listen and read instructions carefully. This should be a given as a seller, but sometimes it's easy to think you've understood everything while you really haven't. Never pretend to understand something you don't. Read everything twice. Then read it again, just to make sure. Delivering work or revisions they didn't ask for or not following instructions will only lead to frustrated buyers. If in doubt – ask. Now go out there. Sell. Impress. Be your own boss – if you've earned it.
  3. I think it is very important to identify the common mistakes done by new sellers and it will help to provide good byuer experience to all. also i think lot of new sellers suffered lack of orders due to some problems of the gigs communication and even their technical knowledge. so i expect good ideas from experts
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